Handmade Bamboo Salt Soap (Charcoal)

I almost thought it was those agar-agar (gelatin) mooncake when I was presented this a dozen of this at Idoori!!  How naive!! Must have been my tired mind not functioning well!!

IMG_1334 IMG_1335

There are many kinds of bamboo salt soap as you can see from above picture..

The one question that pop in my mind when I was being introduced to Bamboo Salt was…

“What’s so great about these Bamboo Salt soap man?”

Bamboo salt removes heavy metal and toxic materials from the body and provides mineral to the circulation systems. Bamboo salt help removes foreign objects from the skin and bring anti-bacterial effects. Its rich mineral and various positive effects to the skin will improve your skin tone effectively – it’s excellent for Acne, Excema, moisturizing, cleaning pore & soften skin!

*ehem* Cleopatra & Yangguibi were known to use salt during their baths!


  • Bamboo salt is made of sea salt roasted in the bamboo pipes.
  • Bamboo salt is formulated from a proven 1300 year old traditional Korean remedy.
  • Bamboo salt is the newly-reborn salt (containing natural compounds with its own original function of salt) roasted in the furnace (device used for high-temperature heating) at over 800 Degree Celsius! It uses bamboo, pine tree, pine resin and loess, which unifies the five elements with removal of impurities and harmful heavy metal substances existing in natural sea salt.



Enhancement of metalbolism – Salt takes a lead in metalbolism that decomposes food and discharges waste. When a metalbolism does not go smoothly, your blood becomes more acidic and you are easy to be attacked by various diseases due to low immune functions.

Helps production of red blood cells and clean blood vessels – If the human body is lack of salt, this leads to indigestion and anemia, due to iron deficiency and poor production of red blood cells. Not forgetting to mention, salt prevents arteriosclerosis and hypertension.

Production of cells –  Bamboo salt recovers dead/destroyed cells in a fast way. If we take good quality salt with clean water, it activates our body and helps remove skin problem such as liver spots, freckles & acnes.

Detoxification & Sterilization – Salt keeps cells & blood vessels from harmful substances or bacteria & increases antibiotic resistance of human body.

Supply of minerals – Bamboo salt purifies blood vessels of human body and helps digestion, prevents protein discharge in urine by improving intestinal functions. Salt provides minerals essentials for the human body as well.

Stop fever and bleeding – Salt on bleeding regions caused by abrasion provides immediate coagulation (clot) of bleeding.

Help digestion – Salt helps remove the impurities on the wall of stomach and intestines and it enhance bowel movement and functions by preventing abnormal fermentation in bowels.

Balance of body fluid – Salt controls moisture level in the body, keeps the metabolism balance between acidity and alkaline and absorbs and delivers nutrients in the blood.

9 TIMES BAKED BAMBOO SALT – This method enhances the amalgamation of minerals from the bamboo and the yellow clay into the sea salt. However, it is thought that bamboo salt has effectiveness when baked more times, 9 times being the best. The alkaline salt has a high oxidation reduction potential (ORP) and its alkaline nature helps to neutralize the acidic toxins in the body.

Enough of the theory, let me show you some visuals of the Charcoal Bamboo Salt that I was given to try~

Charcoal Bamboo Salt absorbs deep into pores to draw out dirt & oil. It frees up congested pores and help to eliminate acnes, blackheads & bumps!


  • 9 times baked bamboo salt
  • Green tea
  • Coconut oil
  • Palm oil
  • Tocopherol
  • Vitamin E
  • Glycerin
  • Lavender oil


If you had realized, which I think you should have, the top part of the soap is darker colour as compare to the base. The darker colour part is where the salt all gathers. It’s rough textured on top and smooth at the base.

The rough part works like a scrub to me.. It gently exfoliate my skin leaving it smooth yet squeaky clean!

After a few use, you can see the dark grey part is almost gone… The textured feel slowly gets milder and milder.. BUT that doesn’t mean that all for the salt!

If you look again INTO the soap, you will see bits of lil black dot inside the soap! That’s salt too – yes I had licked it, it’s salty but not as salty as the dark grey top part..!

And you thought this is only a face soap? NO. It’s a multipurpose soap! It’s good for body wash & hand wash too..! Although you don’t see lotsa foam formed but this is more than enough to give you that squeaky clean feel already.

I had been using this soap on my face for about 2 weeks (by the time you read this post, perhaps 3-4 weeks already) I’m glad to see my acnes reduced and skin feels smoother!

Kinda regret for not being patient enough to use this soap bar everyday in the initial stage because it was only after a while I realized my stubborn whiteheads/acnes are recovering..! If I had start using them more diligently when I got them then I would have solve my skin problem earlier!

I’m currently sharing the other half of the soap with my fiancé and he’s loving it too!! I would definitely recommend this soap for you guys to try! If you’re keen in other flavors, here’s a quick look for you!

HBS_RedClay HBS_PureBamboo HBS_PineNeedle HBS_GreenTea HBS_BlackRasp HBS_Chacoal


Where to buy: Idoori/Qoo10

Cost: S$9.90


**The above blog review is proudly sponsored by:

LJ GLobal Pte Ltd | Idoori


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