My Fancy Gloss

My first purchase of Fancy Gloss Polish!! This may not be a BIG name for you but she have amazing polish, ok, at least her polish amazed me!! LOL

I bought 2 bottles of Fancy Gloss thermal polish from Mei Mei’s Signature! Think I need not introduce Mei Mei anymore.. Most of my polishes (except OPI/China Glaze) are purchased from her. She carries loads of indie brands and some exclusive color..!

Today I will show you some simple swatches on Sugar Plum and Mixed Feelings. Of course my swatch won’t be the best resolution but it’s live demo!! LOL! So read on!!


The purple polish is Sugar Plum and the greyish blue is Mixed Feelings. I don’t know if they are consider cool or warm when in bottle because Sugar Plum seems cold and Mixed Feeling seems warm.. LOL!


So here’s my water! I know… I should have use a nicer bowl/pot of water but that’s what I can find at that moment! I already can’t wait to see the effect, who cares about the pot man! That’s secondary!


So above pic is when my nails are under normal room temperature.. Color is light and shimmery. One coat may be sheer, two coats will be good, three coat will be too thick i think..

I like Mixed Feelings color in room temperature. Light and feminine. Like a fairy tale. Reminds me of Disney’s Frozen – knowing that it will turn blue..!

As for Sugar Plum, I like it when it’s grey. Although it looks a lil like a dirty grey. LOL..

20140412-000439.jpg 20140412-000447.jpg

So now, I’m soaking them into my pot of ice water.. You can see that my nail tip had already changed color!! Then the next thing you know, I have colored nails!!!


Seee!!! Ain’t it gorgeous?? BTW, these are without top coat, in case you are wondering why aren’t they shiny..

Again, I like Mixed Feeling! I feel like I’m the Frozen Queen!! =P

As for Sugar Plum, it didn’t turn out to be the purple I had imagine. It’s more like a purplish maroon?


One thing I did realize.. Seems like Sugar Plum takes a longer time to “warm up”..  When Mixed Feelings already back to original color, Sugar Plum is still transitioning..

Overall, it was a good experience to try thermal polish.. Whenever I’m feeling cold now, I will look at my nails to see if they had changed color, indeed it had changed! ^__^