#DALoveKnot Chapter 4: The Banquet Venue – Paying the Bill

In my previous post, remember I mentioned about making use of credit card promotion fo earn rebates? So here’s how we do it!

From the day we signed our contract, we started saving even more and make trips to hotel to pay partial amount. Why do we trouble ourselves to do that? Because it’s also a way to save $$!


We applied for UOB One credit card and started paying $2,000 each months until our wedding month! UOB One card gives you 5% rebate on EVERYTHING if you spend as long as you spend $2,000 per month every quarter (min 3 transaction)! What’s the best time to earn these rebate? Pay for your banquet of course!!

There are a few other credit cards that offer good rebates too! AMEX True Cashback 3% rebate for first $5,000 spend within 6 months – thereafter 1.5%! It’s not bad too but the reason we didn’t apply is because I don’t wana hold so many credit card and this rebate is probably a ONE time only thingy, no point. ANZ Optiumum also have good rebates!

So if both of you are earning decent wage, both of you can consider to apply two card (one each) and start making payment! With 2 paying parties, the bill will be reduced greatly! and you earn twice of what i mention since you applied 2 card..

A lil Mathematic

Mister – 1 UOB One Card (spend $2K per month for 3 months)

Missus – 1 UOB One Card (spend $2K per month for 3 months)

Total spent = $12,000 per quarter, meaning you’ll earn $400 rebate each quarter instead of $200! and in just a quarter you already paid easily 1/3 of your banquet bill! Let’s say if your banquet is $36000, that means you will earn $1200 rebate in 9 months!

Talking about savings! This $1200 you had “saved”, can allow you to have your makeup artist follow you to outdoor shoot or even stayed for your 2nd march in already! Enough to let you do taobao purchases (wedding decorations) too!

Nonetheless, you should not be lazy! Do some homework and always check out credit card site for the most updated promotion they have. What I enjoy now may not be the best deal already!

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