Hv some feel tdy for a simple art.. Not too complicated and yet obvious.. Lolx!


This art took mi abt 2 hours!! Lolx!! Why so long u muz be thinking…! Cuz this wasn’t wat I planned to do initially!

I used CG Vixen Collection’s Ingird.. But it turns out to be…….. Not very compatible w my lil toes (will probably looks btr on hand). So I removed it and put on this “I-dono-wat-color-fake-OPI”.. I muz say, tho it’s a fake but I do like this color.. Almost green with a touch of blue. Like… a dark turquoise? Hahaha! Nice.. Perhaps I’ll find a day to do comparison of these colors and write up a post for sharing.. 🙂

.. Ok let’s get bc to this nail art (bef i drift to Poland.. >;_<;!!)…

Not wanting it to be too plain, I touch up the big toe nails with white corner (coated with Blazed – Clear to Burgundy, now hope the sun will shine and i can see it color change..)! and planted some blink blink “diamond”!! well, not bad..! But I thot maybe some silverish glitter can enhance it…?


This is my (I name it) Simplicity!

EXTRA: (added on Mar 10)

here!! i nearly forgot to “monitor” the color change as it has been rainy for the past few days.. Lucky just before i went luxewomen, i suddenly saw my toe color change and i decided to quickly snapped it before its gone! well.. its not too clear in the pic showing the color change but at least u can see that its not white anymore.. LOL! that is Blaze’s clear to burgundy!



Latest application by Blaze Solar Active Nail Polish!

The color you see here is Wedding Bliss (Indoor) changing to Blushing Bride (Outdoor)! Got to know this from Mei Mei’s Signature..! I think the way you/i apply the nail color will affect how the color change.. For this time, it’s pretty obvious that my 无名指 is very unevenly done. That must be due to the rush job last night.. Cant wait any longer to try my blaze, i scrapped off my nail decal! causing some nails to be scrapped off too.. oooo~~ T_T But!! totally glad to see that the color changing effect is nice!!