Travelogue: Australia Melbourne (Day 3)

Yes!! Finally time for some update again!!

Day 3 of my Australia trip, we went to the GREAT OCEAN ROAD!! It was a 1-day Great Ocean Road tour by Go West. We booked this tour (via Experience OZ+NZ) while still in Singapore. It’s one of the most cost effective and most positive review guided tour! So wait no more and book la!! Plus if you wana see 12 Apostle, go visit it soon! Don’t wait till its gone~ lol, back to our trip!

Tour bus will pick us up at our hotel lobby early in the morning, ie: 7:50am! Can u imagine we had to wake up at 4:30am local time to get ready for this tour!!? It’s like 1:30am in Singapore!?? OMG KILL ME! (>__<)

(When you made the online booking, there’s a remark fill where you can type in your hotel details and they will plan their route to pick u up and drop you off..)

How can we missed the chance for another wefie – our obviously haven’t really wake up look!

We were greeted by our tour guide and verified our details before we hopped onto our AWESOME BUS!

Our first stop.. TORQUAY!!

A place where there’s full of surf board!

And yummy cakes prepared by our tour guide!!

Btw, we were lucky to have two guide on this day! Usually it’s only one guide who’s also the driver. Yes, tour guide cum driver.. Talking and driving~ Driving and talking~

So here we are, enjoying the scene and light breakfast. All these are like warm up before we start our looong journey!

Although this is a quiet town, but the beach and scenery is…… Oh man! I wish I’m there now!

I’m glad I went during winter! At least no matter how hot the sun, I’m like never gonna perspire!!

I seriously regret not doing this post earlier because by now I already forgotten most names of the place of interest!

But still I wanna share the above picture with you because I find the house pretty interesting! A house sitting on a column! If I didn’t remember wrongly, this wasn’t how it was built initially.

It was after a major fire at Great Ocean Road and this house survived it looking like this. Hence architect probably strengthen the foundation or what.. (Okie, I can’t recall what happen after the fire actually. Shouldn’t be too far from what I said hopefully~ *finger crossed*)

Here we are!! Great Ocean Road… STARTING POINT! Yeah! It’s only starting point after so much talking!!

The weather was pretty flicker on that day.. Drizzle then sunny then rain then sunny.. But good thing is, with the sun, this winter season ain’t that freezing (yet)!! And we saw RAINBOW almost after every rain. I can’t repeat myself enough.. I LOVE THE WEATHER!!!

Throughout the journey, we have been making a few stops, i.e. Port Campbell National Park, Loch Ard Gorge, Apollo Bay (our lunch venue if I didn’t remember wrongly)..

And at this particular park…..

TA_DAAAA! We saw KOALA! A sleeping koala though…

Don’t tell people you’ve been to Australia if u haven’t seen a koala! And here’s a sleeping koala! A koala spend about 20 hours a day doing nothing but sleep! And you can probably find a koala on eucalyptus tree after rain because koala consume eucalyptus together with rain drop on it to stay hydrated!


Seeeee RAINBOW!!!!

That’s probably the last rainbow I saw before I fell asleep (again) while on the way to 12 Apostle!

*tick tock tick tock* (snoreeee~~)


Here we are !!!!!! After a loooong road trip!!   After so many stops!!

From our messy hair.. I’m sure you can tell the wind is really STRONG!!

It’s windy and cold here! However, with the sun, it ain’t as cold as I thought! Maybe because we came super prepared! We all have this stick on heat pack on our tummy and back!


We were given about 40 mins (i think) at 12 Apostle before we head to Loch Ard Gorge..

Seriously, going down the stairs is easy but climbing back up … lack of oxygen (the best excuse I could think of other than telling myself I need exercise!!)!

I can’t remember where we head to after 12 Apostle but I know our awesome bus drop us at somewhere for dinner (own expense) before heading back to our apartment..

By the time we’re back to our apartment, it’s almost… 8pm?? And after everyone wash up, we went out again!!!

This time we’re going toooo……


Yes, the mommies were excited about using laundry service provided at our apartment and insisted we wash something before we go Gold Coast! Else we might not get to wash our clothes there~

We ended our day around 1am on that day I guess.. Pretty tired but totally elated!!

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