My Happy Friday

High Tea Buffet @ Marriott was a really really enjoyable bonus for mi! After a hard (half) day at work.. a good meal is all it takes to make mi a happy girl again!

So why Marriott? Marriott is famous for thei high tea buffet don’t you know? Other than that it’s partly because we have this 1-for-1 dining deal!!!! What’s better?! HAHAHA!!


3.30pm buffet starts.. but we arrived early & got sitted in Marriott Cafe waiting for the kitchen to get ready..

*tik tok tik tok tik tok*


Cafe looks empty ya? haha! but trust me it wasn’t at all… crowd comes in shortly after 3.30pm!!

So what do they serve? Make a guess.. what can you think of when we say local buffet?


Popiah.. Meatball sitting on mushroom (pardon me, i forgot what’s that call..).. Chicken Skewer.. Satay!


They even have roti prata with curry chicken & soon kueh!


Best part.. they have sushi!!! and best of best…??


SMOKED SALMON!!!!! Heavenly yummilious!! My all time favourite sashimi!!!!! I think other food doesn’t really matters to me animore as long as i can have my smoked salmon!!

Below are some other food that i din mgt to eat/show you….


Cold Prawns! Loads of them! Quite big size in fact.. beside them are the sushi..


And this is my favourite corner! My smoked salmon station and some light sandwich..


If you like something light to start with, salad is just here…!


and here comes the “local” station.. Sweet potato porridge and all other conditments…


Sorry but i din get to try this! by the time i saw this i was like 199% full already!! *BURP*


Bread & Pastries? Help yourself… Freshly baked!


As i move further, here’s all the popiah … freshly rolled and cut! hahahaa! (of course!)


Another local station is this… the noodle bar! Prawn Mee.. Laksa.. Bah Kut Teh.. Mee Siam.. Mee Robus.. Shiok or not?? hahaha i think the laksa is nice!! Thick fragrance gravy!! My type of laksa!


NEXT NEXT!! Prata.. Satay.. Curry Chicken.. all here! and on the right, is all their desserts! Bread & Butter pudding (a bit dry tho IMO)… Tau Suan.. Ice cream..


Cakes and assorted nonya kueh! i think the nonya kueh is abit too big pcs ya?? I KNOW this is normal size but i just thought that they might wana cut is smaller so people try more other variety?


Overall i think its a buffet worth coming!! S$35++ per pax! And with the 1-for-1 deal, its totally MADNESS!!!

Grabed a copy of November issue’s Singapore Women’s Weekly (cover page is Mariah Carey) for more 1-for-1 dining deal!!!!


i missed last week alr~!

FUN Party GREAT getaway!

so much fun and laughter over the weekend! how i wish every weekend can be lived this way!!


Hope i’ll be back again next year!!