I don’t know why.. I juz love gg plain and simple on my nails recently. No red no blue no black…seriously i dont know why! Hahaha..!

And ytd i only wanted to apply some clear base polish but din wanted it to be sooo plain boring. So i took out my OPI Funny Bunny and tried to DIY a frenchie! Turns out.. Quite like it! Tho it’s not to the expert standard but I’m 75% satisfied!



I did this with the aid of a French manicure sticker.. I believe this sticker can easily be found anywhere.. (I rmb seeing one at The Face Shop)

After I position my mani sticker, I started applying my funny bunny. FB is a very sheer white. U’ll need at least 3-4 coat to achieve a non-see-thru white. But since I’m only doing it on my nails tip, 2 coats are more thn enuff..

I din apply all my tip at one go cuz btt I finish doing that, it will be too dry for myself to peel off the mani sticker. So i started removing the stickers after I’m done w every 3 fingers. Still not that bad..


After all my 10 fingers done, I applied CG’s Fairy Dust to beautify it!! Fairy Dust is a silver base micro glitter + scatter holo micro shims.. Fineeeee shims! Really like fairy dust! Niceee and colorful! From above pic I think u can see the colorful shims.. Blue green yellow orange…

And below are just some pics w added effect.. Hope u like it like I do.. 🙂




What Coat!??

OK.. This is sth NEW to me!! i hvn seen it in any online shop yet! ehem.. let met introduce to you… my new…..

HOLOGRAM TOP COAT “Gold” by INM (S$12)..  ^^ Now i can make any nails hologrammed! hahaha! this top coat dun look like this when i first saw it on display.. it’s almost like clear coat and im still wondering whr’s the holo-ness?? Haa! actually the holo shimmers are all sitting down at the bottom of the bottle.. that is why there’s a sticker says.. “SHAKE IT UP!” and after shaking.. u’ll see HOLO glitters! (check out http://www.polishgalore.com/2011/05/inm-outthedoor-northern-lights-silver.html to see how it looks like. This blogger says she bought for only $2.95!! hell.. no matter is USD or AUD it’s lots cheaper than the $$ i paid for~~ T_T)

After i brought this home, i realise it looks alot like China Glaze’s Golden Enchantment BUT minus off the golden glitter.. i dono wat is this shimmer called but.. INM’s just without gold or silver glitter.. it’s just the multi color shims.. I trying all ways to show you the hologram effect and finally i realise i can do this….


Just need to shake the bottle! or rather “roll” the bottle with your fingers.. now can u see..? i also tried on nails wheel together with CG’s Golden Enchantment and Fairy Dust.. seems like.. i may prefer CG afterall.. but probably its just becuz i applied not enuff coat.. Below pic.. are u able to see which is which??


Pink is coated in Hologram top coat, the blue (suppose to be purple) is CG Fairy dust.. both just 1 coat.. but seems like INM is not very obvious uh.. oh well.. hope when actual application it will goes well.. 🙂 i wonder how many coat do i need to achieve glitter girls hologram look! suddenly got a not so like it feeling..  but the thing about the “hologram” top coat makes mi all excited again…! LOL~ OH WOMAN!