#DALoveKnot Chapter 1: The Banquet Venue

After we decided that we’ll do a banquet dinner, we started to keep a lookout on hotel roadshow and/or restaurant promo!

ROADSHOW! Wedding roadshow is very important!! It’s the time you can bargain all you want and get the best deal!! Trust me!!

Singapore Bride forum is one very useful site that I always visit to check out banquet dinner rate! We kinda jot down what we want, what’s good to have and what’s not necessary, compare against the quotation we’ve got and finally a site visit!


Site visit allow you to have a visual of how your wedding would be like (march in, reception, album booth, guest tables)! We only went to 2 hotels (Amara Singapore & The Regent) for site visit and both are kinda within our budget!



Yes, after the site visit at both hotel, we decided to lock our banquet venue with Amara Hotel (Tanjong Pagar)! Service was one of the thing we’re looking apart from all the perks we wanted!

Although it’s a roadshow, but Amara sales person are all very professional in promoting their packages. No hard sell! Friendly! They try to answer all your question on the spot, even if they can’t, they will go get they answer for you while you’re still around – no long waiting for answer that you’re eager to know! Best part, the lady who serve us, even prompt us to ask for some things that might be useful (Probably she she can’t be the one to initiate the offer hence we got the hint and ask for it)..!

I remember we even told the sales person that we’re going for lunch and discus about it before coming back (actually we might not come back if the next visit at The Regent is good..) Well, apparently it did not turn well and we’re back at Amara.

The Regent (a Four Season Hotel), why would it not turn well? I guess the sales person plays a big part. She’s playing hard to get! We tried requesting for a few things and all she could tell us is, “I will need to check” / “I’m afraid we’re not able to” / “We’re a Four Season Group hence price is very attractive already”

Seriously? I don’t care if you’re Four Season or Five Season, you’re still a FOUR star (only) hotel! What’s the big deal? Your hotel location is not even convenient! If you’re so arrogant then be it – lose the deal! End of story! Don’t even tell me they’re 5-stars!

So, we head back to Amara Singapore and the sales person still remember us and greeted us by name! We actually had a great time negotiating the package and the sales person even “hint” us some things that we can get more (oh i think i mentioned that earlier! LOL).. End of the day, we got most of the things we wanted and pleasant experience!


For our package, we negotiated for below:

  • Free flow beer; extra bottles of wine
  • Corkage waiver (this is a killer if it’s not waived!)
  • Extra bridal room night (2 nights instead of 1 – breakfast inclusive too)
  • Day room / standard rooms for helper
  • Negotiate room rate for family
  • Increase carpark coupon/invitation card

After the contract is signed, the follow up service is prompt too! Although our contract has been then passed to another banquet manager, we don’t feel at all that our wedding has been pass around like nobody’s business. There is no double standard in treatment!

I must also give my co-ordinator (Simin) a thumbs up! Back then when my wedding is at least 12 months away but she answered to all (i really mean ALL) my inquiries timely! I asked for the list of hotel music, banquet theme, table arrangement, etc etc, she gave it all to me and gave me gentle reminder that these lists will change from time to time and I can only use them as reference to aid my planning. This is service-orientate! She even suggested that we use whatsapp to connect as I can get response faster (versus email) – yes, she replied as soon as she sees my message! I really really appreciate her quick response!

Like most other hotels, you can also opt to make installment to the hotel prior the AD. This will greatly reduce your burden! Plus you can earn credit card rebates over the time.. I will share with you guys again in another post..!!

For now, we’ll just have to wait for the day to go for our food tasting! Food tasting usually happens 1-2 months before AD.. So for now, we’ll just wait i guess..

Tatta for now!

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