Travelogue: Sawadeeka Part 1

It has been a while since I go Bangkok! 3 years? 5 year?? I am so excited to visit again, this time round, with #四个女人一个梦! But of of us was already in BKK for business trip thus the remaining made our way there much later to join her!

Upon arriving, what welcome us is the oh-so-familiar-hot-weather like SG.

This time round, we were smarter! We bought Rabbit Card (ez-link card equivalent) from KLOOK – which already has got stored value of 200THB (each trip, depanding on journey, starts from 25THB only)! This will save us A LOT of time from queuing at ticketing machine to get an entry ticket!

That’s not all, if you have not already know, make your KLOOK purchases via SHOPBACK – to earn cashback!! That’s double saving!

Say yes to Travel Smart!

Upon arrival, we went to KLOOK counter to pick up our WiFi and… BOOKED a Grab Car!! Woohooo Yes, Bangkok uses GRAB too! (If you use Line, they have LINEMAN which is similar to Grab)

I would say we had the best car.. but it saved our time and worries! But one thing we didn’t enjoy was the TRAFFICE JAM. LOL we were on the road for about 2 hrs before we reach our hotel (that’s almost like a return trip back home! LOL) We were almost toasted in the car due to the HOT sexy weather!

So here we are, checked in Crowne Plaza Lumpini Park! Good location with MRT/BTS around the corner! There’s a mall within 5 mins walk too! If you need massage, there’s a whole lot here (pretty good IMO)!

Upon checked in, we were given a lil elephant plush and the concierge will take care of moving our big luggage to our room!

The one thing (or rather one of the few things) that caught my attention was this pillow spray!! First time experiencing hotel provide a pillow spray – Lavender scent! The other thing – which is common in JP i guess – a bidet spray! WAH.. This makes business so pleasant!! 

Enough of hotel…! We rested a while and quickly head out to the nearest mall to get our lunch – it was a bad start flight delay, traffic jam – we were famished!!

Silom Mall (the mall that’s nearest to Crowne Plaza) has lotsa of restaurant. There’s Thai, Jap, Korean, Asian! All time favourite MK is here! The popular cafe After You has an outlet here too! Singaporean if you’re looking for “Home” taste, Breadtalk is here!! LOL… Now Bubble Tea lovers listen up, KOI is available at Silom Mall toooooo (but the queue is crazy no matter at what time)!

One time we would not miss having when my mama and I are in Bangkok, that’s Pig Blood Curd! I know this picture doesn’t do any justice but trust me, this blood curd is totally heavenly! Especially after a LOOOONG day of shopping!

While my cousin was at work, we basically just went shopping shopping shopping.. Good thing i brought my humble trolley bag! If not we’ll probably be too bulky to move around! BUT also because of the trolley bag, i wasn’t able to clock my steps! The stepper doesn’t count when i hold my trolley and walk! 20K steps down the drainnnn T___T boohooo!

I didn’t buy a lot of clothes for myself this time, in fact half of my loots are for my handsome hub! He deserve a wardrobe upgrade!

Almost every other is the same, Shopping Eating Massaging! That’s all we did.

And since we had a Sunday in Bangkok, how to not go to Chatukchak! This is a freakingly BIG market. If you really plan to come here, don’t bother planning other program on the same day. We almost died walking!

Here’s a tip (if you haven’t already know), alight at Kamphaeng Phet Mrt Station if you wana go to Chatuchak Market. It’s nearer, once exit MRT, and there you are in the market! Not like Chatukchak Park MRT Station is damn far but if you can save yourself that 5 mins walk, why not!

Stuff we whacked a lot at the market are luggage tag, bags, aroma diffuser and clothes!

Luggage tag are about 50-60 Baht at different stall. Some are selling 2 for 100THB, some sell it 60THB but buy 5 get 1 free. So if you do a lil math, they all adds up the same, it’s just a matter of how many u wanna buy and if the color attracts you. 😀

It was really a tiring day and thankfully we didn’t plan anything the following day thus can just laze around..


Can’t recall exactly which day we went to After You (i believe was the day we didn’t plan any program), but was glad we made it there for real! There were so many times we wanted to go but we were either too full or missed it!

We settled for their signature Shibuya Toast and a (i can’t recall the name, maybe caramel banana) pancake! Shibuya Toast was really good!! Even our mama enjoyed it too!!

Very sooon our days in Bangkok gonna come to an end….. but that’s not the end of our vacation!!! We are heading to our next destination.. KHAOYAI!!

Stay tuneee!




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