I’m ready for Halloween!!

First Saturday of a brand new month, October! So many
reason to celebrate! Children’s Day! Oktoberfest! Halloween!
…..what? Yes!! Halloween! Today I wanna share with you a cute
Halloween theme nail art!!


20131005-162228.jpg Aren’t these lil one cute? They’re all recreation
of cutepolish and ihaveacupcake!! They’re really easy to do and
with the aid of their video I’m sure you can recreate your very own
nail art in no time!!

Your can watch their videos below:

So now…………….

P.S.: I’m still confuse why my Sally Hansen Sheer Pink looks more like sheer beige. (?_?)


I don’t give a rotterdam.. seriously!

Have i showed you guys my previous nail color?? hee! i like it a lot man! It’s OPI’s latest collection (that time, i think now the latest is the ballet one), Holland!!

ok.. this picture shows too much blue of rotterdam.. the actual thing on my nails are not so blue.. i mean, it is blue.. but not a bright light blue.. its more to a pale calm blue with loads of silver micro-shimmer..! i think u can google it for a more accurate pic..

i think i will try out the green (I Have A Herring Problem) one next time.. they are both from Holland collection and almost the same finish, with silver micro-shimmer.. difference..? one’s green and the other’s blue!

and i must say… this is the FIRST color that caught my attention when i first browse Holland collection!! indeed.. it din disappoint mi!!!!

And now i’m back to basic.. 🙂