calling 64 calling 64!!

Finally got my 1st Nfu Oh Holo Polish from Mei Mei’s Signatures.. abit grand for one holo polish but still i mgt to convince myself to get one.. again i appreciate meimei for always bubble wrapping these precious polishes so securely!! Now.. my strategy for the rest of this month.. eat grass!

So here’s the first pic im gona show u.. just one coat of nfu oh 64!

Like what i’ve read from other blog.. it really is skill testing to apply a nfu oh holo polish.. u cant really go over it second time before its dry.. it will “drag” the undercoat along and cuz this baldness effect many had said.. And i believe a nfu aqua base will works better with this holo polish.. (i dun have one now but its on its way to me by month end! So i used a normal nail strengthening base coat by Best Nail Treatment which i bought from Mei Mei’s Signatures too!!) and my sis told mi.. for better effect, i actually gotta do aqua base before each holo coat.. meaning it will goes like.. aqua holo aqua holo.. (wow, i’ll have thick coats by then..)  LOL!!


Now wat u see here.. is after i’m done w 2 coats under iphone flash.. abit of holo u see there?? lol.. i wonder if aqua base will makes it even more holo-er! hahaha!!


alright.. now the above two pic is under table lamp lighting.. i think the right pic shows more holo effect.. but remember.. dun apply top coat.. or at rather dun apply top coat if u did not use aqua base.. it will reduce the holographic effect of your polish GREATLY..

Ok, i’ve insert a video from my own FB page to share Nfu Oh 64 holo-ness.. pardon that ugly hand and shaky video..! Other than that, its a pretty holo polish..