Travelogue: Konnichiwa Osaka Day 1


Decided to post this today as a gift to all my readers – although the trip was done more than 6 month back!! Still, i am excited to share this (and a series of scheduled post coming up!) and here goes nothing!


We were all counting down to this long awaited trip to Japan! It’s my first time to Japan but my mom’s N time…

Perhaps because it’s my first time there, I’m still pretty excited planning the itinerary! Although I have no where in mind I wana go! But thankfully, I have friends who had been and stayed in Japan, they gave me a whole lot of information and recommendation! And… you will see some of them in this post or subsequent one!

Now! Before you travel, do head over to KLOOK to check out the travel deals available! I’m glad I did some homework and purchased a few tickets prior my trip!

1) Oasaka Amazing Pass (2 Day)

For first time visitor, I would recommend you to get the Osaka Amazing Pass! Because there’s so much u can do and if you plan your day well, you will make the ticket super worth it!

It gives you free access to major tourist attraction, discount at restaurants! What we like best is that it actually grant you express access to some attractions! So beat the queue!!

During the two days (if card activation), you can use the pass like your travel card! Unlimited subway ride in Osaka!

Trust me, you will not regret!

2) Icoca Card

This is a travel card, similar to SG’s EZ-Link card, TH’s Rabbit Card, HK’s Octopus Card!

You can use this for all transport – JR, subway, tram, bus! You can use this to pay your purchase at convenient store too!

3) Airport Limousine Bus

Why do we even get this when train service are so convenient? BECAUSE we do not want to loot our heavy luggage from platform to platform when changing lines to head to airport!

One of the tips my friend gave is, just book a limo bus to airport! There won’t be a huge difference in traveling time and you get to rest (seated) through out the journey! Best of all, don’t even need to worry about heavy luggage!

Best choice ever!!

4) Nankai Line Airport Express Ticket

Direct train service from airport to our Airbnb (nearest) station – Namba!

No complain on this! We were lucky we got to take the Limited Express! Slight faster and I think the train cabin is nicer?? But it’s not like the limited express is really limited.. their schedule for limited express is approximately 30 mins interval. LOL!

To sum it all, all my purchases on KLOOK are indeed worth it and saved us so much time and hassle!! In case you’re wondering if it is troublesome or hard to find the redemption counter, I would say, no it’s not. The instruction/direction given on the vouchers were really clear!

Now let’s fast forward….. upon arrival and collection of all our tickets, we’re in the airport express train to Namba already!

The ride was smooth and the train is clean! Very soon, we arrived Namba!

Walking to our Airbnb apartment was easy yet not so easy. Easy because i googled it for ten thousand time, i kinda know where is it already. Not easy because after we exit the train station, i don’t even know where (which exit) am I! LOLOL!!!

But good thing is, we had our wifi with us and we just googled our way out.

So here we are, outside our apartment! Room tour? of course!

WAIT! A lil disclaimer first! This ain’t my photos but owner’s photo from Airbnb. The reason i chose to use her photos because they are really true to pictures and the photo i took didn’t do any justice to her apartment!! 

Our host has a few unit here thus if you’re keen in getting a room here but perhaps wanna check out other rooms, click HERE.

This neighborhood around the apartment was pretty lively and there are sooo many eateries and drug store around!

Most of the popular places are within walking distance too! Kuromon Market, Dotonbori, Shinsaibashi!

Now sharing with your our very first meal in Japan…… *drumroll*

UDON! This has by far been the best udon I ate!! The udon is soft yet not soggy! The soup is flavorful yet not salty! Best part, it’s not even expensive to start with!! 210JPY (2.68SGD / 2.00USD) for a simple udon!! Now that we had a good meal it’s time to explore JAPANNNN!!

Actually… exploring Japan only starts the next day since we are holding the 2-day amazing pass! so instead, we only walked around the neighbourhood and recce Dotonbori!

It was really crowded and the street SMELL SO GOOD!! it was sooo good we followed it and it brought us to this grill crab leg and this thick crab soup. Can’t remember what is it (liver paste? I really can’t remember!!) but it’s heavenly good and (expensive!)

We walked around and before the street gets anymore crowded, we settled for dinner and ended our day earlier so that we have energy for 2 long day of fun!!

To end this post, here are some recommendation on place to stay. For first timer, i would definitely recommend Namba Area just like how my colleague recommend this place to me). It’s near all interesting place, lot’s food, direct Airport train, mall, drug store & markets are walking distance! If you’re adventurous, you can consider Airbnb too – click through via Shopback to earn extra cashback!!!


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