#DALoveKnot Chapter 8: The Bridal Studio – Pre-Wedding Shoot

The long awaited PWS day! Probably one of the post that I do not need to edit my complexion!

My appointment was at 10am for makeup! We arrived early and Joann was already there! without further delay, we started doing our makeup after I got changed into my button shirt!

Ampoule – $25

Lashes – $15

Friendship – Priceless!

Prior to our PWS, I actually gave Joann a lil thank you gift and she felt the appreciation and in return upgraded my makeup to airbrush makeup! Woohoo!! Who says studio are all about making money.

Airbrush makeup are light weight and moisturizing! By the look of below image, i guess it’s not hard to tell which is before which is after ya?


Word of advice: Top up to bring your MUA out! the weather is not going to do justice to your glamorous face!!


I have 4 looks to compliment the gown and to be honest, letting down my hair is still my favourite.

Looking back all this photo, I have to say, hairdo might not be joann’s strength. Nonethless, it’s not that bad too la. Just don’t expect super wow look.


Very soon we started our indoor shoot and spent about 4 hrs doing that..

Smile~ Look down~ Hold your dress~ Shoulders down~ Chest up~ Chin down~

If you ask me, I did not feel that the PG was able to lighten up the mood and made us feel natural. In fact, by the end of the day, I still didn’t feel very into the shoot.

In case you didn’t read my previous post (HERE), pls note that I was still pretty upset by the fact that the studio changed our PG without informing us and showed us NOTHING on our new PG’s work..

All they had had been showing us during our appointments were their existing PG’s work and it’s not like the original PG they assigned to us left/resign.. But they just changed it. Totally affected my mood for the shoot..

DISCLAIMER: I’m not pissed or dissatisfied with my PG but just the shit they do is like misrepresentation! Promise not delivered!

For now I can only pray hard that the photos by the PG will turn out unexpectedly HIGH. Because everything that’s just of OK/So-So standard will be consider and marked as BAD.

ON THE BRIGHT SIDE! I’m so glad I had my maid of honor (MOH) with us throughout the shoot. She drove, she gave me water, bring me fan, help me everywhere we went..

She help us took candid shots .. which turns out pretty NICE!! Since I don’t have the real photos by the PG yet, let me show u some sneak preview by *proud* my MOH!!


First outdoor location: Seletar North Link

The whole road was pretty nice and in fact I would highly recommend couple to take their outdoor shoot here! There’s pretty “lake”, foresty, burnt “jungle”, lalang field.. Seriously, I love this place!

Now for the piece of bad news, rumour has it that this place will be gone in another few years.. Maybe 2-3 years, maybe 4-5 years, I don’t know. So heard over there while it’s still around.

PS: Lots of lalang there for those brides who’s really into taking lalang field! A big field of lalang and not like just a small area.. Look really beautiful in my mind!

We almost missed shooting at the lalng field because the PG didn’t direct us there and asked us to leave for next location when he think he’s done.. I had to request again (already asked for lalang field prior our shoot) then we managed to take a few shots there..  sigh~


Second outdoor location: Fort Canning Park

The Groom choose this place as it doesn’t seems like a very popular destination for shoot. We were pretty late already by the time we reach here. Hence i did feel that the PG did not really explore the place but instead only ask us “where else you wana shoot? where else?”

Seriously?? if you ask me, I would think that PG should do the homework and recommend the place to shoot (like what he did for Seletar North Link)..

Now a tip for The Bride – BRING lotsa mosquito repellent!! Damn! less than 5 min there I was already feeding 5-6 mosquitoes! 2 on each side of the arm, above my brow and my ring finger! T_T

img_2508 img_2578

And above 2 photos are indoor shoot within the studio. They have quite a few indoor scene.. Those backdrop poster kind, real cafe kitchen, bedroom, garden, staircase. The whole 5 stories high shophouse, everywhere, can be a scene..

We had our casual shoot done outdoor but because my MOH needs to look after the car, hence, we did not have any candid casual wear shoot.

The whole shoot ends at about 830pm and by the time we send the MUA and PG back to shop, it’s about 9pm already.. Mad tiring but mad happy too (minus those hiccups that I’ve been bugging about)


Bring a friend/sister along! She will be a great helper – like my MOH!

Bring along drinking straw – Bride will need a straw to drink so as not to ruin the beautiful makeup.

Bring a portable fan – The weather will kill the mood!

Bring a powerbank – In case phone battery went dead for taking too much candid shoot! (BTW, I understand some PG don’t like people to take candid shoot, so pls do it discreetly in case you were asked to keep you phone!)

Bring ice cold water – Freeze some ice in the bottle prior the shoot and then fill in ice water and keep them in a cooler bag! My ice water became useful when we were at Fort canning Park (which was already almost like 6-7pm?) Yes, cooler bag very important!

LOTS OF TISSUE (DRY/WET) – You will be perspiring like a dog! So good to have more..! I’m so glad I had both my MUA and MOH around.. They took care of me so well.. Touch up make up! Dap on my (endless) perspiration!! Fan me! Hold on to me!

Plaster/Tiger Balm Oil/Light food or snack – These are good to have! we did not use the plaster nor tiger balm (heng ah!) but the ham & cheese sandwich were pretty handy when we were doing our indoor shoot halfway! The Bride became very hungry!

All in all, I think it’s the companion that day that made the exhausting day less frustrating. 🙂 Just before I end this post, sharing one more thing with you – TIME LINE.

Everyone might not have the same timeline but it can serve as a guide for those couple who signed up BS package at least 1 year prior wedding!


Contract signed + Deposit payment

1st appointment (May 2016): Gown selection

2nd appointment (Jul 2016): Gown selection + 2nd payment (not needed if you found what you like during the first session)

3rd appointment (Oct 2016): Makeup trial + Fitting for PWS (usually 2-3 days bef pre-wedding shoot)

3rd appointment (Oct 2016): Pre-wedding shoot

4th appointment (Nov 2016): Bridesmaid dress selection

5th appointment (Nov 2016): Photos selection

6th appointment: (Dec 2016): See Layout

7th appointment (Jan 2016): Collect Album (before CNY) – clear balance payment

8th appointment (Feb 2016): Final fitting/Gown collection – pay cash deposit for the gown

9th appointment (Feb 2016): Return gown and take back deposit


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