Christmas Fingers!!

MERRY CHRISTMASSSS……………….belated!!


Few days back i bought a water decal from Qoo10! wow.. it was hell cheap!! only a dollar plus? definitely less than $2!!! Now it makes me wonder what’s the difference between this and those i bought from meimeisignature which is selling at S$3.50! I must be crazy to buy from meimei again if this works out fine!! I WAS sooo happy until i attempted to use it..

Other than cheap, this water decal is nothing good! WHY?? read on!

  • When two ends touched each other, its so difficult to make them apart!
  • This decal is not like thosel i bought from meimei whereby i can easily position it anywhere i want as long as my nails are wet! This cheap decal basically stick on once it touches your nails unless u dip your whole finger into the bowl/cup of water while positioning it!! (so dumb right!?) by then i think u might have crumpled fingers.
  • This decal will LAK SEK (color will run)! When u apply top coat over it, dun go over and over and over again, u will soon realise ur santa has shaved his beard!!!

By the time I’m done with my nails, i wasted 4-5 decals….. -_____-

Mei Mei !!! i was wrong about your decal! Though they are more costly, still affordable actually, but at least quality is guaranteed!!! i know every decal will be put in good use when i do my nails! Seriously I’m not gona buy decal from elsewhere but again!! Mei Mei Signature will be my only option for water decal!


So these are my little red nails for Christmas! The Spy Who Loved Me from OPI Skyfall 007 collection! I kinda like this red!! very nice and cheery! It’s bright red with gold shimmers. I’m not sure if there are some % of red shimmer but it’s already enough to impress me!

Other than The Spy Who Loved Me, i also used A-England’s Merlin! Silver glitters, glitters with irregular shape i believe! it’s quite “opaque” considering it for a layering top coat. This is just one coat of Merlin with some touch up to the side of the nails..


My poor santa with 2 strends is beard shaved! Lucky still able to touch up the red polish..


*without flash*


*without flash* Seche top coat never fails to make me happy!


A closer view of the shimmer.. but probably a good camera can do a better job! hahahahaha!!

Have a good evening!


Skyfall 007

I’m Bond, James Bond! this is the signature line i always recall when anyone mention 007! But now…. i have new thing to link with 007! OPI latest collection Skyfall 007! The whole collection is pretty awesome!! But with my limit cash flow, i decided to just get the few that i think is LOVE at first sight for mi!

And so.. i brought home the skyfall 007 mini set and On Her Majesty’s Secret Service!20121104-205116.jpg20121104-205155.jpg

Colours in the mini set are namely: (from left to right)

HL D07 Golden Eye (Gold)

HL D08 The Spy Who Loved Me (Red)

HL D18 The World Is Not Enough (Rosy Silver)

HL D17 Live And Let Die (Green)


Pretty??? Still can’t tell?? Continue to read then..


So here.. i tried all colors i have with just one coat! My opinion on this ONE coat..?

HL D16 On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (Thumb): Wow cool!!! almost loved it immediately!!  so y i did not? Cuz its kinda sheer at first coat and i prefer opaque colour! but the colour is definately amazing!

It’s a bling bling greyish blue and with just one coat u can see the shimmers in it. Yellow (Gold?).. Blue.. Green.. Purplish Pink.. and did i see a lil teeny weeny bit of orangy!??  IMO, i feel that the shimmer in it is a lil similar to OPI Simmer & Shimmer – just that Simmer & Shimmer is glitters instead of shimmer?? hmm… 2 – 3 coats and u are good to go with the opaque coverage!

HL D07 Golden Eye (Index Finger): A Gold Glitter with a hint of red! it’s a very sheer color!! can hardly see the gold but i think it will be a nice if i decided to go light. Other than that, you prolly can consider to keep it as top coat?? well.. i don’t know..

HL D08 The Spy Who Loved Me (Middle Finger): Amazing RED!! This is my another love at first sight!! This! i really fall in love with it.. i think i just can’t resist RED!! LOL!

This red is a daring red! bright red!! dangerous red!!! Amazing Red with a lil of gold shimmer enhancing its beauty! Ooh-la-la!

HL D18 The World Is Not Enough (Ring Finger): A similar concept as On Her Majesty’s Secret Service but this one is more to purple colour~ Greyish Purple with pink/gold shimmer..

HL D17 Live And Let Die (Little Finger): Only 2 words for this.. oh no no! is 3 words! ..nope! not i love you! its.. Shimmering Blacken Green! SUPER OPAQUE~ one coat is all u need!!


And now this is the 2 coats look of the polish, except Golden Eye (3 coats).


Chances is that i might get the regular size of The Spy Who Loved Me!!!! <3<3<3