Travelogue: Australia Gold Coast (Day 5)

“Goodbye~ I know its time we gonna say goodbye~”

Early in the morning, we called a maxicab from hotel lobby and head to the airport! It’s literally EARLY because the sky is still dark!


About (maybe) less than an hour, we’re at the airport and managed to catch a glimpse of sunrise~!!! Can’t remember if we had our breakfast, but I know it was a pretty cold morning that day!! But again, NOTHING can FREEZE our excitement to go GOLD COAST!

Side note: Sun is beautiful here in Australia! I love sunny day here in winter season!

YES, our next destination…… GOLD COAST~!!


*waiting to board out plane*

tick tock tick tok~~~ *fairy dust everywhere*

HERE we are in GOLD COAST!!


Yup, we went to the carpark and pick up our rented car and head str8 to……

Seaworld Dr, Main Beach QLD 4217, Australia!! SEAWORLD RESORT!!

img_8365 img_8328

I must say, the traffic is really smooth here and great drivers great people around!!!

And now that we’re checked in, let me show you the room…

img_8330 img_8336 img_8342 img_8345 img_8344 img_8359

Room isn’t as BIG as our Melbourne apartment (this is all we could afford – seriously! A cozy deluxe room~) But they have awesome view!!

img_8346 img_8354

Just look at the children’s playground!! Oh man!! I’m sure gonna bring my kids here (during winter!)!! MOMMY LOVES WINTER~

img_8361 img_8362

Okay, enough of views and selfie!! Let’s start our first day in Gold Coast now!

But save the best for last!! We’re not going to Seaworld/Movie World YET!! We’re going gonna get ourselves familiarize with the area first… which means… SHOPPING!!


We’re now on the road again and LOOK AT THE BEACH!!!!! Panoramic view for the lifeguard!!!!

If you’re wondering where were we going…? We were on the way to Surfers Paradise! Isn’t it a must-go place? LOL.. Plus there’s a beach market happening every Wed/Sun evening..

Yes it’s WEDNESDAY the day we arrive!!! HURRAYYYY!

Upon reaching Surfer’s Paradise, we were trying to find a lot… but realize we don’t understand the signage here! -___-  Couldn’t do a thing… we head over to mall’s carpark..

We didn’t do much here except shopping and eating! Not forgetting taking a good PHOTO to show people that WE ARE HERE!!


Not my most flattering photo but IT’S OKAY!! It can be compensated by a good ice cream later!!!!

Having ice cream during winter season is probably the next best thing that one could have done! I JUST LOVE IT!

Nice cold ice cream and not-very-crowded street..

… until this caught my attention! I have no idea what plant is this.. but it looks funny to me.. hmm. how rude but nevermind that. I think Lunch is more important!!!

And we found this lil cafe selling mostly western/asian food (acceptable for our moms)..! Not very fantastic but not the worst I guess..

And indeed.. fish and chip is good here! If you ever come to Gold Coast, just pop by any western restaurant and order a plate of fish & chips!


After dinner, we walk along the beach and enjoy the sea breeze (OH by the way, it ain’t so cold here in Cold Coast, so u can actually bring less heat pack/less layering..) and saw Silver Steve!

He really just “sat” there for hours.. more like Silver “Stiff”… XD LOL! Good job!


Yes, about 5-6pm… most stalls are open and it gets really crowded as the night gets darker!! Most items are handy craft, nougats, handy crafts.. LOL Hence we didn’t really buy a lot..

Can’t remember what time is it already but the beach is getting crowded as the clock ticks..   

Very soon, we had enough here and went back to our resort for an early rest!

Yes, The Moms wana do laundry again! HAHAHA!


REALLY!! If you have kids, you should just bring them here at least once!!! They would love this water playground!!! BTW, it’s Spongebob Squarepants at that corner where the colorful lights are.


The show ended shortly after we reached our room – no chance to take more picture!!

Ended a relaxing day in preparation for the next two most anticipated day!!

Stay tune!!

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