Rainbow Polka Dotties!!


TADAAAA~~~ my cutie lil toe nails!! Hahahahaha!! Finally i can do nail art on my left toe nail!!!! If you can see, the nail is (in fact) pretty much shorter and i think because its growing in a “out of shape” manner, it’s quite challenging to get it done nicely!!


Choosing the colors! This is another headache! I cant decide which color to use.. To do a rainbow dotties? Or should i do a pink gradient dotties or blue? or maybe green??

Ahh.. and i finally decided to do a rainbow one because i think it will looks fun and cheery! OH and i must not forget one thing… This nail art was inspired by cutepolish youtube tutorial! It’s a very easy-to-understand tutorial and its really simple!!! You can watch the video HERE and start doing you rainbow dotties!! 😀


Looks so 3D without top coat ya?? hahaha!!



Now this is with a top coat! Look so.. AMAZING! hahaha… But … the more i’m looking at it.. the more i feel like……


I’m looking at a frog.. (-___-)||



August Bellabox – I Love Singapore

First thing first… Happy Belated National Day Singapore!!!

So here’s my Bellabox!! But before that…I’m disappointed with Courex! Got an email from Bellabox before national day saying that our boxes are on the way to us! Yippie…!! I waited and waited.. No sign of my box & it’s already been more than 5 days! 7 days to be exact.

So I decided to go online to check out the courier status. And to my HORROR (!), the status was…… “delivery unsuccessful – no one home” on 11 Aug!!! What is this!?!? There was no call to me from Courex!! Not even a delivery notice was found!!

I later wrote a FEEDBACK to Bellabox (cc Courex). Excuses are all I see from Courex! Was told that they try contacting my several time but couldn’t get hold of mi. (seriously, my cell was on 24/7 but I don’t see any missed call!) they even said there should be a note left behind and a lady from courex even told me I should have rec’d an SMS informing me of the delivery unsuccessful..

I only got one word for them.. Bullsh*t. If u din call means u din call. Stop being so defensive.

If this is going to happen again I think I might as well cancel all my subscription since I don’t feel being a valued member.. I can save some $$$ too if I cancelled them! I wonder where did that malay courier gone too.. Sigh..

A bit reluctant to finish up this post after this shitty incident.. But still, here’s my box..



It’s the Bella bag again! But a little different from the previous one. This is without drawstring.. Just a bag.

Erm.. I forgot to snap a pic of everything.. So will upload it next time!


Philosophy’s sample.. U know, i’ve been eyeing this Hope in a Jar since Sephora published in their FB.. It sounds as if it can really give me HOPE! haha thos i haven try buy below are just some more pics to show u..





Update on 29 August 2012: tried a few times.. like printed, it feels really like oil-free..so far so good but.. Like purity, it has this not very fragrance smell. mi no like. lucky i did not do an impulse buy at Sephora the other day! If u asked mi, i will say there are other better products out there that works the same but smells better! at least i feel more comfy using those.



and this kinda looks not bad!! hahahaha!

Update on 28 August 2012: This is nightmare.. this purity smell can kills! it did remove my makeup but i din apply a lot so i can’t comment if it is really good or just happen that my makeup is light. but still, i can’t get over the strong chemicated-like smell… i.. will not use this again seriously.. 



Next, Loreal Youth Code! i think will pass this to my mom..but again.. i wouldnt want my mom to look younger than mi!!! >_<

Update on 29 August 2012: I’ve tried this for about a week or so? hmm.. quite happy w the result. it din really make my face wrinkles-free like a baby but i can see that fine lines are now reduced! will definitely recommend this to ladies who wish to say bye bye to fine lines!!


Nothing much to elaborate about this.. China Glaze Polish (80703 Senorita Bonita). not my color.




Anna Sui eye shadow.. again.. not my color..20120819-215936.jpg



Another Enavose product. After using so many, i think only the hydrating mask is good. Together in this month’s box, there’s also a $5 gift voucher for Probiotics Exfoliaance Gommage.

Update on 27 August: Used this today! Mixed feeling.. hahaha..it feels so “nothing fascinating” about it when i press out a amount on my hand. However, as i massage on my face for few seconds (about 20-30 secs??) “ahhh..” is what came out from my mouth after that.. the flakes of dead skin starts appearing! SO i massage even moreee (hoping to see more flakes! – probably not! more flakes = more dead skin!?? gosh..) After im done massaging, i wash away with water and i goes “OOOH!!” again! (what now??) to my surprise, my skin feels soft and SMOOTH! really SMOOTH! if only i can use this everyday.. can i??

I have taken some pic of the product that was tested on my hand but i don have it now. Will upload it when i have access.. stay tune!



Besides that, there’s also Anna Sui Gift Voucher… and… 20120820-171749.jpg

Philosophy’s Exclusive gift.


LAST BUT NOT LEAST!!! The usual bellabox info card… i think it will be better is u click to see larger image of this than my post!!! >_<

Sorry for this Not-Very-Sincere Post!!! I’m too lazy.. TODAY.

Inspired by..

Good Afternoon everybody!! How’s your Friday?? Today I woke up early and decided to try out a mani that I saw on a nail blog few days back..


Ta-daaaa~~~ This is it! What do u think? I think it’s pretty wow! Hahahaa!! Bef I go into details on how to do it.. Let me ask one qn!!

Do u think this will be difficult to do??


To be honest, this is a really simple nail art…! The only part that u’ll need to crack ur head about is…

“What color should I use….!!???”

Because u’ll need many colorssss that’s y u need to make sure the colors wun get tooo weird when u’re done!!

So these are the colors I chose.. Mainly China Glaze & OPI polish.. You can check our the colors (code) I used at the end of this post under “Label” or probably read on as I’ll still be naming them anyway..


OPI Fly from Nicki Minaj collection as my base color! Of cuz u can go ahead with any colors u like..

Apply your base coat as usual! Nvr skip that!! Thn carry on w base color as per norm.. In here, I apply 2 coats so that it wun look to sheer..

Next, get ur dotting tool ready!! It’s time to dot dot dot dot dot..!


Dap ur dotting tool to the color u wish to appear after your base color.. Well, I chose CG’s Happy Go Lucky! A bright cheery yellow.. Start dotting across ur lower nails and it should look similar to above pic..


Get ur third color ready, mine was CG’s High Hope! Same thing, dot across ur nails semi over lapping ur 2nd color… Now it should look similar to above pic..


Now for the forth color… Same technique.. Repeat till u reached almost the end..


When u are at ur last color, dot it and “occupy” the remaining space w the same color.. For my case, I used back my base color FLY. This way it will make the primary color stands out and will not makes it too confusing.. Well at least that’s what I think..


Also, while doing, u can either ignore the messy color that was out of ur nails or clean as u do.. Either way works.. But I would prefer to clean it as I do so that it wun be a tedious work when I need to clean up later where the polish are all dry & harden..


This is the mess I made at the end of my DIY nail art session!! HAHAHA! Still consider clean I guess… >_<

Gift Wrap

Saturday morning.. Just return home from my dental appointment! (it’s now Sunday night tho…!) I decided to do a quick pedi!

Base coat is a must have thing! Hmm I use my Sally Hanson base coat I got from my previous BellaBox, May box i think.. & for the base color, I chose CG’s High Hope.. Wanted to do some art but due to time constraint… I decided to keep it simple!


This aint some fanciful design but I like the idea I have initially.. I wanted it to be sth like a gift wrapper!


Eh.. But somehow, seems like i’m lacking a lil ‘luck’?? Dono where to start my stroke, I decided to edit my idea.. Shall try out my INM holographic top coat & my new stripe tape!


This holo top coat isn’t very holo w juz one coat.. U need at least 2 coat to be able to see bits of shims.. IMO, I feel that CG Golden Enchantment might be better?

Juz moments before I decided to seal my art w my seche top coat, I decided to add glitters along/between my 2 stripe tape!


Oh well.. At least the final product is not something I dislike..


Looking at my toe, it just reminds mi of the follow type of ribbon.



It’s Decal Time Again!!

Hi all!! It’s decal time again! Im sure water decal is not sth new to u anymore!! I had previously posted 3 posts about my decal nails.. Now this is the latest one i’d just rec’d last night.. This art took mi slightly more time to complete as I’m not very good in painting my nails white!! So pardon my very jagged polish work but love the decal design!!!


Make a guess what design it is this time…!?



Tada… My Chinese Painting decal from Mei Mei’s Signature!!!! Super happy with this design! And apparently it went out stock not long after I made my purchase.. thank goodness I din ponder another second else I wun get to have another favorite thing in my stash already!!!



Pardon, again, for my not very clear photos.. lighting wasnt good, hands shaking, iphone cam resolution wasnt goo enuff.. everything else but not about my fault..! hahahahah!! nah.. just couldnt seems to capture it in the right angle.. So had upload whatever angle i shot to share..


(This pic look as if my hand is hvg a bad cramp!!! hahahahaha)


I had trim and cut a bit on the decal cuz some parts are too long to fit onto my nails.. and among all, i really love the birdie~~  AIYA!! Should have take a pic of the original packaging to show u before it goes onto my nails.. tsk, ok! next time.. i still have some decal in stock..

Now this one is with flash.. so far do you like it?? I’m so loving it..



I think every girl out der who love to DIY, should try water decal..! only S$3.50 you can achieve Salon standard!! …. did i just say salon?? erm.. i meant .. shucks! wat do u call a place for mani/pedi??  well.. nvm.. i seriously think water decal is e greatest way to design our nails…! Fast, beautiful and efficient!! Even kids can easily do it but parental guidance pls! Because cutting and trimming is needed..

Well Well.. hope you guys like this design like i do too..  See u next time!


I don’t know why.. I juz love gg plain and simple on my nails recently. No red no blue no black…seriously i dont know why! Hahaha..!

And ytd i only wanted to apply some clear base polish but din wanted it to be sooo plain boring. So i took out my OPI Funny Bunny and tried to DIY a frenchie! Turns out.. Quite like it! Tho it’s not to the expert standard but I’m 75% satisfied!



I did this with the aid of a French manicure sticker.. I believe this sticker can easily be found anywhere.. (I rmb seeing one at The Face Shop)

After I position my mani sticker, I started applying my funny bunny. FB is a very sheer white. U’ll need at least 3-4 coat to achieve a non-see-thru white. But since I’m only doing it on my nails tip, 2 coats are more thn enuff..

I din apply all my tip at one go cuz btt I finish doing that, it will be too dry for myself to peel off the mani sticker. So i started removing the stickers after I’m done w every 3 fingers. Still not that bad..


After all my 10 fingers done, I applied CG’s Fairy Dust to beautify it!! Fairy Dust is a silver base micro glitter + scatter holo micro shims.. Fineeeee shims! Really like fairy dust! Niceee and colorful! From above pic I think u can see the colorful shims.. Blue green yellow orange…

And below are just some pics w added effect.. Hope u like it like I do.. 🙂



My Humble Bee


Just like the title.. this two lil bees are my new friends..!! ain’t they cute? probably a little not so perfect.. but im sure practise practise practise will do the trick!

For this nail art, i used mainly China Glaze’s Happy Go Lucky and OPI’s Black Onyx.

Happy Go Lucky is a bright fresh looking yellow. The bright here is not luminous kinda bright so not too worry if it will be too attention seeking. If i were to be more precised, i think this yellow has a teeni weeni bit of orange tone as compared to a true yellow. Just a little! not too much.. As for Black Onyx, like the name, it’s just black polish! haha.. very solid black. just one coat and u can be done.


Ok, first thing first.. paint ur nails w base coat (to protect them!) before you apply Happy Go Lucky! In the pic, i used 2 coats for all nails except my BIG toe (3 coats). Then let it dry..


Get you dotting tool and Black Onyx ready! we are gg to draw our humble bee now! I dot the flying trace on my big toe first (just 3 dots will do) then i continue using my dotting tool to draw an oval shape (bee’s body outline). Within the oval shape, stripe both ends and center with black (so that u will have a black head, a black buttock and a black stripe in the middle)! Now we’re done with the body.

Proceeding to draw the wings now.. Wings are much easier. just draw a letter “m” on the oval shape body and filled it with white polish using your dotting tool. Any white polish is fine, but u probably wouldn’t want it to be too sheer. For my case, i used China Glaze White On White. A very solid white. Other then the white wings, we will need to give our bee an EYE to see the world, to see whr it’s flying to.. So now, dot a white dot on the bee head. (u decide whr’s the head! Just make sure it’s flying in the right direction! HAHAHA!). Now, our humble bee’s body is completed!!

The flying trace.. we’ll just need to create the bee’s trace on our other toes.. u decide how u want your bee to fly.. Just use a dotting tool and black onyx and start dotting the trace..


Now that everything is completed, lets seal it up with a top coat! If you wish, you can also use a microshimmer glitter to beautify it before applying your top coat. i did it this way but the pic is not showing it very well.. LOL!

And.. TA-DAA~~ your humble bee is completed and done! If this post is too hard for u to digest, NO FEAR! Click HERE is see my previous post (video tutorial by cutepolish)..

My Tiara

Today, in fact its ytd la! i had re-do my nails again!! hahaaaha after my bling bling GOLD for St. Patrick Day, now its bling bling Silver for my birthday!! hahahah

This is the color i choose for this week’s nails! and again i did sth simple that anyone can easily do it.. a fading effect..



This is the fading effect.. i believe everyone has the same issue here.. REMOVING glitters is a headache!! hahaha but y do i still choose glitter?? hahahaha! because i planned to go for a nail spa someday after my pay day and i decided to let the nail therapist remove them for mi! hahahahaha! CLEVER me!! How to do a fading effect (some call it a 2-tone when using 2 colors)? simple! i think fading effect is the easiest ever!

First! choose any colors u wish to apply, need not be glitter..

Then paint the top half of your nails with the colors you chose (no need to be so precise here). When it ready, apply 2nd coat slightly more then half of your nails (covering your first coat).

Now, before its almost dry up, make use of your polish brush, make it slightly drier (less lacquer on it!) than how u normally apply polish, then you dot it on your nails (the area between ur plain nails and colored nails) to make to fading effect..how far u want it to fade, depands on individual..

Finally use a top coat to lock the colors and make it more shiny! if you are using a color polish (not glitter one one), i would recommend you to use a glitter top coat.. as it can enhance your nail art.. but if u are already using a glitter polish to do this (like me now), a normal top coat is good enough.

Probably next time when i have the time, i can do a pictoria post on this.. not too difficult, really!