#DALoveKnot Chapter 3 The Actual Day Photography/Videography

Ever since the Fe**** Bridal AD shoot saga, all the more I am sure I am not going to engage BS’s AD service! I wouldn’t want to let any chance of unhappiness happen on this big day!

I started to look out for AD PG/VG service more diligently!! There are sooo many nice and awesome team out there doing AD service! Who doesn’t want to engage the best team but working within your budget and the level of comfort communicating with your PG/VG are important!

If it’s over your budget, your will tend to sting on other stuff and end of the day, the product might not be what you wanted. If your PG/VG is unhappy working with you, most likely it will affect (mood) how they shoot your AD picture.. NO, I don’t want this to happen!

Worst case if you don’t have the same communication frequency with your PG/VG, laggi jialat (worst), any message send across will be misread in a wrong tone. -___-|| NO NO! I can’t get angry on my AD!!

PG/VG’s work are very individual, what I like might not be what you like. There’s some PG’s work that’s overly edited but couple may like it because it looks like a piece of art. Some may look soo plain but couple like simplicity.. It’s so hard to define a “good” PG/VG.. No harm asking for recommendation but always follow your heart! Go with the one you think is good and not others telling you it’s good!


Proudly introducing my AD PG/VG *drumroll* DrinkTea Artwork! I found them in some bride forum and decided to check out the portfolio!

Not bad.. They can capture emotions, photos are clear (clear as in you know what’s the focus in the pic, and not anyhow shoot) and color edits are what I like.. Most importantly, PG (Ronald) is a very humble man and anyone can click w him in just a few seconds! Even mama find him humorous! As for VG, we have yet to met him but since Ronald works him him for so long, I’m sure they’ll have a certain level of mutual understanding!!

Showed The Groom their artwork and and he’s ok too (we finally had something we both like – secretly oh yes!) and I went ahead to arrange for meet up to understand more. We arranged a Friday evening meetup and i allocated an hour for this meeting.. Just getting to know more and paying deposit if confirm. Who knows, We spent almost 3 hours talking and laughing away! Of course we signed the deal!

We signed with them way in advance prior our wedding hence got a lil more discount (early bird $100 off and another $100 off when we sign on the spot during first meet)!! All in all, we paid less than $3K for both 10 hrs PG/VG service!! Great deal or not, depends on individual I guess! Since i like their style, of course I would think it’s reasonable! Especially after the Fe**** case, I don’t wanna get monkeys for paying peanuts!

Anyway, my only headache now is how to complete the “assignment” which Ronald gave! This assignment should supposingly aid in the shoot (storyline)… *scratch head* I’m really bad in story writing!

This is (thinking) the third post I’m sharing with regards to my wedding vendor and since we haven’t put anything into action yet, pardon the not-much-picture posts for these few weeks! It will only get better!!! 🙂

Stay tune for the next post!!


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