Travelogue: Australia Gold Coast (Day 6)

Mommy feeling good i suppose? Waking up early to enjoy the harbour view! LOL!

If you have plan to visit the park, i suggest you do a lil homework.. I believe from time to time, the park will have online ticket promo.. That time we purchased the annual ticket! Not that we are filthy rich and always coming back but because if 4 person is going to the park, we can make use of the “Buy 3 annual pass and get 1 annual pass free” promo! So in the end, getting the annual pax is cheaper then getting a day pass!!

And true enough, we didn’t have any plans to go again until I get married!!

img_8439 img_8443

The park opens at 9.30am and rides at 10am.. BUT there’s aready long queue before 9.30am!!!


We just can’t let go of anything chance to take any “WE WERE HERE” photos!!

It’s totally a good time to visit the theme park during cold season! You’re like never gonna perspire no matter how hard you play, no matter how scorching hot the sun is!

img_8713 img_8711img_8710 img_8709-1img_8565

We were like super enthusiastic, running around hunting for characters to take picture!!

Of course, park rides were also part of the itinerary!!

First ride, Scooby Doo Spooky Coaster! LOL~ Totally thrilling first ride that got all our brain cells excited!

Super love this shot and those who know me will know why! I COVERED my double chin WELL!!!

Another favorite shot, The Mama(s).

Carousell and Mum – every kids favorite!


I love the above picture too but the full size image is not very flattering hence I grabbed from my instagram! If you like, you can click on above image to check out my other IG post!!

If you’re THRILL RIDE person, I think you shouldn’t miss this Arkham Asylum Ride and the Green Lantern ride !



Green lantern was close for maintenance hence no queue! to avoid disappointment, it’s better to check out the maintenance schedule from the park site (HERE)!


Other than all the rides, we were merely posing around in the park and waiting for the street parade!

img_8708-1 img_8712-1img_8719-1

OK OK!!! 3:30pm!!! All Star Parade~~~ YEAH!!!!


Shortly after the parade, we left the park. You must be thinking, WHY SO EARLY??

The park ain’t really that big actually! Probably without kids could be another reason. If you have kids coming with you, the children park is definitely bigger than USS!

So say BYE BYE to park, for now!!


What’s the most headache thing when it comes to travelling? COST SAVING, isn’t it??

We want cheap air fare, we want cheap accommodation, we want cheaper rate to everything we can get! See, I even bought annual park ticket to save!!

To get cheap air fare, plan your trip early. When I say early, I mean 6-8 months AHEAD, not 1-2 months.. When you plan early, lower class economy seats are definitely available – ta-daa~ you get cheaper rate! Plan for two-to-go, wait for promo.. this helps!

To get cheap accommodation, spend all your time going from site to site to compare price? N-O-! Time is money, remember?? Just go to one site and let it do your work!!

Even when you’re always on the go, fret not! They have mobile app!! A few tap and you can get the best deal at your preferred hotel!


This site is even smart enough to tell you the occupancy rate and suggest alternative dates..  Talking about saving money AND time! *wink*

So what are you waiting for?? Start planning your year end vacation now!!!

Stay tune for my next post about my day at SEA WORLD!!!

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