Travelogue: Sawadeeka Part 2

Waking up EARLY in the morning is no joke but for Khao Yai.. I’m all ready!!

I will not be going deep into details but will share a few highlights that you can consider adding to your itinerary if you plan to go Khao Yai too!

According to many hearsay feedback, the best time to visit Khao Yai is between Nov-Feb. It’s cool and flowers bloom! True enough, while on the way there, the temperature already starts to drop from 29 to 26 to 23 degrees (secretly feeling excited about the cool weather!!)

We booked a private driver from Thai National Park but they have nothing to do with any of the national park. Although they’re not the cheapest, but their price are really competitive and they are very prompt in response! Response is one thing I cared about especially when you are new to the place you’re going! From the response they gave, you can tell that they really think from your end and plan for your convenience. Although the driver doesn’t seems to be communicated with our plan, he is generally still helpful and accommodating!

OK enough talking! Let me start off with a few nice pictures!


A nice picture of 四个女人一个梦 at The Bloom! If you’re not a flower person, skip this place. LOL it has nothing but flowers. If you’re good with taking pictures, you may get a few IG worthy shots.

Entrance Fee to The Bloom 300 THB per pax

Shortly after, we head to PB Valley for our tour. If you plan to visit PB Valley, do book your tour in prior. The tour is about 75 mins and will bring you to 3 station, the vineyard, then fermentation room and the tasting room.

Everyone will get 4 glasses of wine to taste and those underage (ehem, like me) can try their grape juice! It’s quite refreshing (too bad you can’t get a refill!)!

After the tour, we’re free to roam around and since we had a driver, our timing are pretty flexible!!  So why not a few picture before we go!

PB Valley Tour is 350 THB per pax

Cant remember where we went after PB Valley, maybe lunch or maybe Primo Piazza??


Primo has quite a few spot for IG worthy pictures! Among the places we went, Primo is probably one of the places we spend more than 30 mins (maybe 45 mins??)!


We went Palio too but IMO, it’s more like a small shopping place for you to get souvenirs, which we already did in Bangkok. Thus nothing really fancy us there. However, if you need good food, MK is there!

Our plan was to visit Sunflower farm on this day and we were all anticipating for this time to come.. Who knows, it started to RAIN! Damn!! Our driver than told us we will need to skip Sunflower farm as the road will be muddy to drive/walk in. Man, the rain washed away our excitement.

Since it’s raining, we can’t do much, we head to the Chocolate Factory. It’s not some factory for you to see how chocolate is made. It’s just a place to buy chocolate and a restaurant to dine in. I didn’t take much picture here because the rain has dampen our mood (my sunflower field~~~boohooo)

We bought some chocolates and to my surprise, their chocolate was really nice! Every piece is nice, especially those with almonds! Too bad i didn’t expect much from it, thus NO PICTURES to shareeee!

So now with most of the places we wana go strike off, we were left with Hotel! LOL.. We asked our driver to send us to our hotel so that we can check in and have a early dinner later. Glad he was accommodating and willing to still come back and pick us up for dinner!

Upon arrival at Thames Valley.. The ambiance really got me speechless! Such romantic place and IG worthy buildings!! LOL.. IG-er, get ready your camera when you are here!

With the good weather, every angle seems like a good view!

We booked a Family Suite and it’s located on the second floor. The hotel helped us with our overloaded luggage too and almost got them killed – too heavy! >_<

Bed was clean, big and comfy! Toilet is spacious but i feel it’s a lil too dim.

One of our favourite corner in our suite! 4 of us just sat here in all positions and started mugging our phones!! LOL!

It was a waste we didn’t have enough time is not we could have soaked ourselves in this concrete tub holding a glass of wine (or coke also works!!) Did i mention, they provide free minibar!!

As the clock goes tick tock tick tock.. Soon it was time to leave for dinner! it was 4:30pm and we’re leaving for dinner!! LOL! It was because the dinner place was kinda far off thus we had to leave early!

This place Ban Mai Chay Nam Restaurant was recommended by a friend saying that my mom would love it because they have lotsa antique!  I was still wondering what kinda antique……


All this collections got us loitering around for quite a while after dinner!!

View for dinner?? Make sure you don’t drop your phone! >_<

Even mama had fun doing role play – a fruit seller!!

Verdict: Food was not bad and served pretty fast! it was a pity we weren’t that hungry thus couldn’t finish the food! If you ask if i will return, Yes i will but not sure about the others as they might wana try new places! 😀

BONUS: Thames Valley Night View!

That night, we all had a good night rest and looking forward to visit sunflower farm tmr *finger crossed*

If you think this post is ending here, NO. We still have day 2 but i promise it will be quick!!They say “save the best for last”, so here’s the last part!!

Woke up with the first thing in my mind, CAN WE GO SUNFLOWER FIELD TODAY??? (I’m not telling you first because we need to go for breakfast before anything else!)

On the way to breakfast feels eating in a castle! Breakfast spread was good and even a public toilet here looks so GOOD!!!! 

Yes, this is the restaurant’s toilet! Clean and cool. Nothing less expected.

We meet our driver at 9am and the first thing we ask was, is sun flower field possible today???  “YES”!!!!

So here we are at Rai Maneesorn Sunflower Field!!!

so rude to show you sunflower back view!!! LOL


YAYYYY we made it here and!! it was crowded although the picture didn’t reflect that! Everyone is trying to take nice picture and coming here seeing this yellow field really makes the heart smile!

This is the second place where we spent quite a while!! if you ask me, i would say this is a must visit place.

Entrance to Rai Maneesorn is 80 THB (or 100THB, either one la, can’t really rmb! =P)

After that we went for lunch and head off to the airport. If you’re leaving to the airport directly from Khao Yai, pls ensure you leave the place 6 hours before flight departure time. This is to ensure you won’t missed your flgiht due to traffic condition – normal travelling tmie is about 2.5 hours. You never know when the traffic can be really bad..

Glad to be going home in 2 hours time!


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