49 Days

It has been 49 days since Papa left us..

For the first two weeks (at least) I bet there were no days we are not crying! Every small little things reminds us of Papa. Table cloth he bought.. chair he used to sit.. his bed.. many things and almost everything! Whenever being left alone or given a comforting hug, it will only stir emotions and eventually made me cry out loud.

It wasn’t easy, nobody said it’s going to be but I’m glad our family and friends were with us when all this happens. Always keeping us accompanied and always distracting us.. A sincere thank you to our family & friends who were there for us, giving us loads of support. You know who you are. 🙂

Until now, it still hurt knowing that Papa is not coming home any more. However, to think that he’s now in a better place without pain, I guess it’s probably better for him..

Missing you Papa.. We love you..


不要等到失去了 才懂得珍惜。 Never wait till it’s too late.


A funny face shot we took during one of the CNY ..


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