#DALoveKnot – Introduction


365 days since I had put on this ring & now we’re counting down to #DALoveKnot wedding! 

Although we still have so much to improve in but I’m pretty sure you’re the man I wanna keep!!

I wrote this (on Instagram) a year after he put this bling-bling on me~ Since then, we’ve been discussing about how we want to do our wedding & of course do more savings!

Do we want to do banquet? Buffet? Solemnization? Which bridal studio? Bridesmaid/bestmen? Who to invite? Color theme? So on and so forth…

I googled.. I joined forum.. I asked my bride-to-be/graduated bride friends.. Got all information from all sources so that we can zoom down/shortlist what we wanna do to have our dream wedding!

Moving forward, I will be sharing my experience (too) to all brides-to-be and maybe a lil tips!

Once a each post is done, I will add a hyperlink in this post for easy reference!

I’m also sharing some useful shorthand that will be handy if you ever do research in any bridal forum/FB page…

PW (Pre-Wedding) / AD (Actual Day) / PG (Photography/er) / VG (Videography/er) / PS (Photoshoot) / MUA (Makeup Artist) / BS (Bridal Studio) / GDL (Gua Da Li 过大礼) / AC (An Chuang 安床) / SDJ (Si Dian Jin 四点金) / FTB (Fetch The Bride) / GC (Gate Crash)

Stay tune for more updates!! 🙂

Alright, It’s about time i add the links to this post!

#DALoveKnot Chapter 1: The Banquet Venue

#DALoveKnot Chapter 2: The Bridal Studio

#DALoveKnot Chapter 3 The Actual Day Photography/Videography

#DALoveKnot Chapter 4: The Banquet Venue – Paying the Bill

#DALoveKnot Chapter 5: The Bridal Studio – Fitting Session

#DALoveKnot Chapter 6: The Wedding Band

#DALoveKnot Chapter 7: The Solemnizer a.k.a. JP

#DALoveKnot Chapter 8: The Bridal Studio – Pre-Wedding Shoot

#DALoveKnot – Chapter 9 (The Bridal/Wedding Car)


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