My Loots from Preloot!!

After making my first purchase, I thought this was a pretty good concept for user to explore more local brands. Good local brands! Through Preloot, I actually get to know more local brands! I actually seen some brands before but wasn’t aware that they’re local brands – ie: Gummi! I thought they were from US or Europe.. (my gosh! How sua-ku!) & Bodhi too!!

Well…here’s my SECOND BOX (& THIRD BOX) to share.. Hope you like them too!

IMG_6538 GUMMI Designer Nail Wraps


Uniquely designed in Singapore, GUMMÍ nail wraps are fashion forward, effortless and high-quality.

We truly believe that when it comes to quality, its the little details and the things you don’t see that sometimes make the biggest difference. We put a lot of care and thought into GUMMÍ nail products and its our mission to make you feel extra special whenever you put on GUMMÍ nail wraps.

I ever tried nail films before and I thought they sucks. They gets peeled of easily, last not even more than 2 days. -___-

I’m hoping this will last long because I’m gonna wear this for my upcoming trip!! I shall share more swatch on my instagram!! Stay tune!



A place where you can find solution to your skin problem!

Although I don’t like ginger but I like the scent of Ginger Turmeric Soap!! It smells really energizing! LOL..

visited their website and found that they not only have soap, they have scrubs and mask too!! Do check them out HERE too!!



Correct! this is my second pack of body scrubs from Basic Theory! I prefer this than the coffee one redeem earlier! the mild soothing lavender scent helps ease my mood and makes me feels relax after a day of hard work!!



OH!! This is GOOD! I never thought local brand can be this good – especially the night cream!! But to be exact, this is not really a local brand though. Flower2Grass2 originated from Hong Kong and is new in Singapore! Best part, it’s paraben-, colorant- and sulphate-free!! Pssst~ Only available on Preloot – that’s exclusive!


The night cream good for combination skin user (yes! finally something made for me!!)! Rose Geranium oil calms oily or irritated skin, such as eczema, acne & rashes. Skin appears radiant as a result. Hazelnut oil penetrates the outer layer of skin easily, leaving your skin silky smooth without any feeling of oiliness. Lavender oil is known for its anti-bacterial and anti-depressive characteristics; also rejuvenating skin by softening and lightening, an excellent solution to acne scars.


Happy with my 2nd loot bag, I packed my 3rd bag!!

IMG_6603 Basic Theory



Yes, Basic theory again.. LOL! They have really good scrubs so thought of giving their skin care a try…



The #nofilter Makeup Remover gently but thoroughly removes all traces of makeup without stripping your skin of its natural oils. Its blend of moisturizing coconut oil, clarifying castor oil, gentle avocado oil and relaxing lavender essential oil seriously nourishes your skin while cleansing and will have you snapping #nofilter selfies in no time! Engineered for every party girl – super effective on waterproof mascara and eyeliner! Strengthens and conditions eyelashes and eyebrows over time.


Not the best makeup remover I had used but glad I had gave it a try..



The classic calming scent of lavender will soothe your body and soul. This handmade soap contains tiny lavender flowers and natural essential oils, which provides soft and gentle care for your skin.

Rachel KIMG_6610I guess I do not need to intro this again! Everyone knows Rachel K! I redeem a lighter tone this time and it suits me!

Guess, I will be keeping a lookout on preloot to try more local brands!



Nail Vinyls


Nice right?!!! I knew it!!

I have been letting my nails rest for the longest time ever since I change job a year ago!

Recently I saw many pretty nail art which are so easily achieve with nail vinyls and I decided to give it a try.. It’s just paste-paint-peel! No mess at all! However, nail vinyls are not cheap! Starting from USD5 per piece and if I wanna grab a few designs I may end up going on a diet!!

Just when I thought I should find alternative, TwinkledT came up with a awesome promo on 17 May 2015!!



That’s the greatest discount ever, I swear! I’ve been stalking them for promo code ever since I knew about nail vinyls!! LOL.. With this promo code, of course I grab all that my wallet can afford!

And these are my new additions! you can click on the image if you are keen in getting them! I’ve added the hyperlink for your easy reference!!

twinkledt_chevron twinkledt_cyclone twinkledt_mermaid twinkledt_Star twinkledt_love

So far, I have not seen any similar products on Qoo10 or even Taobao!! that’s why I’m totally elated to know that they ship international!! By the way, TwinkledT is from US (California if I’m not wrong).

I’m more excited on trying cyclone so I actually did a simple nail art the night I received it! Wanna see my first try!??

IMG_5157 IMG_5159

** I applied cuticle oil that’s why the oily look.. LOL

If you like the color I used in this nail art, they are:

  • Marc Jacobs – Madame (nude color)
  • Cirque – Stella (rose pink glitters)


Pacman in action!

It’s been soooooo LONG since I last try another nail art! Today I’m gonna show you (in my nail art) what the 90s kid have been playing!! ……..The Pac-Man!!

20140718-142541-51941113.jpg 20140718-142541-51941814.jpg

Pac-Man (パックマン Pakkuman) is an arcade game developed by Namco and first released in Japan on 22 May 1980. It was licensed for distribution in the United States by Midway and released in October 1980. Immensely popular from its original release to the present day, Pac-Man is considered one of the classics of the medium, virtually synonymous with video games, and an icon of 1980s popular culture. Upon its release, the game – and subsequent Pac-Man derivatives – became a social phenomenon that sold a large amount of merchandise and also inspired, among other things, an animated television series and a top-ten hit single! 

20140718-152106-55266121.jpg 20140718-152106-55266157.jpg

How to play? The player controls Pac-Man through a blue maze, eating pac-dots and fruit. When all pac-dots are eaten, Pac-Man is taken to the next stage. Between some stages one of three intermission animations plays. Four enemies (I usually call them “ghost” – Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde) roam the maze, trying to catch Pac-Man. If any of them touches Pac-Man, a life is lost and the Pac-Man itself withers and dies. When all lives have been lost, the game ends. Of-course this is not as easy as it seems but I’m not gonna go into details of it..

Without further ado, shall I introduce my Pac-Man & Ghost to you?? Heee!! 😀


On my index finger, it’s Oikake a.k.a. Shadow (Blinky), which is the Red Ghost.

On my middle finger, it’s Kimagure a.k.a Bashful (Inky), which is the Cyan Ghost (well, because I don’t have cyan polish so i used alternative closest color..)

On my ring finger, it’s Machibuse a.k.a. Speedy (Pinky), which is the Pink Ghost (I think light pink doesn’t looks good on me so i changed to a lilac polish)

On my lil finger, it’s Otoboke a.k.a Pokey (Clyde), which is the orange Ghost.

In case you’re wondering what the Japanese name means… Here a quick translation:

<Name> – <Meaning>

Oikake – Chaser

Kimagure – Fickle

Machibuse – Ambusher

Otoboke – Stupid

On my thumb, needless to say, he’s our Pakkuman a.k.a. Pac-Man and his pac-dots!! *clap-clap-clap*

20140718-142542-51942664.jpg 20140718-142542-51942255.jpg

My apologies for the super untidy edge, especially on my thumbs! I think I need to put my pair spectacles to good use already! T_T

Anyway, hope you like this Pac-Man design and give it a try too!!

Inspired by:


Paraffin Treatment at Home! Yeah!!

It’s been a LOOOOOONG time for a new post!!! Been busy with work + school + Chinese New Year!! Good thing is I’m finally ending my first module and that means.. EXAM SOON!! *shucks*


But you know what? There’s always time for FUN & RELAXATION!! Hahahah!! A pair of beautiful hands will help me write better during exams!! ………… Ok, that’s just an excuse for a break from all the numbers & terminology (I’m taking FIA course)!

What makes your hand beautiful? Yes, a nice spa manicure! *ehem* That will cost at least a hundred bucks! How about a DIY Paraffin Treatment!!? Don’t worry you won’t need to go fabricate your own wax or buy a warehouse of wax or whatsoever.

Just head down to any SaSa outlet and you are half way to your DIY Paraffin Treatment!


Yes, today’s post is about Soo Beauté Nail Paraffin Pack! The COST EFFECTIVE way of doing your paraffin treatment!! It’s only S$7.80 (I will confirm the price again!!) for a pack like this and you know what? It can be reuse at least 3 times!!! That’s LESS THAN S$3 each time you do your DIY paraffin treatment! Exclusively available at SaSa!



The ingredients includes avocado(牛油果), morocco argan oil(摩洛哥坚果油), olive oil(橄榄油)and of course paraffin wax (巴拿芬蜡)!

Below are image of how to use them and trust me they are really easy to use!! Even if you do not know Chinese characters, picture illustrations are good enough!

If not… Read on and I’ll show you how to use them!


So what you need to do now is start boiling your water! Instruction says pour in 90-100 degree hot water – but I think I probably only boil till 80 (I don’t have a thermometer but it’s not difficult to tell if you are using your home water boiler..)


Pour in your HOT water – pls be careful and not scald yourself!

After you pour in the hot water, you should see a laying of wax floating already! However, as the water is still HOT pls don’t stupidly put your finger in NOW.20140208-001828.jpg

Wait till the pink round sticker turns slightly blue (cooled down) then you can start to do finger dipping!!


Here’s my fingers before treatment! DRY & ROUGH!

20140208-002021.jpg    20140208-002037.jpg

Now I will dip my fingers in… (sorry for the poor image because I can’t multi-task!!)

Dip about 3 times (you do not need to wait for each layer to be completely dry before doing next layer) and you are good to leave it to do its work.


This is the moment you feel pretty handicapped!


Can’t really move much as afraid that the wax will crack!20140208-002120.jpg

After 10 – 15 mins, you can remove the wax already! Just pull them off and you are done!


DO NOT throw away this wax that you had just used!! I repeat.. DO NOT throw away this wax that you had just used!! Instead, put them back into the pack and you can reuse them again!

As for the hot water remaining in the pack (by now should be cool already. See the round sticker turned blue?), just pour them away!20140208-002151.jpg

See! After you pour the water away, what’s left behind is just the hardened wax!20140208-003826.jpg

Throw in those wax that you had just used and keep them for future use!! 😀20140208-003833.jpg

My finger? They are so pampered now! They look better & healthier now! Smells great too!!

20140208-002159.jpg   20140208-002204.jpg

REMARK: Do NOT wash your hands within the next 2 hours!

That’s all for today! Have a great week ahead!!!

**The above blog review is proudly sponsored by:

The Sample Store | SaSa Singapore

Evening Skyline on My Nails!

It’s bright sunny (Sun)day now but what I’m gonna show you today is my new nail art called… Evening Skyline!! This nail art design is inspired by cutepolish! I love her tutorials!! read on and I’ll share the link of her video at the end of my post! (No cheating! Don’t scroll down immediately! >_<)


Looks messy here? Of course it is messy! Had used acrylic paint here to create the evening look – acrylic paint and sponging method! It is advisable that you paint a layer of white polish first before sponging your colors so that the color stay true.


Clean up your stained cuticle using a cotton bud! You can DIY one using your orange stick if you don’t have one. Just pick some cotton using your orange stick from a cotton pad and roll them up to look like a bud!


It won’t look to far from a cotton bud! 🙂 & you can just throw away the used cotton after your clean up. Orange stick? Keep for next use!


So after your clean up, you can grab your black polish and start to paint your CITY SKYLINE! Just apply one stroke downwards and apply at different “level” to create the difference in building height!


Building lights? Easy!! Just dot yellow polish or yellow acrylic paint on your building (black polish) I had actually went an extra step dot my China Glaze Ghoulish Glow on my yellow dot! WHY!? So that when I turn off the light, my nails will glow!!!

………… But apparently, it didn’t glow as bright as I thought because the dot is too small to even “charge”! (T_T)


Next up, the moon is the challenging part for me! Because it has to be precise and neat! but oh well.. lucky it went quite alright for me.. at least for my left hand!


Result? .. Not that bad uh.. LOL! (>_<)

So as promised, Here’s the video! (You didn’t scroll down directly uh..!?!)

My Sunset Bay!

Hi guys! Been a while since i last show you some cute toe nails design! I youtube’d some video and thought that this is pretty easy to do even though I might not have all the colours!


Are you able to tell what color I’d used in this nail art? In this nail art, the only polish color I used was a white polish from China Glaze (white on white). The rest of the colors? Acrylic paint of course! Yellow… Orange… Red.. & Black!


To get this effect, all u need is a makeup sponge and use the sponging method to do it! I’ll include a video shortly at the end of the post where you can learn and DIY! My nail art was also inspired by the video from SimpleNailArtDesigns!


See! It’s beautiful! If i’m going holiday with this nail art, it would makes it PERFECT!! Beach~ Resort~ Sunset~ Ahhhhhh…. Why am I still sitting here?

So without further ado.. Here’s the video tutorial by SimpleNailArtDesigns!

Penguins on the run!

It’s a cooling evening and i decided to do something COOL! A cool penguin!! Sorry, i mean 5 cool penguins! I watched a few tutorial and decided to go with this..

It’s not VERY ALIKE but it’s some where there already! Below you’ll see that i did not go with the “all black” nail color.. I chose to paint my nails all different color so that i can have a variety of penguins!


I picked out a few vibrant color from my stash and ….. tadaa~!

The Original – Black Onyx

The Lady – High Hope

The Gentleman – Secret Peri-Wink-Le

The Boy – Vert Chlorophylle

The Sunshine – Happy Go Lucky


This is a really simple nail art.. you(I) just need MORE PRACTICE! Seeing this little cuties really makes my day but too much of them makes me feel eerie.. So many penguins looking at u… gosh!


Btw, the orange beak and feet are achieve by using nail paint (orange + white).. Seriously, I think I really like using nail paint to draw! They are sooo easy to use and dry within a reasonable time!


So after my drawing is done.. I seal them with a top coat like how the tutorial did… 20130811-133029.jpg


Cool penguins? I think i will do this again some day but with lesser penguin maybe?? hahaha!


This is a short post because i think what i need to say has been explained in the video! Check out SimpleNailArtDesigns on youtube for more cute nail art videos!!

My Russian Dolls

It’s decal time again!! Today I’m gona share w you a decal that I had bought some times back and finally had a chance to use it!!

Sorry that i forgot to take pic of my decal when its still in the pack but you will still get to see it on my nails later! So this time, i chose two new colors from my stash.. Fresh Coral from Lunasol & Vert Chlotophylle from Bourjois!


OK! im pretty excited to try out Lunasol’s colour! Have you heard of Lunasol? If my mom hadn’t told me, i would never know about this brand. Lunasol is actually by Kanebo and their nail polish is surprisingly very smooth! Application was easy! Maybe next time i will take a shot of the brush and show u..! Quite broad but still thinner than OPI.



Very vibrant color ya? After applying the Vert Chlorophylle, i fall in love with it immediately!! Its so pastel yet so vibrant! Very cherry green! Me like!!


so after my base color done, i proceed to do a “thick” french nail.. i covered the entire smile line and even go beyond it (Yes, you nails will end up looking shorter!) but after you put on your russian dolls nail decail, this illusion will “poof”!! Gone~!


(pardon my middle finger! i over cut my cuticles and tore the skin! *ouch*)


I added a bling bling to the nails that doesn’t have dolls and it turn out.. Not too bad! hahaha me like again!



Overall, i really like this nail decal.. Easily achieved nail art!!!