Travelogue: Konnichiwa Kobe Day 1-4 (Day 4-7)

This is not much of a leisure post since i am working most of the time. BUT BUT! i did (still) went out for dinner after my event ended, yes no matter how late. Waste no time even though i am mad tired (early mornings and late nights)! Trust me, aging is no joke!!

First night, i actually gave mama a treat to this grill seafood place! Wow, fresh seafood but I’m sorry, i can’t recall where is the location because we went round and round and round looking for a restaurant that sells my Kobe Beef and non-beef item (so that me and mama can enjoy dinner together). But… i was too hungry to continue and this place seems.. decent and we went in! It’s not the cheapest dinner but NO REGRETS!!

There are some other days i actually settle my dinner at a nearby supermarket as i was really toooo tired and u thought what food can supermarket have? THEY HAVE LOTSA FOOD!! Bento, Sushi, Sashimi, Churros! They even had oven for you to heat up your food! oh man.. Now i wish I’m there again!

On the last day in Kobe, I decided to bring mommy out and find my KOBE BEEF again! I must give credit to mommy for walking the street up and down with me just to find a stall where we both can enjoy together!

Again, i can’t recall this restaurant name!!! (>_<)|| It’s because we walked up and down many streets!! Some doesn’t have english menu, some don have many non-beef food.

But glad we found this small restaurant, they serve very Kobe Beef, Pork and Seafood!

When mommy first look at the pork, she was a bit turn off as she don’t really like marinated pork. However, to our surprise, the pork was mad goodness, the marinate didn’t over power the pork texture! Seafood was fresh too – sotong was weirdly soft!!

If you have the chance to visit Japan/Kobe and if you eat beef, i think you have to try Kobe Beef at least once!! it’s pricey but you will not regret! It will be the best beef you ever eat!!!

Well, gonna end this short post here and stay tune for the next one because it’s going to be excited!!

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