Strawberries anyone!??

Ready for some strawberries love??? If you do a youtube search you can easily find many tutorial on strawberries nail art.. I didn’t exactly follow a particular video for this case.. So read on if you dare!! It’s gonna be a messy strawberry! hahahaha!!!


I chose Megan Miller’s Roja as the strawberry color and Bourjois’s Vert Chlorophylle.. Color looks ok but i probably shouldn’t use dotting tool to dot the greeny part.. Hopefully a top coat later will makes it better..


I used a regular white polish to dot the strawberry spots.. can you see something different from below pic??



Look again…


I used silver caviar beads on my middle finger instead of white polish! I thought it looks cool.. but it turns out.. weird.. hahahahaha!!!


My boyfriend asked me what’s the different for (as in why do i have to make it look different?) For the effect of course.. 3D effect! Apparently, my 3D failed and the strawberry looks totally WEIRD! Guess my nails were too long for strawberries!


Nonetheless, it’s still a good try!! hahahaa!



Rainbow Polka Dotties!!


TADAAAA~~~ my cutie lil toe nails!! Hahahahaha!! Finally i can do nail art on my left toe nail!!!! If you can see, the nail is (in fact) pretty much shorter and i think because its growing in a “out of shape” manner, it’s quite challenging to get it done nicely!!


Choosing the colors! This is another headache! I cant decide which color to use.. To do a rainbow dotties? Or should i do a pink gradient dotties or blue? or maybe green??

Ahh.. and i finally decided to do a rainbow one because i think it will looks fun and cheery! OH and i must not forget one thing… This nail art was inspired by cutepolish youtube tutorial! It’s a very easy-to-understand tutorial and its really simple!!! You can watch the video HERE and start doing you rainbow dotties!! 😀


Looks so 3D without top coat ya?? hahaha!!



Now this is with a top coat! Look so.. AMAZING! hahaha… But … the more i’m looking at it.. the more i feel like……


I’m looking at a frog.. (-___-)||


See what I’ve won!?

Remember i participated in one contest organised by Mei Mei’s SignatureS – Megan Miller? Below is the fotoz i submitted! Contest rule: take pic of your bottle(s) of polish with jewels, stones, gems.. and winners will be selected via Rafflecopter…

Rafflecopter “selected” my fotoz as one of the winning entry.. yeah~!! and winning prize?? TWO BOTTLES OF MEGAN MILLER POLISH (of my choice) + SGD10 MEI MEI’S SIGNATURES VOUCHER!!!!!! toooo good to be true!!!!!!


I picked Roja and Velvet Lounge..

Roja: It’s like the signature color of Megan Miller (IMO).. A beautiful bright chilli red. Kinda sheer in one coat but good to go in two. I’ll be showing you more of Roja today as i did them on my toes for Singapore National Day!

Velvet Lounge: this color reminds mi so A-England’s Elaine. Purple color. Blackened Purple.. its like looking at a very very ripe eggplant..



See it goes on bright and cheery.. with out “out of shape” stars in white.. hahaaahah!!! Application was smooth and easy.. but i was having bad shaky hands!! grr.. still i want my nails red!!


And this is my National Day!!