Glanz 2 in 1 Eyelash Maximiser


Obviously this post is about eyeliner, not? There’s more than meets the eye!!

Before I go into details, let us watch a video first…

HOW’S THAT?? AMAZING RIGHT!? Eyelash maximiser day and night!! Grow your eyelash almost 24/7!

This is Glanz 2-in-1 Eyelash Maximiser from Germany!!

Day time look pretty with the eye liner. Night time apply the eye serum and go to bed!


One ‘pen’ two use! Convenient? Definitely!


Serum on one end and eyeliner on the other end!

The black eyeliner isn’t those super black or blackest black kinda black. It’s natural soft black but yet can give you the define look. Why? Because of it’s fine tip of course!

Alright, I’m not very good with drawing fine lines but hey at least it allow me to control the thickness I want, fine to thick..

However, do note that this is only water resistance not waterproof. So give it time to dry after you apply them.

I rubbed it across my hand just seconds after I put down my pen.. See the trail it left behind?

Wait a lil longer and the eyeliner will dry up slowly and kind rub proof..

Now let’s try it on….


Application was kinda tricky.. U’ll have to tilt the pen 45 degree to allow the ink to flow. It doesn’t work like our usual gel pencil where you can just land on your eye lid and start drawing.. Rather then me explaining.. Why not see below video for instruction!

If you’re a liquid liner person, this is definite for you! Eyeliner and eye serum all together!

And you think it will not be lasting since it’s not waterproof?? NO.

Above pic is taken after a day of hard work! Eyeliner still visible and clear! And if you are wondering why the other eye has no eyeliner.. that’s because I’d removed them prior to taking this pic!

Removal was pretty easy.. few wipes with my Bioderma and all gone.


Another day I tried it again.. And this time I did a two tone..


Even with a gel liner as base, this eyeliner is easy to “add-on” too..!

Overall, I like the concept of applying eyelash serum day and night! If you are keen to maximize your eyelash too, head over to to to order online now!! They do FREE LOCAL DELIVERY!!!


**The above blog review is proudly sponsored by:



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