Essence Private Sale! IRRESISTIBLE!


Like what is says.. It’s SALE again!! The last time I went to Essence sales is also within this year (2013)…. erm no! It was LAST YEAR! Wow.. how time fly! You can read post from HERE. Essence have really good and affordable makeup products, nail polish and skin care! I’m here mainly for polishes and makeup! Glad that I made the right choice to have come by! Else, I’ll be missing everything in this bag!


Guess what I’ve grabbed home.. Nail polish, yes! Lipstain, yes! Nail cavier, yes! Some others covered by polishes so I’m gona go show it to you below..



Lipstick or gloss wearing off after just one sip of water? With the pen that gives lips semi-permanent definition, a light stain and pampers them with moisturizing ingredients – the CATRICE Lip Stain! Prep your lips for all day colour by first applying a base with our CATRICE Colour Infusion Longlasting Lipstain (S$7.90). It offers the desired color infusion for our lips! Its fruity aroma lifts our spirits and is easy to apply thanks to the soft shape of the tip. Apply in several layers to intensify the color. Use waterproof remover to remove.

Make a guess how much i got it for? ………. 3 for S$10!! Best part is that I can mix and match any three items! The other two items i grabbed a lipstick and a waterproof mascara!


Like the light colour and moisturizing effect it gave my lips. Like all other lipstick, color didn’t last past lunch time but my lips managed to stay moisturized though! This was one of the 3 for S$10 item so nothing to complain!


Was looking for the “function” of this mascara other than being waterproof but apparently, other than waterproof, it doesn’t do anything else. LOL! I applied 2 coats of mascara and this is how it looks like.




Even out a blotchy or dull complexion with the CATRICE Prime and Fine Illuminating Base. Pearl shimmer pigments help cover up irregularities and brighten up your entire face. At just S$9.90 at all our counters, the Prime and Fine Illuminating Base is one of the most affordable primers on the market.

Guess what? I got it for S$4 at the sale event!! That’s more than 50% off!

I tried it yesterday and felt that it’s just so-so. Nothing fantastic but still good that I had apply a primer before my BB cream and all. It’s like an extra protection for me. There is just one thing I couldn’t stand about this primer… The scent. It smells a lil odd. For a moment i thought my EDP expired thus smelling weird but later realize it’s my primer.. arrgg.. Hence today, I had switched back to my Loreal primer.

Next up, it’s something to treat your feet!


These are the only Essence product that caught my attention! The whitening nail polish and a foot protection stick!


I’m totally in love with this whitening nail polish!! It’s just one thing we (me and my girlfriend) don’t understand.. WHY only TOE NAIL?? Can’t it be used on finger nail?? We seriously don’t know why… Porbably it’s just the marketing strategy.. They want you to buy a (finger) nail polish & a TOE nail polish.. LOL!

Heck care, I applied them on my chubby fingers and I’m totally amazed by it’s whitening effect! I’m having yellow nail because of the highly pigmented polish I used recently and also partly I had them on my nails for too long. It may not have shown in the picture but it’s really clear to me that my index and middle fingers are whitened! Not only that, I have ridge nails too.. This polish helps to level my nails and now i have beautiful white levelled nails! heartz them so much!!

I have not try the foot protection stick because I don’t have any new show recently! When I get the chance to use it, I’ll just update this post again?

Just in case you are wondering, Essence show your feet foot protection stick has an innovative formulation that provides an invisible protection film onto the skin and immediately reduces the chafing from shoes, also blisters can be effectively prevented in no time at all. Now there’s no need to bite your new shoe 3 times (so that it won’t bite u – some chinese belief)!


POLISHES~~~~  WOW! They have limited colors but still I manage to grab a few for this year’s Christmas pressie!! Heard from the sales person (telling another customer) saying that a bottle of polish cost S$7.90?? Wow! Can you imagine I grabbed all these at half the price!?!

Caviers.. Nude.. Pink.. Orange.. Gold.. HO HO HO! Merry Christmas!!!!

Just when I was about to check out… my instinct pulled me to the corner where all the fragrance are seating…


Yes & I got tempted to bought one home! Kate Spade Twirl was the first that twirled to me (the sales lady gave me a strip of sample scent) and I got hooked! It smells … erm.. great! I don’t know how to explain the scent to you.. It’s not those floral or fruity scent.. it’s .. the scents of INDEPENDENT! LOL!!

I love sale! I hope more brands out there will have this kinda warehouse sale or private sale!! It’s a good time to whack up stocks!! hahaha!


I’m ready for Halloween!!

First Saturday of a brand new month, October! So many
reason to celebrate! Children’s Day! Oktoberfest! Halloween!
…..what? Yes!! Halloween! Today I wanna share with you a cute
Halloween theme nail art!!


20131005-162228.jpg Aren’t these lil one cute? They’re all recreation
of cutepolish and ihaveacupcake!! They’re really easy to do and
with the aid of their video I’m sure you can recreate your very own
nail art in no time!!

Your can watch their videos below:

So now…………….

P.S.: I’m still confuse why my Sally Hansen Sheer Pink looks more like sheer beige. (?_?)

Essence Warehouse Sales!!



ME ME ME ME ME!!!!! *raise hand!!*

Essence having a warehouse sales early December!! It was a GREAT BUY!!!! went there on Friday noon and spent almost 2 hours in there!!!


It may look small but… trust me!! hell lots of things!! Tho some are limited stocks! man! After that 2 hours “war” with myself, i managed to grabbed a big bag of stuffs that i usually would think twice before buying!!


& what did i bought??


POLISH!!! CANNOT BE MISSED!! 5 for S$10~ ain’t that .. .amazing!!??

i think my sis MAY like Let’s Get Lost (teal green? turquoise??) It’s a very close color to OPI’s Fly (if i din rmb wrongly!) i also grabbed Pink Glam (french glam) for her..

For myself..? of courseeeee!!! How can i not love myself!? i bought:

  • Choose Me! – Green with golden (yellow) glitters.. lots & lots of glitters!! Color may seems dark in the bottle but its a very soothing green when applied!
  • Princess Prunella – Duochrome? Brownish Purple?! i need to look at it more…
  • Hard to Resist – Blue with glitters too! Let me look at it more when i reach home before i tell u more! haha..


Next, some make up play!! Multi colour blusher! Bronzer!! & fruity lip balm!! Had tried the blusher & bronzer.. i must say.. its not bad ya! It’s not like you buy cheap & you get cheap things..

It’s not extreme EXCELLENT but it can still perform what it’s suppose to do which i think is sufficient for mi! i dun need it to be like UV protection, skin brightening effect or last u 24hrs! As long as the blush looks like blush when i apply and made me happy, i think its a good blush! >_<

Not forgetting the bronzer.. i think its quite a good buy too! COST EFFECTIVE and HIGH PERFORMANCE! just that.. i wonder how long will all this little ones last..

Oh and!! Oh and!! the lip balm? nothing too special about it other then the VERY light peach scent.. if u have chapped lips, i think u have to apply just a light layer because it will make the chapped lips quite obvious if u apply to & fro too many times.. maybe u can heal you chapped lips with those normal moisturizing balm first? i dono.. but this Essence Lip balm acts more like a sheer nude lipstick to me..


Nail Polish remover!! this is what every nail polish lover would need!!! and guess how much its gg??? S$3?? NO!! S$2?? NOOO.. It’s only S$1~~~!!!! man! i can feel my shopping basket getting heavier!!!


Presents?? Yesh!! which lucky one will get these?? HAHAHA!! you’ll know soon my friends!!

20121217-000236.jpg& at the end of the day, my spending??? hahaha u do the maths!!!