#DALoveKnot Chapter 2: The Bridal Studio

I have to admit, the bridal studio I signed with wasn’t my first choice.. In fact it wasn’t even in my shortlist! Many bridal studio offers very competitive package! So what really matters now is are probably left with the gowns selection, the service and be mindful of any hidden cost.

Being a plus size bride, gown selections are really important! Imagine signing up a package and later realise they dun cater for plus size!? Or even have to pay up to thousands for MTM (made to measure) gowns that you can bring bring home!? SAD CASE!


I recall ever calling this BS to check if they carry plus size gown (I really love the photos they took/post) however, the sales cor-ordinator gave me a str8 no. I’m like ok, so how much will it cost to do a MTM? I nearly dropped my phone when she told me the cost!!

Not 500, nor 1K.. it’s minimumly $2,000! and the gown still belongs to them after everything end! OMG.. paying $2000 (and more) and yet the gown doesn’t belongs to u??? KILL Me~ No point mention the name of the BS anyway, not like I will get another free BS packaging as recovery service! LOL..

But anyway that aside, I was shopping at Causeway Point the other day and saw Memoire and Co having Roadshow. Since it’s a roadshow, go see lor, nothing to lose anyway..


I was served by this auntie (sorry, I forgot her name).. and later the designer (Amber) came and we talked and through conversation she understand that my concern is getting a plus size gown. Being the in-house design she assured me that they do have plus size gown and even if they don’t, she will MTM for me! Red alert, MTM? wow, it means paying another $2,000 or more?? OMG.

Well, apparently, that’s not the case, shortly after the discussion, the boss (Alan) joined in the conversation (like 3 against 1 >_<), Alan was kind enough to offer me free MTM gown! Not 1 but 2 MTM!! In fact, if I like anything that’s already available, he will give me discount on the packages that we already signed! So no matter how, it’s a win-win situation! But again, I didn’t sign on the spot. I wanted to view the gowns and discuss with my fiance before I sign my life away!! Alan agreed and allow me to snapped pictures of the quotation (wasn’t allowed to bring the quotation home).. 🙂

We later make arrangement to visit the studio – an impressive 3-storey high studio with many gowns and indoor shoot backdrop. Fiance let me decide on the BS since gown is one of the many important factor brides would look at!

During negotiation, we managed to asked for more pose for our album and also gowns for our mothers and sisters. Amber was kind enough to let me have the flexibility of changing my trial makeup to ROM makeup! She also include a short dress for my ROM!!

Up to this point, I’m still a happy bride-to-be! Good customer service, flexibility, helpful! They don’t focus on hard sell but helping customer solve their problem! That’s one thing important.. Let your customer feel that you’re helping them and not selling them a service!

Well, I will share more with you soon about my fitting session in the next post! So stay tune then!!!

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