Pacman in action!

It’s been soooooo LONG since I last try another nail art! Today I’m gonna show you (in my nail art) what the 90s kid have been playing!! ……..The Pac-Man!!

20140718-142541-51941113.jpg 20140718-142541-51941814.jpg

Pac-Man (パックマン Pakkuman) is an arcade game developed by Namco and first released in Japan on 22 May 1980. It was licensed for distribution in the United States by Midway and released in October 1980. Immensely popular from its original release to the present day, Pac-Man is considered one of the classics of the medium, virtually synonymous with video games, and an icon of 1980s popular culture. Upon its release, the game – and subsequent Pac-Man derivatives – became a social phenomenon that sold a large amount of merchandise and also inspired, among other things, an animated television series and a top-ten hit single! 

20140718-152106-55266121.jpg 20140718-152106-55266157.jpg

How to play? The player controls Pac-Man through a blue maze, eating pac-dots and fruit. When all pac-dots are eaten, Pac-Man is taken to the next stage. Between some stages one of three intermission animations plays. Four enemies (I usually call them “ghost” – Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde) roam the maze, trying to catch Pac-Man. If any of them touches Pac-Man, a life is lost and the Pac-Man itself withers and dies. When all lives have been lost, the game ends. Of-course this is not as easy as it seems but I’m not gonna go into details of it..

Without further ado, shall I introduce my Pac-Man & Ghost to you?? Heee!! 😀


On my index finger, it’s Oikake a.k.a. Shadow (Blinky), which is the Red Ghost.

On my middle finger, it’s Kimagure a.k.a Bashful (Inky), which is the Cyan Ghost (well, because I don’t have cyan polish so i used alternative closest color..)

On my ring finger, it’s Machibuse a.k.a. Speedy (Pinky), which is the Pink Ghost (I think light pink doesn’t looks good on me so i changed to a lilac polish)

On my lil finger, it’s Otoboke a.k.a Pokey (Clyde), which is the orange Ghost.

In case you’re wondering what the Japanese name means… Here a quick translation:

<Name> – <Meaning>

Oikake – Chaser

Kimagure – Fickle

Machibuse – Ambusher

Otoboke – Stupid

On my thumb, needless to say, he’s our Pakkuman a.k.a. Pac-Man and his pac-dots!! *clap-clap-clap*

20140718-142542-51942664.jpg 20140718-142542-51942255.jpg

My apologies for the super untidy edge, especially on my thumbs! I think I need to put my pair spectacles to good use already! T_T

Anyway, hope you like this Pac-Man design and give it a try too!!

Inspired by:



Happy 2014!!!

To start my New Year, I painted my nails with a bling bling nail art!!


Yeap! This is the nail art to start my 2014!! This is inspired by Janelle (elleandish) and it’s pretty simple do! Check out her YouTube video below – scroll down further!

It feels like my nails are blooming with golden firework when the clock strikes 12am!! *poom poom poom* happy 2014!!!


(image grabbed from google!)

So how to do?


Paint your nails black, or any colors you want!! But hang on……..!! Don’t forget your base coat!! 🙂 Here, Janelle used Zoya’s Avril (seems like a dusty nude pink to me) as based color, it gives a different feeling at the end!


After that, use your gold glitter polish and dap a few drop near the cuticles area. For my case I used gold. If you like, you can follow Janelle and used a silver glitter. Red/Blue/Green glitters are all great as long as you like them!


Enough of talking! Before your glitter dries up, use a nail art brush to sweep the glitter polish downwards! This will makes it feels like they are dripping. Hmm.. or i should say like waterfall effect!?

Ok, so we done. Almost done.. to make it complete, you can actually used a gold polish (not gold glitter ya!) gentle draw a few stroke down to enhance the dripping effect. But of course, if you think just glitter is good enough, then it’s totally fine. Because I like the glitter-only effect too!

Before I seal my nail art with a top coat, I actually added a red rhinestone to my thumb and middle finger! No why, I just feel that.. Since it’s lying in my box of rhinestone, maybe I can just put them to good use. 😀

So once again, when you’re done, this is how it looks like!


My kinda New Year! I bet you already can’t wait to see Janelle’s tutorial?? Here goes….

Evening Skyline on My Nails!

It’s bright sunny (Sun)day now but what I’m gonna show you today is my new nail art called… Evening Skyline!! This nail art design is inspired by cutepolish! I love her tutorials!! read on and I’ll share the link of her video at the end of my post! (No cheating! Don’t scroll down immediately! >_<)


Looks messy here? Of course it is messy! Had used acrylic paint here to create the evening look – acrylic paint and sponging method! It is advisable that you paint a layer of white polish first before sponging your colors so that the color stay true.


Clean up your stained cuticle using a cotton bud! You can DIY one using your orange stick if you don’t have one. Just pick some cotton using your orange stick from a cotton pad and roll them up to look like a bud!


It won’t look to far from a cotton bud! 🙂 & you can just throw away the used cotton after your clean up. Orange stick? Keep for next use!


So after your clean up, you can grab your black polish and start to paint your CITY SKYLINE! Just apply one stroke downwards and apply at different “level” to create the difference in building height!


Building lights? Easy!! Just dot yellow polish or yellow acrylic paint on your building (black polish) I had actually went an extra step dot my China Glaze Ghoulish Glow on my yellow dot! WHY!? So that when I turn off the light, my nails will glow!!!

………… But apparently, it didn’t glow as bright as I thought because the dot is too small to even “charge”! (T_T)


Next up, the moon is the challenging part for me! Because it has to be precise and neat! but oh well.. lucky it went quite alright for me.. at least for my left hand!


Result? .. Not that bad uh.. LOL! (>_<)

So as promised, Here’s the video! (You didn’t scroll down directly uh..!?!)

I’m ready for Halloween!!

First Saturday of a brand new month, October! So many
reason to celebrate! Children’s Day! Oktoberfest! Halloween!
…..what? Yes!! Halloween! Today I wanna share with you a cute
Halloween theme nail art!!


20131005-162228.jpg Aren’t these lil one cute? They’re all recreation
of cutepolish and ihaveacupcake!! They’re really easy to do and
with the aid of their video I’m sure you can recreate your very own
nail art in no time!!

Your can watch their videos below:

So now…………….

P.S.: I’m still confuse why my Sally Hansen Sheer Pink looks more like sheer beige. (?_?)

A trip to Paris.. on my my nails!

This is my next favorite nail art! I feel so talented to be able to draw the Eiffel Tower!! it’s a really easy nail art! Striper polish.. Dotting tool.. Pearls.. That’s all you need! Oh and optional .. glitters!



You like this? i really like it a lot! This nail art is inspired by a few video i saw on youtube..


Baaaa~ He is Shaun!

How many of you remember this cartoon?? or rather watched this cartoon? C’mon, don’t be shy.. i have NOT watch this cartoon before.. >_< hahaha! & the best part is… the nail art i’m gonna show you below is about this cartoon that i have NOT watch!

First i painted my nails blue.. ice minty blue for the sky! sorry for the messy cuticles.. >_< geez..


then i mixed “Don’t mess with OPI” with a hint of white to get a grassy green and.. well turns out not too bad.. for the rest of the story.. i think the tutorial video below will speaks better than me. It’s a video by ArcadiaNailArt..


It looks kinda uneven here & i know my stem is a little too thick! accident do happens.. haha!… but a top coat will do the trick to make it all even and smooth!


See.. glossy and smooth now!



I think my most happy recreation will be Shaun.. Simplest and cutest!! ^_^



Follow ArcadiaNailArt on youtube for more interesting nail art tutorial!

Penguins on the run!

It’s a cooling evening and i decided to do something COOL! A cool penguin!! Sorry, i mean 5 cool penguins! I watched a few tutorial and decided to go with this..

It’s not VERY ALIKE but it’s some where there already! Below you’ll see that i did not go with the “all black” nail color.. I chose to paint my nails all different color so that i can have a variety of penguins!


I picked out a few vibrant color from my stash and ….. tadaa~!

The Original – Black Onyx

The Lady – High Hope

The Gentleman – Secret Peri-Wink-Le

The Boy – Vert Chlorophylle

The Sunshine – Happy Go Lucky


This is a really simple nail art.. you(I) just need MORE PRACTICE! Seeing this little cuties really makes my day but too much of them makes me feel eerie.. So many penguins looking at u… gosh!


Btw, the orange beak and feet are achieve by using nail paint (orange + white).. Seriously, I think I really like using nail paint to draw! They are sooo easy to use and dry within a reasonable time!


So after my drawing is done.. I seal them with a top coat like how the tutorial did… 20130811-133029.jpg


Cool penguins? I think i will do this again some day but with lesser penguin maybe?? hahaha!


This is a short post because i think what i need to say has been explained in the video! Check out SimpleNailArtDesigns on youtube for more cute nail art videos!!

Marbling my Nails! Yey-hooo!

After my bad nail day, today seems pretty alright~! Alright not because it’s a smooth day but because I managed to do something out of the worst… LOL!

Today i used a hot pink from OPI (You’re A Pisa Work).. I didn’t expect to fall so deeply in love with this color – probably it came at the right time! I was actually looking for a color that will goes well with black but i don’t want something too dark. What color goes well with black? LOTS! Red, pink, yellow, green, blue, purple… but i don’t want something too bright/striking at the same time.. (how contradicting, i know…) I think pink is good.. Not to strong yet very can bring out the lady in you! hahaha..

Now my problem is…. after looking through my stash… i don’t have the right pink that my mind has been thinking… It was all either too pastel or too red or contain shimmer.. 😦 Then i recall.. “I have a pressie that i had not use!!” and (ta-daaa!) I pull out my HOT PINK from my other drawer and what u see below is my PISA WORK! LOL! You’re A Pisa Work is a great purplish-hot pink! It’s opaque and strong and it’s PINK! yeahhh.. Best of all, it goes well with black! Okay, enough of color choosing!! It’s time for water marbling!!!!

I always hesitate to do water marble effect because it’s gonna be very messy and INDEED it is messy! (At the end of the post, i will share with you a youtube post where i get my inspiration from)


Seee!! But it’s OK(!) because i had recently bought my OPI nail lacquer remover! It’s so powerful then a gentle wipe can clean up most of my mess already!! Value for money indeed!!






Now all clean and cool!

On the other hand… (impromptu) I did another color! instead of black, I used white! Using the same method, did my water marble again!






Doing water marble effect is easy but the only thing is that u can’t really control where it is going “break open”.. Effect is really random and not uniform. But again, maybe that’s the beauty of it..

So which one do you prefer? Black or white? (i personally prefer the black one~ ^__^)      IMG_4320

So here’s the video that got me inspired to do this…

(go to 0:54 to see how to achieve the stone marble effect)

Obviously my marble is much fatter than what cutepolish did but I STILL LOVE ‘EM!!! ❤ ❤