Travelogue: Sawadeeka Part 2

Waking up EARLY in the morning is no joke but for Khao Yai.. I’m all ready!!

I will not be going deep into details but will share a few highlights that you can consider adding to your itinerary if you plan to go Khao Yai too!

According to many hearsay feedback, the best time to visit Khao Yai is between Nov-Feb. It’s cool and flowers bloom! True enough, while on the way there, the temperature already starts to drop from 29 to 26 to 23 degrees (secretly feeling excited about the cool weather!!)

We booked a private driver from Thai National Park but they have nothing to do with any of the national park. Although they’re not the cheapest, but their price are really competitive and they are very prompt in response! Response is one thing I cared about especially when you are new to the place you’re going! From the response they gave, you can tell that they really think from your end and plan for your convenience. Although the driver doesn’t seems to be communicated with our plan, he is generally still helpful and accommodating!

OK enough talking! Let me start off with a few nice pictures!


A nice picture of 四个女人一个梦 at The Bloom! If you’re not a flower person, skip this place. LOL it has nothing but flowers. If you’re good with taking pictures, you may get a few IG worthy shots.

Entrance Fee to The Bloom 300 THB per pax

Shortly after, we head to PB Valley for our tour. If you plan to visit PB Valley, do book your tour in prior. The tour is about 75 mins and will bring you to 3 station, the vineyard, then fermentation room and the tasting room.

Everyone will get 4 glasses of wine to taste and those underage (ehem, like me) can try their grape juice! It’s quite refreshing (too bad you can’t get a refill!)!

After the tour, we’re free to roam around and since we had a driver, our timing are pretty flexible!!  So why not a few picture before we go!

PB Valley Tour is 350 THB per pax

Cant remember where we went after PB Valley, maybe lunch or maybe Primo Piazza??


Primo has quite a few spot for IG worthy pictures! Among the places we went, Primo is probably one of the places we spend more than 30 mins (maybe 45 mins??)!


We went Palio too but IMO, it’s more like a small shopping place for you to get souvenirs, which we already did in Bangkok. Thus nothing really fancy us there. However, if you need good food, MK is there!

Our plan was to visit Sunflower farm on this day and we were all anticipating for this time to come.. Who knows, it started to RAIN! Damn!! Our driver than told us we will need to skip Sunflower farm as the road will be muddy to drive/walk in. Man, the rain washed away our excitement.

Since it’s raining, we can’t do much, we head to the Chocolate Factory. It’s not some factory for you to see how chocolate is made. It’s just a place to buy chocolate and a restaurant to dine in. I didn’t take much picture here because the rain has dampen our mood (my sunflower field~~~boohooo)

We bought some chocolates and to my surprise, their chocolate was really nice! Every piece is nice, especially those with almonds! Too bad i didn’t expect much from it, thus NO PICTURES to shareeee!

So now with most of the places we wana go strike off, we were left with Hotel! LOL.. We asked our driver to send us to our hotel so that we can check in and have a early dinner later. Glad he was accommodating and willing to still come back and pick us up for dinner!

Upon arrival at Thames Valley.. The ambiance really got me speechless! Such romantic place and IG worthy buildings!! LOL.. IG-er, get ready your camera when you are here!

With the good weather, every angle seems like a good view!

We booked a Family Suite and it’s located on the second floor. The hotel helped us with our overloaded luggage too and almost got them killed – too heavy! >_<

Bed was clean, big and comfy! Toilet is spacious but i feel it’s a lil too dim.

One of our favourite corner in our suite! 4 of us just sat here in all positions and started mugging our phones!! LOL!

It was a waste we didn’t have enough time is not we could have soaked ourselves in this concrete tub holding a glass of wine (or coke also works!!) Did i mention, they provide free minibar!!

As the clock goes tick tock tick tock.. Soon it was time to leave for dinner! it was 4:30pm and we’re leaving for dinner!! LOL! It was because the dinner place was kinda far off thus we had to leave early!

This place Ban Mai Chay Nam Restaurant was recommended by a friend saying that my mom would love it because they have lotsa antique!  I was still wondering what kinda antique……


All this collections got us loitering around for quite a while after dinner!!

View for dinner?? Make sure you don’t drop your phone! >_<

Even mama had fun doing role play – a fruit seller!!

Verdict: Food was not bad and served pretty fast! it was a pity we weren’t that hungry thus couldn’t finish the food! If you ask if i will return, Yes i will but not sure about the others as they might wana try new places! 😀

BONUS: Thames Valley Night View!

That night, we all had a good night rest and looking forward to visit sunflower farm tmr *finger crossed*

If you think this post is ending here, NO. We still have day 2 but i promise it will be quick!!They say “save the best for last”, so here’s the last part!!

Woke up with the first thing in my mind, CAN WE GO SUNFLOWER FIELD TODAY??? (I’m not telling you first because we need to go for breakfast before anything else!)

On the way to breakfast feels eating in a castle! Breakfast spread was good and even a public toilet here looks so GOOD!!!! 

Yes, this is the restaurant’s toilet! Clean and cool. Nothing less expected.

We meet our driver at 9am and the first thing we ask was, is sun flower field possible today???  “YES”!!!!

So here we are at Rai Maneesorn Sunflower Field!!!

so rude to show you sunflower back view!!! LOL


YAYYYY we made it here and!! it was crowded although the picture didn’t reflect that! Everyone is trying to take nice picture and coming here seeing this yellow field really makes the heart smile!

This is the second place where we spent quite a while!! if you ask me, i would say this is a must visit place.

Entrance to Rai Maneesorn is 80 THB (or 100THB, either one la, can’t really rmb! =P)

After that we went for lunch and head off to the airport. If you’re leaving to the airport directly from Khao Yai, pls ensure you leave the place 6 hours before flight departure time. This is to ensure you won’t missed your flgiht due to traffic condition – normal travelling tmie is about 2.5 hours. You never know when the traffic can be really bad..

Glad to be going home in 2 hours time!

Travelogue: Sawadeeka Part 1

It has been a while since I go Bangkok! 3 years? 5 year?? I am so excited to visit again, this time round, with #四个女人一个梦! But of of us was already in BKK for business trip thus the remaining made our way there much later to join her!

Upon arriving, what welcome us is the oh-so-familiar-hot-weather like SG.

This time round, we were smarter! We bought Rabbit Card (ez-link card equivalent) from KLOOK – which already has got stored value of 200THB (each trip, depanding on journey, starts from 25THB only)! This will save us A LOT of time from queuing at ticketing machine to get an entry ticket!

That’s not all, if you have not already know, make your KLOOK purchases via SHOPBACK – to earn cashback!! That’s double saving!

Say yes to Travel Smart!

Upon arrival, we went to KLOOK counter to pick up our WiFi and… BOOKED a Grab Car!! Woohooo Yes, Bangkok uses GRAB too! (If you use Line, they have LINEMAN which is similar to Grab)

I would say we had the best car.. but it saved our time and worries! But one thing we didn’t enjoy was the TRAFFICE JAM. LOL we were on the road for about 2 hrs before we reach our hotel (that’s almost like a return trip back home! LOL) We were almost toasted in the car due to the HOT sexy weather!

So here we are, checked in Crowne Plaza Lumpini Park! Good location with MRT/BTS around the corner! There’s a mall within 5 mins walk too! If you need massage, there’s a whole lot here (pretty good IMO)!

Upon checked in, we were given a lil elephant plush and the concierge will take care of moving our big luggage to our room!

The one thing (or rather one of the few things) that caught my attention was this pillow spray!! First time experiencing hotel provide a pillow spray – Lavender scent! The other thing – which is common in JP i guess – a bidet spray! WAH.. This makes business so pleasant!! 

Enough of hotel…! We rested a while and quickly head out to the nearest mall to get our lunch – it was a bad start flight delay, traffic jam – we were famished!!

Silom Mall (the mall that’s nearest to Crowne Plaza) has lotsa of restaurant. There’s Thai, Jap, Korean, Asian! All time favourite MK is here! The popular cafe After You has an outlet here too! Singaporean if you’re looking for “Home” taste, Breadtalk is here!! LOL… Now Bubble Tea lovers listen up, KOI is available at Silom Mall toooooo (but the queue is crazy no matter at what time)!

One time we would not miss having when my mama and I are in Bangkok, that’s Pig Blood Curd! I know this picture doesn’t do any justice but trust me, this blood curd is totally heavenly! Especially after a LOOOONG day of shopping!

While my cousin was at work, we basically just went shopping shopping shopping.. Good thing i brought my humble trolley bag! If not we’ll probably be too bulky to move around! BUT also because of the trolley bag, i wasn’t able to clock my steps! The stepper doesn’t count when i hold my trolley and walk! 20K steps down the drainnnn T___T boohooo!

I didn’t buy a lot of clothes for myself this time, in fact half of my loots are for my handsome hub! He deserve a wardrobe upgrade!

Almost every other is the same, Shopping Eating Massaging! That’s all we did.

And since we had a Sunday in Bangkok, how to not go to Chatukchak! This is a freakingly BIG market. If you really plan to come here, don’t bother planning other program on the same day. We almost died walking!

Here’s a tip (if you haven’t already know), alight at Kamphaeng Phet Mrt Station if you wana go to Chatuchak Market. It’s nearer, once exit MRT, and there you are in the market! Not like Chatukchak Park MRT Station is damn far but if you can save yourself that 5 mins walk, why not!

Stuff we whacked a lot at the market are luggage tag, bags, aroma diffuser and clothes!

Luggage tag are about 50-60 Baht at different stall. Some are selling 2 for 100THB, some sell it 60THB but buy 5 get 1 free. So if you do a lil math, they all adds up the same, it’s just a matter of how many u wanna buy and if the color attracts you. 😀

It was really a tiring day and thankfully we didn’t plan anything the following day thus can just laze around..


Can’t recall exactly which day we went to After You (i believe was the day we didn’t plan any program), but was glad we made it there for real! There were so many times we wanted to go but we were either too full or missed it!

We settled for their signature Shibuya Toast and a (i can’t recall the name, maybe caramel banana) pancake! Shibuya Toast was really good!! Even our mama enjoyed it too!!

Very sooon our days in Bangkok gonna come to an end….. but that’s not the end of our vacation!!! We are heading to our next destination.. KHAOYAI!!

Stay tuneee!



Travelogue: Johor 3D2N

With a lil imagination, this HDB carpark tree can make you feel like you’re on a vacation!


And yes, i am out for a short break! Nowhere far but still out of SG!


From the image i’m sure you can tell where is it! JB la~ This time, we booked with another Airbnb host and we’re totally happy about! Byran and Juliana are one of the best host i ever stayed with for my trips to JB!

I don’t think my photos do any justice to him apartment but trust me, staying here made me wana treat this like my home too! And importantly, look at that viewwww.. at the end of the pictureis actually sea view! You can’t see from my picture but it looks much bigger in real life! Try seraching “Cozy 5-Star Studio @ KSL City – Daffodil Studio” in Airbnb and you should be able to get it!


Anyway, this was suppose to be a relaxing trip, so we did not plan any itinerary. We decided to play by ear and only have a few things in mind we wana do.

  • Massage
  • Ear Pick
  • Food
  • Hair cut
  • Enough Rest!


We were still thinking whether to book a massage appointment in case we couldn’t get a slot.. but my handsome mister said, let’s go with an empty mind. So here we are, standing outside Century Healthcare & Beauty. If you ask me, this shop totally didn’t catch my attention at all if not for the staff who are distributing flyers!  They’re located at a corner and look so not decent (lol!) I spend a few mins looking at the banner and saw “EAR PICK” and told my hubby, this is it! Let’s do our massage here! We were there early hence the shop is still pretty empty. We were probably the first few customer.

FYI, ear pick is not very common in most of the massage parlor in KSL. So far this is the only one i found (other than Big Foot Ancestor, near Lavender Flagship Store).



We were led into a movie theatre.. no wait! NO LA! It’s the area where customer get the foot massage done! It’s a really area and the ambiance was good. At least the TV did made me forgot about the pain! If you ask me about the ear pick experience, TBH, i don’t know if it is good or bad because it was my first try! For a first timer, i would think it’s not bad! Too bad i don’t have any pictures to show you!!

After massage we went for a hair cut then grabbed a car (RM5) to Taman Sri Tebrau for dinner!

I think it could be our old age – just 4 dishes like this, we’re already super full! Initially we thought the bill might goes to at least 120 Ringgit but turns out, less than 100. Good! I mean, the food taste good and fresh too! For this price, i think it’s still pretty worth it!

Next morning, we head to Restoran Multimart for breakfast! We came here the other time too! & i tell you, if you like milk tea (teh peng), try it here! I personally like it! The teh is gao-gao one, no horse run!

Now with our wonder WiFi (from roamingmansg), we are always connected – booked a grab and off we go to Aeon Tebrau (RM12)! It was about a 25 mins drive before you reach a long queue of car waiting to go into the carpark! Damn it’s weekend! It’s quite crowded in the Mall and it’s quite BIG too! It’s my first time there and i feel that it’s a total makeover from Jusco Tebrau (long long ago)! I would recommend this place if you hadn’t been here before – but avoid weekend if you can.


IMAGE: On the way back to our apartment and took a almost-sunset view! So romantic! 


When it’s late night, it’s lok lok time!! Now that we tried both the KSL lok lok, i can tell you, i actually prefer the one that’s on the left side of KSL (the seller is a chubby boy/man – can’t decided to call him a boy or man! I can’t tell his age from the look!)

We ended the night with a super satisfying stomach and already looking forward to go home! I mean, i miss my chou-chou already!


Not any fancy breakfast but this was one of the stall we wanted to try too.

Yit Foh Wanton Mee – it’s just behind KSL and within walking distance! If you’re not a heavy breakfast person, order a small one will do. I couldn’t finish my medium portion. This wanton mee has this old school flavour which i really like it! the chilli look so no-kick but can actually kill if you choke on it! Will definitely come back again if im in JB!

After breakfast & check out, we actually hang around KSL for an hour plus meeting our driver.


That hour was so damaging! we bought so much ondeh ondeh from this nonya store at Lv 1 (or was it basement??) beside popular book store. It’s so delicious and chewy! They have nice nonya kueh but i can’t remember the shop name! We even dabao a few back home!!

Since we had a driver to send us home, we bought some liang teh home too. Pardon my poor memory but i cant remember which floor is this located too. Based on my poor memory, it should be B1, go down via the escalator nearer to coffeebean and u will see it. It’s just in front of the escalator. Why do i recommend this? Because, it’s not only good, the suntie promoting this is very kind, she gave good recommendation and can even describe how the drink taste like so you know you won’t be buying poison (better tonic)! >_<

All in all, although it’s just JB trip, i really enjoy myself everytime i’m here! If you have plan to visit JB and wana save the hassle on public transport, PM me, i will share my driver’s contact with you! We’re not affiliated but i would recommend them as they’re really nice.

(OMG! This was suppose to be posted last month! but i didn’t realize i scheduled for 2019 Nov instead!! LOL NO wonder i couldn’t find my own post!!)

Travelogue: Johor 2D1N

When you need a getaway but wallet ain’t cooperative, JB is the best alternative!

Can’t even recall what was our conversation about and we ended up booking a night in JB KSL D’Esplanade (from Airbnb) – as we were on budget trip that explain why we decided not to book a hotel! There are a whole lot of apartment you can book at KSL area and most of them are in D’Esplanade (which is the condo next to KSL)

We booked our apartment for SGD52.63 (including cleaning & service fee) for a night with WiFi – but the connection sucks. I ended up activating my data roam service!

But on the bright side, at least I didn’t spend a bomb to have a decent room.


Room on a high floor with Balcony overlooking the City!


Comes with ceiling fan, aircon and TV. Both fan and aircon are in good condition but the TV.. Don’t bother – can see any image, can only hear sound. Wardrobe is clean and it comes with iron!

Panorama view from Bed

If you’re planning to cook, good news, stove is available for you! Comes with washer and dryer too!

Seriously, $50 for a apartment with clean toilet and a bathtub, i guess i just need to bear with the WiFi… LOL!! If you’re a regular there, I’m sure you know it’s really a good location. Just above KSL and whole lot of eating options available from day to night! For all its the convenient, $50? Just take it.

We arrived later than anticipated due to custom jam. We left home around 8am but only reach JB at 10am? Lucky we still have time for breakfast before our movie!! We head to Tian Xiang for breakfast (fishball noodle) and than walked back to KSL for our movie! Book your movie ticket online, save the time to queue.. LOL!

By 3pm, we were ready to leave for our massage session at Big Foot Ancestor! We tried searching online a few times for the massage menu but couldn’t find any.. So for the benefit of my reader & myself, here comes the menu:

It doesn’t looks like those super cheap massage but with the exchange rate, I think they’re still pretty much affordable for me! What I like about BFA is, they offer ear cleaning service! Yes, they dig your ears for you!! LOL!! Shiokz!

The whole trip’s highlight probably is just the massage! Love the clean place and rejuvenating massage! Give it a try if you like TCM kinda massage!

Oh Oh! Did I mention, Lavendar Flagship Store is just opposite BFA! Of course, we went there tooo!

We spent quite a while in Lavendar – browsing bread, cakes, mooncake, food item and then decided to come back for lunch on our 2nd day!

On our second day, we took a grab to Lavendar (RM5) and started kiaping all the bread and cookies!

After that we head up for lunch and good thing we were there for lunch instead of coffee. Because the minimum spending is one food item (fr RM8) per person! Since we’re there for lunch, no problem at all!

Tea & Ice Chocolate

Mushroom Soup

Verdict: Not too bad! Their croissant is fresh and the saute mushroom is flavorful! Try again? Definitely but maybe other food items next time!

2 day 1 night isn’t really that long.. Very soon, we were on our way home! Thanks to our private driver, we get to rest our body & soul to & from JB!

Travelogue: Indonesia Bali (Day 3 & 4)

Day 3 was one of the day i super look forward to! Our 3 hours massage day! In-villa spa service by Ziva’s vendor!

I’m so loving my egg bene breakfast with spinach! There’s was nothing much plan on this day except a spa at 11am!

Initially i thought we are going to do it at the outdoor area since the space is bigger and that’s how they advertise too! When the masseur came, they came into the room set up and i was like Hallelujah!  The masseur was friendly and massage was good. However, i didn’t think it was worth it. We booked for 3 hours, they came late, spend a while setting up and most of the time was just waiting time.

  1. Massage
  2. Simple facial (more like light facial massage with cleanser)
  3. Apply facial mask
  4. Waited for 20 mins for mask to dry (meantime, they set up the milk/shower bath then will just sit aside and watch TV)
  5. Wash off mask
  6. Then they disappear for a while – probably go mix the body scrub mixture for us
  7. Apply body scrub
  8. Waited for the scrub to settle (20 mins maybe?), they continue watching TV
  9. Briefly srcub
  10. Then help you up and tell you to go for your milk/flower bath.
  11. They continue to watch TV while you bath..

Wah.. sound so long right?? In the end, the spa ended 1:30pm! 30 mins earlier and minus off the late start (another 30 mins).. so the whole spa was only 2 hours. That’s not all, rmb there was some idle time.. another hour gone.. so the actual hands on was only an hour or so..

I would rather just take a 60 mins massage session really. Or maybe you know what, just go batam to massage!

After my not-very-satisfying spa, we head out for lunch at this chinese restuarant which I’ve been wanting to try!

(image from google)

From the outside, this shop looks perpetually closed. Dono is it food not nice, nobody wana come! We take a deep breath and stepped in!

“Table for two please”

& WOW…. got crowd de leh! The interior was pretty ancient and traditional dynastic feel kinda furniture – go google and you can find plenty of pictures!

We ordered peking duck, dim sum platter, xiaolongbao, fried rice, soup & a dessert (take away).

Wah the food is not bad de! Especially the peking duck! Got imperial treasure feeel! LOL!! Dimsum wise, so-so, can do without. Xiaolongbao was good though.

I will definitely come back here again if I go Bali next time!

Finally it’s the day for our departure!


After a hearty breakfast, we head off to the airport to catch our 1pm flight! Thoughout the ride, we were just busy catching pokemon!! LOL, must utilise out wifi egg eh!!!

Vacation is always so short!

Here I am in a flight back to Singapore.

Now for the not-so-nice experience.. So when I arrived SG, I texted in my family group chat to let them know i had safely arrived!! Then my cousin text me separately to ask if there was any surprise on board? I had 2 glasses of coke can that be consider a surprise?? LOL..


Apparently my cousin actually made a call to SQ to arrange for a birthday surprise for me but it didn’t happen! SQ confirmed with my cousin that they will arrange a birthday cake but it didn’t came. Nothing on my actual day nor return flight day!

My cousin called back SQ to verify and wanted an explanation why it didn’t happen when they gave their words. SQ now say they didn’t promised anything but only try their best. After investigation (probably playback the past recording), they offered my cousin a service recovery voucher (for me and my mister) BUT later call back again to say they can’t give it to her anymore because they did not make any mistake. -___-

Seriously SQ. If you DID NOT make any mistake like you claimed, why offer service recovery? And if it’s just a goodwill gesture, why take it back after you offered? FYI, we did not request nor insist a service recovery. All we wanted was just an explanation why SQ did not deliver their promise. It was their initiative to offer the service recovery to BOTH the passenger and decided to take it back later saying they are not at fault.

EXCUSE ME?? In case you thought the service recovery is a lot of money, NO. I can’t even buy a ticket KUL. To be exact, it’s only a TWO figure compensation. EHEM.  A lost baggage claim payout is worth more than their service recovery.

Shortly after the incident, I received the service recovery voucher. I guess they decided to honor only HALF of their words. Only I got the voucher but my mister did not get anything (they agrees to send two vouchers).

#SQdisappointment #whereistheexcellenceservice #notSQfansanymore #byebyeSQ #convertingmymilestootherairline #notangryjustdisappointed #continueyourpride

SQ, today you potentially lost 10 customers. It may seems insignificant to you but have you heard of this Chinese saying “好事不出门  坏事传千里”..

All the best to your future endeavor!

Travelogue: Indonesia Bali (Day 1)

Yay!! Returned to BALI after 1 year to celebrate #DALOVEKNOT anniversary!

This is a love and hate post! I will tell you why later. For now let’s stay focus on the happy event first!! Woohoooo! VACATIONN!!

Just by the look of the above teaser, did it made you wanna go Bali already?

This is my first trip with SQ using my miles redemption! I’m totally elated to hear my waitlist flight got confirmed!

But a lil disappointed no crew realized I was traveling on my birthday – exact day I’m saying! You can tell me about how many XXX number of guest SQ received everyday, how will they noticed or check every guest details.. what am I to them? But.. ain’t excellence service make them different from other airlines? Or maybe it was because I didn’t “pay” for my ticket so I should even be happy I wasn’t being ask to leave the plane due to full flight – not sure if it was even overbooked!

Perhaps I expect too much outta SQ. See too highly of them. -__-

Brought a book along this time round and was hoping to kill time, but time killed me instead! I was fully occupied the whole time – TV, selfies, small talks, meals & still hoping someone would pop by and say “Happy Birthday Ms Eng”.. BUT BO LEH~!!


In-flight meal is definitely not always the best meal but it’s never fails to get me excited!

Very soon 2 hours swift past and here we are in the tropical land Bali!

Upon arrival, our villa airport pick up driver was already at the arrival hall waiting. It took so long for our baggage to arrive – more than 30 mins and we thought he probably had left without us!!

The journey from airport to our villa in Seminyak was a mere 30 mins drive (or 40 mins, depends on traffic condition). If you recall in my previous trip, we stayed in Seminyak area too. In fact, this villa location is just along the same street.

DID I EVEN TELL YOU WHERE I’M GONNA STAY?? (my goodness if i haven’t!!)

We had booked ourselves a one bedroom villa in Ziva A Boutique Villa!! We booked via Agoda through Shopback! Never missed the chance to earn rebate!! But you know luck doesn’t always stand on the same side with you! When I tried to book on Agoda, the first night wasn’t available! But i really love this villa and decided still go ahead with whatever available then emailed to villa directly to check!!

Luck came back! Ziva crew was able to arrange a villa for me and combined my Agoda booking with their booking! Vacation saved!!

Ziva only has 10 unit in total – 9 x one bedroom and 1 x three bedroom! I had put in a request for the nearest room to the main recept so that we do not need to walk too far inside and risk lizard dropping dropping on my head! I can’t imagine walking this corridor at night (eek!!)

Without further ado, let me open the door to my vacationnnnn!!!

Just standing outside, i can already hear the birds singing, the tree dancing and the water calling!!!

Now walking into our room, we thought it will be a lil warm inside since it’s a bright sunny day shinning through the full glass room! It turns out, cooler than expected!!

& Ziva was so sweet sia!! still got honeymoon deco and a stalk of roses (I assume it’s for me and not my mister!)

They even got flower bath ready for us! Sweet max – so sweet until I forgot to take a picture of the toilet!! LOL!!

After settling down, we head out to grab our lunch it was almost 4pm by the time we reach Ziva and settle down! Hungry is the only thing in my mind!

We wanted to go Ultimo but it was close for break and only re-open at 430pm. I was so hungry i can’t wait for another 5 mins so we went a lil further down and walked in Char Char!

Regulars in Bali definitely knows to find Char Char! Even first time, Char Char is so hard to miss! The steps alfresco sitting was like their distinctive icon!

We parked ourselves comfortably there and ordered our lunch!

Fruity Coconut drink is super refreshing on such summer days! Quench your thirst, keep you cool!

We ordered Happy Hour Oyster too. Was cheap but not as yummy as what we had in Melbourne! You can skip this IMO.

Sorry for the weird angle, like i said, i was tooo hungry already!

We ordered a prawn aglio olio and a beef steak. Portion was generous but taste wise, I still prefer Ultimo’s pasta. However, the steak was good! we only ordered 100g and we were laughing at ourselves for being a silly customer! 100g and we want it medium rare! The chef must have thought we’re crazy, 100g how to cook M.R.? It turns out, the steak was really medium rare and absolutely tender and juicy!

After lunch, we went supermarket for a quick shopping and head back for a dip as the sun is almost down!!

The best time to swim is probably between 5-7pm, no sun yet still bright! I believe Ziva does have floaties for guest to rent but since we had one, why rent?? Bought my pizza floatie from Taobao and this is probably one of my many best & happiest buy!

In the evening, the villa still very pretty and looks even more romantic with all the warm/orange lights!!

But of course, as the night turned dark, my guts became smaller! (LOL!!!) I had to ask my handsome hubby to make tea for me because I don’t want to startled myself when i see lizard or even hear one!!

Then suddenly(!!), the door bell rang!! It was the crew giving us a pleasant surprise!!

A birthday cake & a heart-shaped anniversary cake!! Wahh.. scored full marks liao!! Briefly mentioned before that I would like to spend my birthday and anniversary in their villa (because i couldn’t get a room on the first night and had to write to them, remember?) and here we had 2 cakes to celebrate!!!

Really, when you expect nothing, you will truely be surprised when there’s one! Thanks Ziva!!

Ended a day with high sugar and I know I will definitely gonna have sweet dream!

Stay tune for Day 2!!



Travelogue: Indonesia Bintan (Day 2 & 3)

I’m never gonna get tired of looking at the above picture i think! LOL! Who doesn’t love vacation!

Waking up to day 2, I took a morning swim the moment i woke up, before sun is fully up and before breakfast even starts,

After a good 30 mins swim, we took a morning stroll to the restaurant for our breakfast. If you’re feeling lazy, feel free to press “0” and get a buggy to pick you up!

I wouldn’t say they serve the best breakfast but at least, it wasn’t so bad that it’s inedible. Pulut Hitam, Mee Soto, Nasi Goreng, Siewmai, Cold cuts, Salad, Juices, etc..

We chose an alfresco seating since the sun wasn’t that glaring (yet) and the view was somewhat romantic!

To make our anniversary trip even more romantic, we took a long walk along the beach while it’s low tide (no guard btw, walk at your own risk!)

Standing at a spot where I know when the tide suddenly rush in, I have time to run up the shore with my pair of short legs!!!! LOL!!!

When the sun is up….. we walked back to our room. Too hot, I will melt! But before i melt, the ice cream mustn’t melt! Woohooo!! Oh in case you finished your snacks, fret not! There’s a minimart (real mini) here where you can get snacks, cup noodle, ice cream, cold drinks, simple medication, sunblock, bikinis, etc…!

Yup, here’s me and my rainbow ice-cream!!!

& since it was really really near my birthday, my mister ordered a steak to share (in-room dining) as my BIRTHDAY TREAT!

In-room dining so far was good. Food was up to my expectation and price was still affordable! In the end, we only finish our snacks but not the cup noodles!

After dinner, we went back to the beach for another evening stroll.. It was windy and quiet.. We had the beach all to ourselves and thankfully, we didn’t fed much mozzie!

Back to the villa, in case, you’re keen to know how dark is the room at night, it’s actually still decently lit up!

The pool still looks so good to take a night swim!! However, do note that it gets quieter at night hence if you’re at the outdoor area, do speak softer, your neighbor might just hear what your conversation is (at least we heard our neighbor’s conversation for the few hours before they went to bed)!

Before you knew it…

It’s time to check out… 😦

Sad but still looking forward because i can have my favourite HOTDOG BUN from BRF!!!!

This marks the end of my 3D2N getaway and I’m totally glad I came! This is definitely a more cost effective resort than Montigo (at least for now)!

If you haven’t read my day 1 post, check it out HERE!

REMARK: Family travelling with children, the villa offers floaties and activities too! However, IMO, it’s not cheap eh! Let me share the price with you after i found the leaflet which i took!

Travelogue: Indonesia Bintan (Day 1)

When you worked hard (I mean extra hard) for a period of time, what reward you most is TAKING A BREAK!

This trip is so relaxing you basically do nothing plans nothing and think only about summer!


Came across this accommodation while doing agoda e-window-shopping and Facebook captured my search result then recommended me this place! Did a lil more homework by going through tripadvisor and other travel blog.. I must say this place sure have not been explore much by locals (or perhaps they just didn’t share much!)

If you are reading this blog, let me tell you, you’re in luck! You will not regret reading this and may even start booking this accommodation (but dun expect 6 stars reviews)!

I booked my accommodation on Agoda (via SHOPBACK – earn up to 6% cash back!) The rate I managed to book for a one bedroom villa was about SGD608.00 – 2 nights stay (inclusive of taxes) with land transfer, breakfast and wifi!

Ferry ticket was by Bintan Resort Ferries. It cost about $67 per pax and I booked via Shopback>Easybook too! NOW ALERT: Not all deals found on shopback are best deal! you need to do a lil homework to compare the price. Apparently after I book my ticket, I then realized brf site was offering $1 hot deal ticket but it was too late to realize it! T__T boohooo!

ANYWAY… SOOOON it was time to depart!! Sorry, didn’t take much decent photos on departure.. Didn’t even took anything upon arrival at the villa reception!


The only photo of the common area I took was probably this alley to my villa!

Clean living room upon entry. Cooling aircon is the best in a country where it’s all-time-summer weather!

What’s waving at me upon entry is the BIG POOL!! you can see the pool from the living room already!

Almost fully equipped kitchen! We brought out microwaveable food, cup noodle, snacks and hosen canned fruits! Trying hard to minimize expenses!

Enough of the living room and kitchen (or pantry area), let’s head over to our bedroom!

Woohoooo! Honeymoon anniversary!!!! The staff here sure take note of casual comment (was just telling them we are going there for our anniversary and woohoooo! so much better than SQ – will share this in another post!!)

Toilet was “outdoor” but dun worry, no one’s gonna peek and it’s all sheltered!

Toilet comes with bathtub and separate rain shower! Super spacious toilet I think I can fit a king bed inside if without the fixture! Probably even bigger than my room!

(pssst, anti-lizard fans, my stay here was very safe, no lizard sound no sight of them too! PHEW!!)

So here’s the exterior of the our villa.. Everything you need was just within a few steps and totally comfortable stay!

Wasted no time, get changed and started to shoot a few insta-worthy pic before i get all messy and unglam!!!

After all the play and swim, we got a lil hungry and started heating up our microwaveable food.

We saved the best for last! In-villa dining! The price for room service food/beverage was still quite affordable but it’s not dirt cheap kind.

Beef burger and Fish & chips! Do try the fish and chips if you have the chance! I thought it was not bad and i love that they actually fried in small sizes!

Day 1 was pretty much about it.. Settling down and enjoying my afternoon under the sun (heat rash after that!! LOL) and not forgetting our FULL-FILLING dinner!!

Stay tune to catch Day 2!!!