#DALoveKnot – Chapter 11 (Actual Day – Evening Time)

With a wonderful and smooth morning agenda.. What can make a happy bride unhappy on her big day? We were pretty on time in the morning and had time to enjoy our lunch with no rush!

At about 130pm, Kelvin (our bridal car driver) sent us to Amara for check in! My advise for couples, load your gowns and personal belongings for the stay, in the bridal car/or whichever car that u’re taking to the hotel venue. This way, you will not need to wait for your team to bring you your stuff especially if you’re departing at a different time.

At Amara, no hiccups for our check-in but our deluxe room weren’t ready though. The ever-so-excited-me, head str8 up to bridal suite and started snapping pictures! How many time in a lifetime would you get a chance to stay in a “bridal suite”? LOL!

(okay, keep cool, it’s actually just executive suite!)

Rooms were nicely decorated and shortly after, the other deluxe room were ready.. My team bride didn’t took long to arrive as well.. So what did i do the whole time before the dinner? NOTHING.

I just took showered, washed my full of hairspray hair and enjoy the luxury of having my BFF blow dry my hair and waiting for my pre-dinner food served. In between these time, i even have time to drop by the ballroom to hang out with my friends who came early to help out with the reception deco!!

I joined the hotel briefing, had the chance to hang around until about 5:30pm my MUA called me to inform about her arrival. Evening makeup was pretty quick, about 1.5hrs and we’re done. By then it was about 7pm, just nice to linger around for cocktail reception and photo time!

Time pass VERY FAST during the cocktail recept!! A few shots here, a few shots there and standing at photobooth for shoot and suddenly it’s 8:15pm, time for march in!! Wow!! I don’t think i even had a chance to say Hi to all my guest!!


Before march-in, a few guest actually fed me with dragon breath meringue! I’m actually pretty touched that there are kind soul who bring food to me!!! T_T Ya, i still eat even though my gown was tight, my makeup was on. A hungry bride won’t be a happy bride! LOL..

Both the photobooth & dragon breath meringue was quite popular! Glad my guest tried and like it!

This video doesn’t exist

The banquet manager ushered the guest in and brief us on how to hold the dress while walk in and cue us etc etc.. Clear instructions (I LIKE!)!

First march in was pretty romantic..White gown, dry ice effect, slow music.. Second march in almost killed me! LOL!! I’ll tell you why in a while!

We gave a speech shortly our first march in. Wasn’t too long but felt like a decade up there. the spot light blinded me and getting a lil too hot (nervous la)! One of my team bride helped to prepared personalized bouquet for our moms and we present to them right after our speech. I heard my mom was pretty touched.

Didn’t get to eat much and it’s time to get change for 2nd march in! When we leave the ballroom to get change, the photobooth were taking the last few shots and close for the day! As for the dragon breath, i guess business was too good, he ended earlier! LOL..

We prepared party popper for 2nd march in and our lil newphew and niece volunteered to lead the walk (page boy/flower girl)! Aiyooo so touched! this was not planned. I think the hotel asked and they were okay to do it and there they are..

Look at the amount of party popper!! I guess i bought a lil too much! Even got hit on my head twice (still must act calm!)… LOL.

By then when we done… look at our guest’s food… HAHAHAHA!!!! I’m so sorry but i wasn’t expecting soooo much confetti! >_<

So what’s after second march in? Table shoots! I think we were really efficient! our team bride and team groom helped us a lot during the shoot thus we were able to end on time! we even have idling time for wefie!!

Who says wedding is stressful (for the bride)!? I thought we had FUN! LOL..


TIO SMOKE (dragon’s breath meringue) – (4/5)

1.5 hrs operation with supply of 300 cups @ SGD388.00

If you ask me, it’s expensive! However, looking at our guest enjoying the meringue, i think it’s pretty worth it! Minus 1 point because my Mr Chong didn’t get to eat 1! LOL…

I can’t comment much about their service as I wasn’t the one coordinating this! Special thanks to my sis! She found Tio Smoke and volunteered to sponsor on behalf on my dad who’s enjoying the wedding in heaven!

Facebook: Tio Smoke

FUNPICS SINGAPORE (photobooth) – (4.5/5)

2 hrs operation with unlimited supply of 4R photos with sleeves @ SGD550.00

This was one of the most cost effective vendor if you asked me – i signed up with another buddy and we got further discount on the above rate! They have ready templates for your photo borders or you can choose to customize! Aden was very patient with me while i’m trying to decide on the color and design! He understand what i was trying to explain when i just doodled the borders with PS app. Glad that it was a pleasant experience co-ordinating this!

FunPics have more than 140 props to play around, hi-speed printer and 2 facilitator onsite to assist you! I appreciate them even more as the facilitator were very proactive! All i need to do is stand there and smile and he will pass me the different props for the shoots! He basically manage my props!! LOL!!

FunPics Singapore
Mobile / Whatsapp: 9222-2235
Email: hello@funpicssg.com / FunPicsSG@gmail.com
Facebook: FunPics Singapore
Website: http://www.Funpicssg.com

Hope you guys enjoyed reading this post! If you haven’t read about what happen in the day, click HERE!

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