Oriental Valentine!

What can you come up with using this few colors?? Well i tried and i managed to get something that fits the CNY mood that we’re having now and the coming-soon Valentine!!



Seriously, i like Etude House 3-in-1 packed polish! They all comes in great combination of colours. Previously i had one of the Juicy Cocktail collection called Princess Marry, it look gorgeous!! Now this Christmas Miracle (from my BFF) looks stunning too!!

So what do we do first?? Base coat of course! After the base, paint your nails RED! In this nail art, i used Santa Red. Its a bright red with a bit gold-ish duochrome.. It looks more golden while in the bottle, not very obvious when you applied on your nails.. BUT still, its a very pretty color!

Before i forget, i like the polish brush too.. its flat brush! i think the 3-in-1 packed polish all have flat brush.. this made it lot easier to apply polishes~! ^_^


Eeew~! Unglam!! hahahah! yes, some days when i have very shaky hands but still wana paint my nails, this is what happen!!! Polish all over my cuticles. T_T but fear not!! Cuz with the aid of an orange stick (and a lil cotton), this unglam polish will be *poof* gone!

And next, i grabbed my black polish and a thin brush to start drawing tree brunches on my nails.. Remember, brunches need not be straight lines.. i haven seen any 180 deg STRAIGHT brunches before.. lol!


So after brunches is drawn, you can pick up your orange stick again and start dipping for glitters!!! Just place a few (or ONE) glitters at selective spot to make it looks like little flower (for my nail art, it’s cherry blossom that I’m trying to imitate,,)


You can see, my drawing skill seriously need rooms of improvement!! HAHAH but looking at it from far, it’s still pretty nice!! >_<


So now that the cherry blossom is done, i used Golden Bell to add some glamor to it..  Golden Bell is … AMAZING!


(Outdoor lighting)


(Indoor lighting)

It’s filled with mirco glitters, medium hexagon glitters, small hexagon glitters.. comparing this with Etude’s Marry Gold, i can say Golden Bell is more “golden” than Marry Gold. But one thing about Marry Gold that i like is that, it has a little holo effect!!! NICE tooooo!




Closer look at my cherry blossom?? hahaha it look so pathetic!

But still thanks for reading this humble post! i promise to practice more