#DALoveKnot Chapter 5: The Bridal Studio – Fitting Session

For those who have not read about my previous post on The Bridal Studio, pls click HERE!

I’m really excited for this first appointment since it’s my first time having a fitting session – I’m like a princess!! LOL!!

Shortly after we signed the packaged, our coordinator (Yean) helped us arranged for our first gown selection session whereby I get to choose/try the gowns!

bs3 bs4

From lace to organza to satin.. Although they don’t have A LOT of plus size gown but, well, not too bad.. at least I still managed to try 10 over gowns in total! Throughout the fitting session, Yean Yean (the co-ordinator) & the lady who helped me get changed were both very patient and jovial! They show no sign of impatient and they allow us to have our private time for discussion!

During the first fitting session, we did not chose any gown since there were nothing that really caught my eye. Yean Yean suggested that we come another day when other gowns returned to them.

img_1920 img_1919

During our second fitting appointment, We tried a few more new gowns and woohoo.. we found something that we like and will not be utilizing the MTM service! Amber was around to help look at the gown and point out the area that we need to alter and make TIGHTER! Now that the bride has picked her gown, it’s the groom turn to pick his suit! Guess what, he’s done in 15 mins. (-___-)

With the gown and suit selection (above image are just sneak preview, bear with it!!) done, our next step is to pick a date for the fitting + shoot! Yean was pretty helpful to arrange a date whereby both our assigned makeup artist (Joann) & photographer (Baofu) are available! This way, we can fit the gown looking beautiful after doing the trial makeup! The meeting with our photographer prior the shoot can also allow us to know each other better and discuss about our expectation!

Our pre-shoot fitting session was arranged 3 days prior the shoot. I went down with my maid-of-honur and her mom (impromptu). We started of meeting our assigned MUA (Joann) and did our trial make up. The makeup we did was only 30% (I thought most places will trial at least 90% without lashes and ampoule only) but it’s okie, since there were good review about Joann and we manage to find some of her work on the bridal forum, I’m quite comfortable with having her..

After the makeup done, Yean brought up the 4 gowns which we had previous selected helped me put them on.. and guess what! I think i lost some inches? All the gowns became a lil loose – wonder did they alter it before I come by?? LOL!! Since they were loose, Yean quickly re-take the measurement and gave it to the alteration lady to change them on the spot. While waiting, Yean also brought up some new arrival (white + evening gown) for me to try! I will not share the image with you for now, hang in there – pre-wedding shoot is happening soon!!!

Oops did u catch the leak? YA, I CHANGED MY GOWNS! Not 1 but 3 outta 4!! LOL!! The new arrivals were much nicer and more complimenting! HAHAHAHA!!! We have such struggle deciding which gown to get for the 2nd march in!!! Yean probably see me in such tortured state, she offered me an idea. stick with the 2 evening gowns that I had selected and the 3rd one, keep it for actual day! WHY DIDN’T I THINK OF THAT!??

Well, now we have had 2 things covered! Time to meet the PG!

This is the heart sank part. He wasn’t the PG which Memoire initially assigned to us and they did not informed us about the change prior this meeting. I wasn’t mad with the PG but I was disappointed with the arrangement.. We spent time looking through the previous PG portfolio and they also showed us only Baofu/Sky’s work. Suddenly 3 days before shoot come Jacky? What makes it worst, he wasn’t aware about the levitation shoot that I was keen in replicating.. It seems like whatever that was communicated before signing the contract was dropped somewhere. Whatever Alan assured us about the shoot seems not valid anymore.

At this point, I can only hope that the shoot will turn out well… 😦

On a side note track: we’re still grateful that the team had really helped us a lot and we appreciate the NO HARD SELL attitude up till date. For these, I had prepared lil gift for them to show our appreciation.. Hopefully they’ll be more mindful about our shoot and other things!

Stay tune for next week’s post ladies!!


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