A trip to Paris.. on my my nails!

This is my next favorite nail art! I feel so talented to be able to draw the Eiffel Tower!! it’s a really easy nail art! Striper polish.. Dotting tool.. Pearls.. That’s all you need! Oh and optional .. glitters!



You like this? i really like it a lot! This nail art is inspired by a few video i saw on youtube..


Baaaa~ He is Shaun!

How many of you remember this cartoon?? or rather watched this cartoon? C’mon, don’t be shy.. i have NOT watch this cartoon before.. >_< hahaha! & the best part is… the nail art i’m gonna show you below is about this cartoon that i have NOT watch!

First i painted my nails blue.. ice minty blue for the sky! sorry for the messy cuticles.. >_< geez..


then i mixed “Don’t mess with OPI” with a hint of white to get a grassy green and.. well turns out not too bad.. for the rest of the story.. i think the tutorial video below will speaks better than me. It’s a video by ArcadiaNailArt..


It looks kinda uneven here & i know my stem is a little too thick! accident do happens.. haha!… but a top coat will do the trick to make it all even and smooth!


See.. glossy and smooth now!



I think my most happy recreation will be Shaun.. Simplest and cutest!! ^_^



Follow ArcadiaNailArt on youtube for more interesting nail art tutorial!

Holland is here!

ok.. whr shd i start?? how shd i start?!! so many to share!! Firstly thing first! i had got my Holland OPI! … .. *counting* ok.. not all the colours.. but 6 out of 12! (Wow~ this series have 12 colors too!?!??) i cant do ALL 12 colours swatch and will not be doing any of what i have soon.. but if you insist, you can check out Scrangie’s swatch HERE! Her swatch are quite accurate.. i likeee ♥♥♥!!!

Here’s the Holland mini set i’ve got from Smoochiezz‘s booth for S$18 (but online said $17.50.. weird!!).. I’m so lucky! it was out of stock when i last visited their site but when im der, IT’S ALL DISPLAYED!! hahahaha!! SHIOK! without hesitation, i grabbed one! (later checked on FB, it was re-stocked at 4pm)

This mini series have 4 colours, namely (from left to ight)

– I Have A Herring Problem NL H58 (the green version of I Don’t Give A Rotterdam)

– Red Lights Ahead.. Where? NL H61 (a red-er version OPI I’m His Coral-Friend)

– Kiss Me On My Tulips NL H59 (well.. just pink.. lighter tone of hot pink perhaps??i don’t think i see any shimmer.. is der??)

– Pedal Faster Suzi! NL H60 (the pink version of I Don’t Give A Rotterdam)

Other than the minis, i’ve got 2 regular size lacquer!! Vampsterdam & I Don’t Give A Rotterdam! Okay.. the reason for posting two photo here.. is because without flash, you can’t see wat color is Vampsterdam.. Vamp is actually a .. (uuh complicated!) 80% velvet + 15% dark brown + 5% fine fine fine shimmer.. very classy look IMO.. reminds mi of my one & only Orly polish “Take Him To The Cleaner”.. but Vamp is more to velvet and Cleaner is more to brown. the only thing in common is their fine shimmer.. love them both!

As for Rotterdam, its a blue polish with silver glitters/shimmer.. haven really “examine” it yet so i can’t comment much on this.. BUT one thing for sure.. this is the first color in Holland series that caught my attention and i’m loving it~~~ >_<


Well.. that’s all for now.. so glad that i’ve got my holland!! wahaha! and i must give this credit to my 老婆! she bought both Rotterdam and Vamp for me!!