Essence Warehouse Sales!!



ME ME ME ME ME!!!!! *raise hand!!*

Essence having a warehouse sales early December!! It was a GREAT BUY!!!! went there on Friday noon and spent almost 2 hours in there!!!


It may look small but… trust me!! hell lots of things!! Tho some are limited stocks! man! After that 2 hours “war” with myself, i managed to grabbed a big bag of stuffs that i usually would think twice before buying!!


& what did i bought??


POLISH!!! CANNOT BE MISSED!! 5 for S$10~ ain’t that .. .amazing!!??

i think my sis MAY like Let’s Get Lost (teal green? turquoise??) It’s a very close color to OPI’s Fly (if i din rmb wrongly!) i also grabbed Pink Glam (french glam) for her..

For myself..? of courseeeee!!! How can i not love myself!? i bought:

  • Choose Me! – Green with golden (yellow) glitters.. lots & lots of glitters!! Color may seems dark in the bottle but its a very soothing green when applied!
  • Princess Prunella – Duochrome? Brownish Purple?! i need to look at it more…
  • Hard to Resist – Blue with glitters too! Let me look at it more when i reach home before i tell u more! haha..


Next, some make up play!! Multi colour blusher! Bronzer!! & fruity lip balm!! Had tried the blusher & bronzer.. i must say.. its not bad ya! It’s not like you buy cheap & you get cheap things..

It’s not extreme EXCELLENT but it can still perform what it’s suppose to do which i think is sufficient for mi! i dun need it to be like UV protection, skin brightening effect or last u 24hrs! As long as the blush looks like blush when i apply and made me happy, i think its a good blush! >_<

Not forgetting the bronzer.. i think its quite a good buy too! COST EFFECTIVE and HIGH PERFORMANCE! just that.. i wonder how long will all this little ones last..

Oh and!! Oh and!! the lip balm? nothing too special about it other then the VERY light peach scent.. if u have chapped lips, i think u have to apply just a light layer because it will make the chapped lips quite obvious if u apply to & fro too many times.. maybe u can heal you chapped lips with those normal moisturizing balm first? i dono.. but this Essence Lip balm acts more like a sheer nude lipstick to me..


Nail Polish remover!! this is what every nail polish lover would need!!! and guess how much its gg??? S$3?? NO!! S$2?? NOOO.. It’s only S$1~~~!!!! man! i can feel my shopping basket getting heavier!!!


Presents?? Yesh!! which lucky one will get these?? HAHAHA!! you’ll know soon my friends!!

20121217-000236.jpg& at the end of the day, my spending??? hahaha u do the maths!!!