Travelogue: Johor 3D2N (National Day Staycation)

I’m sure you had heard about the crazy jam at woodlands causeway during National Day loooong weekend!! Even private limo service have surcharge!!

Nonetheless, nothing can stop us! Although we didn’t get to book train ticket but we managed to book private car without surcharge! Woohooo! *dance*

Been to JB for so many time and finally get to stay in a 2-bedroom apartment (SGD82 per night)! We booked our apartment via Airbnb again! This is a new listing (at the time I booked) and the co-ordinator is very friendly/accomodative! I do not have much picture of the apartment but rest assure the photos on their listing are true to image!

The other time when we were there, we went for massage, food and movie.. This trip we decided to visit a Salon too! There are so many salon around JB, it’s so hard to find one (every salon looks so good!!) After much research, we went to Luxe Studio.

Ting was the one who attend to me and she’s very hands-on! What do i mean hands on? Some salon have shampoo girl who will help washed your hair, which i understand. However, I don’t like it when your stylist leave the whole hair dye process to a trainee. They only appear touch your hair trim your hair and *pooof* gone.

Although i can’t remember if Ting was the one who washed my hair, but for sure i know she was the one who cut my hair, dye my hair and blow dry my hair. She manages it well and took charge of the color selection!

Under indoor light, the purple is quite subtle and became obvious under direct sunlight!

After our Salon treat, we went off for our late lunch! This was one of the local recommendation. However, before i go further, i would like to say one thing. NOT-RECOMMENDED.

San Lou Seafood – bad service, slow in serving (it wasn’t even crowded, just 4-5 tables), missing order (despite repeating order to us). We left the place angry. Even my mom, who usually is the very calm one, was pissed. To add on, even our grab driver (sending us back “home”, don understand why people like to come here despite their poor service.

Our dinner at Taman Sentosa Food Center was far better than above!

Oh another place we thought it was slight over-rated was this dimsum place called Restoran Gim Cheng Dim Sum! It’s crowded and dim sum was just so-so. Maybe i set the expectation too high. hmmm..

On a happy note, I TRIED TIGER SUGAR for the first time!! Yes! I was on Keto and finally took a break (even since, break until now! LOL)!  OMG, it’s crazy sweet but crazy niceee!

Another highlight of the trip is the techno lok-lok truck! It was my mama first time trying (with us)! LOL she was excited but too full.. BUT BUT again, she has space for durian?! Unbelievable! HAHAHA!!

Time pass so fast and very soon, it’s the last day of the trip! We all had good meal time, good massage time and good salon time!

If you need private limo service, pm me and i’ll share my contact with you (not affiliated ya!)

Happy Weekend!! 🙂





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