My FIRST BoxGreen!!

So … if you’ve read my previous post or even hear me talk about it in the office, you would know what this post is all about!!!

If you don’t, read HERE!!




BoxGreen is on a mission to promote healthier snacking by sourcing and delivering natural and healthy snacks straight to the customer’s hands, in the most hassle-free way possible. The team finds, tastes, and evaluates a huge assortment of natural or organic food from all over the world and delivers them directly to your desk, or postbox. Each subscription plan is a great value, at least 20% off retail. At BoxGreen, we do most of the heavy lifting so that you don’t have to — we think a healthy lifestyle should also be worry-free and full of pleasant surprises.

For every box delivered, we donate a meal through Willing Hearts to help the underprivileged, the needy, and other marginalized members in Singapore. When you buy subscribe to us, not only do you enjoy a whole box of healthy goodness, you are also helping another fellow human being in need.


Ordered on 2 May and got my BoxGreen on 5 May! Pretty fast I would say!

A small box like this contain 12 packs of snacks! Snacks that you can select from their website! Excited to see what’s inside already?? Hang on la~ Let me show u what I ordered first……


I didn’t want something too nutty and “healthy”.. Almonds, roast cashew.. NO! So I selected something sweeter and exotic! Cheng Tng!? LOL!!

So here.. When I opened up my box, I’m pretty WOW by it!

img_7106 img_7107

Personalized note leh!! With Snack Tip some more!! And look at the packaging of the snack!! Not chin-cai (anyhow) put in plastic bag and seal up one hor! It’s actually packed in their customized lil packaging and packed neatly in the box!! This attitude will goes a long way!! I like!!



So here’s my 4 variety of snack – 3 packet for each variety, that add up to 12 packs!

Upon receiving it, I had immediately shared with some colleagues – both snacks and the cause! behind BoxGreen! Good thing must share right!!


img_7110 img_7111 img_7112 img_7114

So far, I had tried Milo Dino Granula and Cheng Tng!


Milo Dino Granula indeed doesn’t look like milo dinosaur but IMO, I like this better than Cheng Tng!! LOL!! Kids just can’t resist MILO~~ ME ME!! I’m referring to myself, the overage KID!

Initially I thought the dark choc chip will be quite bitter but actually OK LEH!! Blends very well with oat and everything.. Milo taste probably 45% and the rest is chocolate! If I wasn’t told that this is milo, I probably think it’s just chocolate~ But nice la!

I think you guys can add this to your snack box! Recommended!!

img_7115 img_7117


Actually I tried Cheng Tng first – that’s why still got time to take picture!

Cheng Tng is pretty unique but not yet exotic! The cheng tng fragrance isn’t really that strong (quite mild). The is no white fungus no barley but got dried longan I’m very contented!!

I personally dun enjoy lotus seed so this crispy version lotus seed was something I feel quite innovative and worth to try. No weird taste, just like how a nut should taste was really impress with Cheng Tng! Although I still don’t like lotus seed (not even crispy version).. -___-||  LOL

Just gimme the dried longan and goji berry and I’ll be more than happy!!

Out of 4 variety, I had tried 2 and I like it (other than lotus seed)…! If you’re keen to try, or even just want to help the underprivileged, check out below link!




Once again, I wana emphasize, this is NOT a sponsored post!

Thanks for reading!!!


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