Travelogue: Australia Melbourne (Day 4)

Basically Day 4 was a pretty laid day day for us.. Nothing much was plan but just revisit Queen Victoria’s Market and some simple shopping around town just to make sure we didn’t miss anything.

Like other days, we woke up early on this day too! We were out at QVM for hunt for breakfast at about 7-7:30am..


Mommy order a bowl of fishball noodle from the food court and we say its prolly just so-so.. But the ham was delicious (and BIG)!


Who could possibly missed another round of oyster since we’re already here!!! Fresh and yummy!! I think I paid about AUD15 for a dozen like this!

Oyster was one of the many reason I came to Australia..! Fresh and affordable!



Can’t remember who bought this donut balls back but I definitely remember this bratwurst bun is heavenly good!!! If you ever go to the Deli section in QVM, go look for it!! It’s a corner stall.. Prolly AUD6 for one??



To end our breakfast, we had desserts too!! Macaroons & cookies! I’m amazed how organized the QVM is and totally blown off by the cleanliness in the market!

I would definitely recommend QVM to travelers who are planning to visit Melbourne, especially for the first time!! You will hate to miss this place!

After our breakfast, we went to shop around and realize one thing….. the shops we see on Sunday weren’t here anymore on Tuesday!! OMG! LOL.. So travelers, if you plan to go QVM, try to plan this for 2 days trip and don’t hesitate to buy if you like something! Because it might not be there anymore if you come back another day!

Seeee!! you don’t see the mussels truck anymore right?? 😦 Below was Sunday’s QVM view from our room.. Look at the crowd..


Oh and, if you’re not aware, QVM has Wed-night market too! Yes, we missed that. T_T

After the whole morning in QVM, we went back to our apartment to rest and head out to town for shopping! We haven’t really do shopping mall shopping yet!! This is the last chance to shop before we leave Melbourne!!

And here we are in Elizabeth St!!!


Since it’s just shopping, we didn’t take much street photo! But I am totally speechless with H&M in Australia! BIG, beautiful and spacious!! It’s just amazing!!

I guess there nothing much to share about shopping (we didn’t buy many things from those shops too)…

But do look forward to upcoming post because they are one of the reason why we’re in AUSTRALIA (yes, another reason!)!!!!! WOOHOOOOO~!!!

Good night dudes!!

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