Box Green – Discover Better Snacks

The craze for monthly subscription beauty boxes had died down which explain why I haven’t been doing lotsa subscription box beauty review! In fact, I think I haven’t been really active lately! Lazy.. Sleepy.. Always tired.. Not until I found this subscription box that I’ve been looking for!

Yes, healthy snack box!



Consider us your one-stop shop for deliciously wholesome snacks. BoxGreen is on a mission to promote healthier snacking by sourcing and delivering natural and healthy snacks straight to your hands, in the most hassle-free way possible. With over 20 mouthwatering options to choose from, we offer something sure to please and excite everyone.

Each snack contains wholesome ingredients – with no artificial sweeteners, flavors or colors.

At BoxGreen, we do most of the heavy lifting so that you don’t have to. We think a healthy lifestyle should also be worry-free and full of pleasant surprises.

Snacking should be a part of a well-balanced lifestyle, and it has never been so guilt-free easy & tastily fun!

How on earth did I found such awesome lobang (deal)!?

Before I get to know about Box Green, I was subscribed to another monthly box called PSLove. It’s a subscription box exclusively for ladies (I mean, men can buy too but probably never get to use them).. The concept is allowing girls to choose/try different sanitary pad and you can also include a few healthy snacks! Unfortunately, they had revamped and we no longer can add-on snacks, not even pads now (I think).. They are more focus the menstrual heat pack (MenstruHeat) which many girls seems to love it.. For me it feels more like … “what?? no more snacks??? 😥 “


Chance upon this article from I-don’t-know-where and found Box Green! First thing that caught my attention is of course SNACKS!

As I read on, I realized it’s not just any ordinary snack box where you eat, digest and gone! BoxGreen is about snacking for a cause! While you’re enjoying your box of healthy snack, you’re also helping the needy! Box Green donate a meal through Willing Hearts to help the underprivileged, the needy, and other marginalized members in Singapore for every box we order..


Who doesn’t love to help… and snack at the same time!! Immediately, I decided to give it try…

I wasn’t with my laptop hence i used my mobile to sign up! And it was pretty hassle, except my credit card didn’t wanna co-operate with me, keep giving my error!

Anyway, first-timer, don’t forget to subscribe to their newsletter to get 20% off your first box!!

img_7071  img_7072

After signing up,  I can choose my snacks already!! Let me share some sneak preview with you first!!

BG6 BG7 BG8 BG9 BG10

I don’t know about you but it definitely looks very appetizing to me and I must say they did a great job in make healthy (boring) snacks looks fun and yummy!

I shall share more with you when I received my first box!!!


Stay tune~ * wave *


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