My Happy Nails with Lil Cozy Nails

It’s my first time going to a home base nail salon and I’m glad I went to Lil Cozy Nails.

310B Punggol Walk, Lift Lobby 3, Singapore

What brings me there? Because I’m tight on budget and my pre-wedding shoot is happening soon! How soon? NEXT DAY! I was searching in some facebook bride page and saw a few ladies recommended her service hence decided to give it a try..
Her price are very competitive!! Tell me where can you get a classic gel manicure for $20!? CLASSIC leh!
Anyway, I quickly contacted her to make appointment and hoping she’s available!! Thankfully she is but not the earliest slot, IT’S OKAY!! Anything slot will do now!
It case you’re wondering where is Punggol Walk, It’s just diagonally next to Punggol Waterway Point!! As soon as i arrive, our young lady boss (Clarice) noticed that I’m limping and showered me with love and concern! Not just verbal concern, she put them into action!!
She gave me ICE PACK!!!! (T__T) Touch until max can!!! Before coming over, I tripped and kissed the stairs, thus the limping~! It might not matters to you but tell me, has any nail salon gave you this kinda “special service” when they see you’re injured or hurt?
*touch wood*
Pls don’t be so careless like me just for that ice pack! My foot almost broke after the shoot! Imagine high heels + sprain ankle!! 都快笑不出来了!
After much hoo-ha about the sexy foot, we started our manicure session.
img_2676 img_2674 img_2677
Clarice started removing my existing gel polish, buff my nails, soak them, trim cuticles..
Throughout the whole process, there was not any moment of awkward silence. We just keep talking talking and talking. Very soon, she’s done with the cuticles!
img_2678 img_2679
Just look at them, I’m sure the difference are pretty obvious!! I’m probably one of her most satisfying customer – customer who gave her satisfaction, not the other way round.. !!
I actually feel happy looking at cleaned cuticles too!
(Base coat)

(White Ombre)
The ombre blends so well!!! No hard line in between and Clarice even offered to do a coat of pinkish nude for me before the white ombre so that the nails will look healthier!!
She’s all out to make me a bride with beautiful nails!
(White Ombre with Silver Glitters)
Here’s the final product!! My simple and classic bridal nails by the young and beautiful lady boss, Clarice!
Above is taken at night with indoor lighting.. No edit no filter!
And this is taken the next day while I’m on the road to bridal studio for my shoot! Natural day light makes it so beautiful! Cuticles are cleaned too!!! Oh Man!
That’s not all! Although this is a home base serivce, Clarice actually comes up with a reward program to pamper her customer!!
Collect a stamp with every $25 spent!! On the 10th stamp, you’ll get a Express Gel Manicure Service!! Card is valid for 1 year, hence you can slowly collect, no rush!!
WAIT! How can we end this post without a good deal?!
For the benefits of my Readers & Budget Bride FB followers, I had approached Lil Cozy Nails for a lil collaboration and we’re now proud to announce that………..
My blog readers/Budget Bride followers can get additional nail colors for free!!! Additional one colors not enough?? Ok! Since you asked, we will give!
Lil Cozy Nail has kindly agreed to give you (who’s currently reading this post) up to 2 colors for FREE!!!! Yes, you just saved $10 for your pocket!!
Now you must be thinking.. what for need so much colors?? So complicated like that!
No it’s not! With the right match, you can create gradient nail!
img_2695 img_2694 img_2696 img_2693
Like so chio right?? Ok, now waste no time! Quickly head over to Lil Cozy Nails FB page and start making your appointment!!!

**The above blog review a collaboration with Lil Cozy Nails!


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