I’m ready for Halloween!!

First Saturday of a brand new month, October! So many
reason to celebrate! Children’s Day! Oktoberfest! Halloween!
…..what? Yes!! Halloween! Today I wanna share with you a cute
Halloween theme nail art!!


20131005-162228.jpg Aren’t these lil one cute? They’re all recreation
of cutepolish and ihaveacupcake!! They’re really easy to do and
with the aid of their video I’m sure you can recreate your very own
nail art in no time!!

Your can watch their videos below:

So now…………….

P.S.: I’m still confuse why my Sally Hansen Sheer Pink looks more like sheer beige. (?_?)


Strawberries anyone!??

Ready for some strawberries love??? If you do a youtube search you can easily find many tutorial on strawberries nail art.. I didn’t exactly follow a particular video for this case.. So read on if you dare!! It’s gonna be a messy strawberry! hahahaha!!!


I chose Megan Miller’s Roja as the strawberry color and Bourjois’s Vert Chlorophylle.. Color looks ok but i probably shouldn’t use dotting tool to dot the greeny part.. Hopefully a top coat later will makes it better..


I used a regular white polish to dot the strawberry spots.. can you see something different from below pic??



Look again…


I used silver caviar beads on my middle finger instead of white polish! I thought it looks cool.. but it turns out.. weird.. hahahahaha!!!


My boyfriend asked me what’s the different for (as in why do i have to make it look different?) For the effect of course.. 3D effect! Apparently, my 3D failed and the strawberry looks totally WEIRD! Guess my nails were too long for strawberries!


Nonetheless, it’s still a good try!! hahahaa!


Penguins on the run!

It’s a cooling evening and i decided to do something COOL! A cool penguin!! Sorry, i mean 5 cool penguins! I watched a few tutorial and decided to go with this..

It’s not VERY ALIKE but it’s some where there already! Below you’ll see that i did not go with the “all black” nail color.. I chose to paint my nails all different color so that i can have a variety of penguins!


I picked out a few vibrant color from my stash and ….. tadaa~!

The Original – Black Onyx

The Lady – High Hope

The Gentleman – Secret Peri-Wink-Le

The Boy – Vert Chlorophylle

The Sunshine – Happy Go Lucky


This is a really simple nail art.. you(I) just need MORE PRACTICE! Seeing this little cuties really makes my day but too much of them makes me feel eerie.. So many penguins looking at u… gosh!


Btw, the orange beak and feet are achieve by using nail paint (orange + white).. Seriously, I think I really like using nail paint to draw! They are sooo easy to use and dry within a reasonable time!


So after my drawing is done.. I seal them with a top coat like how the tutorial did… 20130811-133029.jpg


Cool penguins? I think i will do this again some day but with lesser penguin maybe?? hahaha!


This is a short post because i think what i need to say has been explained in the video! Check out SimpleNailArtDesigns on youtube for more cute nail art videos!!

My Russian Dolls

It’s decal time again!! Today I’m gona share w you a decal that I had bought some times back and finally had a chance to use it!!

Sorry that i forgot to take pic of my decal when its still in the pack but you will still get to see it on my nails later! So this time, i chose two new colors from my stash.. Fresh Coral from Lunasol & Vert Chlotophylle from Bourjois!


OK! im pretty excited to try out Lunasol’s colour! Have you heard of Lunasol? If my mom hadn’t told me, i would never know about this brand. Lunasol is actually by Kanebo and their nail polish is surprisingly very smooth! Application was easy! Maybe next time i will take a shot of the brush and show u..! Quite broad but still thinner than OPI.



Very vibrant color ya? After applying the Vert Chlorophylle, i fall in love with it immediately!! Its so pastel yet so vibrant! Very cherry green! Me like!!


so after my base color done, i proceed to do a “thick” french nail.. i covered the entire smile line and even go beyond it (Yes, you nails will end up looking shorter!) but after you put on your russian dolls nail decail, this illusion will “poof”!! Gone~!


(pardon my middle finger! i over cut my cuticles and tore the skin! *ouch*)


I added a bling bling to the nails that doesn’t have dolls and it turn out.. Not too bad! hahaha me like again!



Overall, i really like this nail decal.. Easily achieved nail art!!!