iHerb App – My E.L.F. supply

Don’t ask me why I’m going budget for most of my makeup recently!! I wanna blame it on wedding savings but the more convincing reason could by Youtube! There are a few youtubers shared how amazing drugstore brand makeup can be hence I decided to give them a try!

I used to buy E.L.F. product from Smoochiezz but it looks like the price isn’t as cheap anymore. Then I checked out Carousell! Wow – competitive!

img_8206 img_8207



img_8213-1 img_8214

Yes iHERB!! Most of them are less than S$10!!!


And what’s even better? YOU CAN EARN SHOPBACK REBATES for iHERB!! Cheap makeup + good savings!!

Of course E.L.F. is not the only brand they carry but since I’m talking about E.L.F. (mainly) here.. then of course I will show you only E.L.F. products!!


That’s not too bad right? quite a few options!! Blush, foundation, eye shadow, brushes, etc etc…. and since I’m telling you about this site/app, of course i had purchased from them!

What I bought? Continue reading…

img_8428 img_8429

My box of loots shipped directly from US – arrive within a week!!


Yes 90% of my loots are E.L.F.! Don’t ask me why most of it are makeup primer, it just happen…

img_8457 img_8458 img_8461

I shall review them in a separate post after I started using them!

Another I bought that are not captured in above picture is this eye shadow from Physicians Formula!! This brand has been around for quite some time (according to my colleague!)

img_8431 img_8435 img_8437 img_8433-1

Lace… Nude… Petite… Who can resist!

Well, quickly download iHerb app or head over to iHerb site to check out affordable makeup products!!



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