Travelogue: Johor 4D3N

I’m sure everyone is no stranger to JB! Like many others, JB is my to-go place for short staycation! It’s nearby and it’s cost effective! Transport is not an issue too – your can take a train, a bus, private car! When you’re in JB, your can use Grab app too!

This time, we book a staycation to enjoy our 10 years anniversary! Nothing new, we booked a room in KSL and since it’s our anniversary, we decided to spend a lil more – booked a Premier Deluxe room (SGD137.73 per night) for all 3 nights!

We had a early check in and found that the safe box is locked (while open) hence we can’t unlock and had to called the front desk for help. While waiting (quite a long wait), we realized the carpet (near bathroom wall) was wet. My hubby’s investigation instinct came knocking and he started to track where the leak comes from and…. IT WAS THE BATHTUB! We called the front desk again and long story short.. WE GOT A COMPLIMENTARY ROOM UPGRADE!!

We thought premier deluxe was so cool already (minus the hiccups), until we saw the Executive suite! We were totally thankful for the bathtub leak man!! HAHAHA!! 😀

What would you normally do in JB? Food? Massage? Food? Massage? SAME!

We had lotsa food! I persuade my hubby for a good meal as anniversary gift and here we are at Kinsahi for Japanese Cuisine! They service fresh sashimi and quite quality food (far from Sushi King)!

Of course, we do not restrict ourselves to only good food! We do hawker hopping too! We chance upon Marmolada Food Court while exploring the area! Lotsa good food – BBQ stingray, fried chicken ass, Anpang Niang Tau Foo, BBQ Chicken Wing! it’s like a smaller version of Taman Sentosa!

(update: the last time we went Aug 2019, it looks like the most of the stalls were closed. Even morning market did not open.)

Four days in JB, what more can we do? We went for the usual 3 hour massage and thought maybe we can catch a movie this time!! So far we watched at KSL only and since Paradigm Mall has a cinema, we went ahead to purchase our ticket at the self-service kiosk!

When i purchase the ticket, I’m like RM60, where got cheap sia?? almost same as Singapore! …until it’s time to enter, then i realized i actually bought their PREMIUM ticket (GV Gold Class equivalent)!

OOOH, now i feel the ticket is really a good buy!! HAHAHAHA!!

Overall, it’s a very chillax staycation and JB is still my to-go place for a quick break – although it always end up even more tired! >_< hahaha!



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