Travelogue: Johor 3D2N

With a lil imagination, this HDB carpark tree can make you feel like you’re on a vacation!


And yes, i am out for a short break! Nowhere far but still out of SG!


From the image i’m sure you can tell where is it! JB la~ This time, we booked with another Airbnb host and we’re totally happy about! Byran and Juliana are one of the best host i ever stayed with for my trips to JB!

I don’t think my photos do any justice to him apartment but trust me, staying here made me wana treat this like my home too! And importantly, look at that viewwww.. at the end of the pictureis actually sea view! You can’t see from my picture but it looks much bigger in real life! Try seraching “Cozy 5-Star Studio @ KSL City – Daffodil Studio” in Airbnb and you should be able to get it!


Anyway, this was suppose to be a relaxing trip, so we did not plan any itinerary. We decided to play by ear and only have a few things in mind we wana do.

  • Massage
  • Ear Pick
  • Food
  • Hair cut
  • Enough Rest!


We were still thinking whether to book a massage appointment in case we couldn’t get a slot.. but my handsome mister said, let’s go with an empty mind. So here we are, standing outside Century Healthcare & Beauty. If you ask me, this shop totally didn’t catch my attention at all if not for the staff who are distributing flyers!  They’re located at a corner and look so not decent (lol!) I spend a few mins looking at the banner and saw “EAR PICK” and told my hubby, this is it! Let’s do our massage here! We were there early hence the shop is still pretty empty. We were probably the first few customer.

FYI, ear pick is not very common in most of the massage parlor in KSL. So far this is the only one i found (other than Big Foot Ancestor, near Lavender Flagship Store).



We were led into a movie theatre.. no wait! NO LA! It’s the area where customer get the foot massage done! It’s a really area and the ambiance was good. At least the TV did made me forgot about the pain! If you ask me about the ear pick experience, TBH, i don’t know if it is good or bad because it was my first try! For a first timer, i would think it’s not bad! Too bad i don’t have any pictures to show you!!

After massage we went for a hair cut then grabbed a car (RM5) to Taman Sri Tebrau for dinner!

I think it could be our old age – just 4 dishes like this, we’re already super full! Initially we thought the bill might goes to at least 120 Ringgit but turns out, less than 100. Good! I mean, the food taste good and fresh too! For this price, i think it’s still pretty worth it!

Next morning, we head to Restoran Multimart for breakfast! We came here the other time too! & i tell you, if you like milk tea (teh peng), try it here! I personally like it! The teh is gao-gao one, no horse run!

Now with our wonder WiFi (from roamingmansg), we are always connected – booked a grab and off we go to Aeon Tebrau (RM12)! It was about a 25 mins drive before you reach a long queue of car waiting to go into the carpark! Damn it’s weekend! It’s quite crowded in the Mall and it’s quite BIG too! It’s my first time there and i feel that it’s a total makeover from Jusco Tebrau (long long ago)! I would recommend this place if you hadn’t been here before – but avoid weekend if you can.


IMAGE: On the way back to our apartment and took a almost-sunset view! So romantic! 


When it’s late night, it’s lok lok time!! Now that we tried both the KSL lok lok, i can tell you, i actually prefer the one that’s on the left side of KSL (the seller is a chubby boy/man – can’t decided to call him a boy or man! I can’t tell his age from the look!)

We ended the night with a super satisfying stomach and already looking forward to go home! I mean, i miss my chou-chou already!


Not any fancy breakfast but this was one of the stall we wanted to try too.

Yit Foh Wanton Mee – it’s just behind KSL and within walking distance! If you’re not a heavy breakfast person, order a small one will do. I couldn’t finish my medium portion. This wanton mee has this old school flavour which i really like it! the chilli look so no-kick but can actually kill if you choke on it! Will definitely come back again if im in JB!

After breakfast & check out, we actually hang around KSL for an hour plus meeting our driver.


That hour was so damaging! we bought so much ondeh ondeh from this nonya store at Lv 1 (or was it basement??) beside popular book store. It’s so delicious and chewy! They have nice nonya kueh but i can’t remember the shop name! We even dabao a few back home!!

Since we had a driver to send us home, we bought some liang teh home too. Pardon my poor memory but i cant remember which floor is this located too. Based on my poor memory, it should be B1, go down via the escalator nearer to coffeebean and u will see it. It’s just in front of the escalator. Why do i recommend this? Because, it’s not only good, the suntie promoting this is very kind, she gave good recommendation and can even describe how the drink taste like so you know you won’t be buying poison (better tonic)! >_<

All in all, although it’s just JB trip, i really enjoy myself everytime i’m here! If you have plan to visit JB and wana save the hassle on public transport, PM me, i will share my driver’s contact with you! We’re not affiliated but i would recommend them as they’re really nice.

(OMG! This was suppose to be posted last month! but i didn’t realize i scheduled for 2019 Nov instead!! LOL NO wonder i couldn’t find my own post!!)


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  1. Hi Carol! You can contact Mavis at +60 16-773 3877 for quotation. The charges depends on where you are going. By far, I feel their car and service are worth the price inpaid. Tried cheaper option but made me rolled my eyes throughout the trip! Lol..

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