Am i lucky… or what? (teehee!)

Seriously when you rec’d an email saying you’re the winner of a lucky draw.. How would you feel?? LOL!! well well.. i thot it was a scam! hahaha! But, rec’g below item made me sure that this is not a scam! i really won! Ahhh.. wished im that lucky always!!

seriously.. im not too sure if i got the correct color.. cuz i actually requested for pastel purple but the actual product i see here is more like pastel pink.. hmm…. but again the label said pastel purple.. (?_?) *helpless*

See.. this is the color i actually requested but…. oh well, its free what more can i complain..? but seriously.. if u are sincere about “gifting” nail attention to the quality.. the bottle that i rec’d, the color is so uneven.. “shake well” doesnt work here at all.. 😦 seems like the white color settle at the bottom of the bottle and the pink is at the top.. sigh.. probably will jus use it for nail art..

Still… thanks Polish Alley! I definitely like the LA Colors Art Deco – Gold Rush..