Travelogue: Australia Melbourne (Day 2)

Read more about Australia Melbourne (Day 1) if you you haven’t!!

Yes due to “jet lag” we turned in pretty early the first night! It’s probably only 7pm in Singapore BUT WE WERE EXHAUSTED (yet excited at the same time)!!

For this trip, we did not arrange any jam packed schedule to follow. Instead, we planned to just visit one location each day. Any extra time will be consider as bonus! So Day 2, Sunday, we planned to spend our time at Queen Victoria Market – Just at our doorstep!!! We heard that it’s a really BIG market and they close at 4pm on Sunday (2pm on weekdays), better be safe than sorry, we decided to just settle our day at QVM!

Check out the morning QVM look!! Sky always looks more beautiful when you’re overseas!

It was pretty early when we went down to QVM to start our day, about 7am Australia timezone.. Most of the shops/stalls were still setting up!

The whole QVM is being catergorised into sections.. They have fruits & vegetables, dairy, deli, meat & fish & even a food court!


Side note: You HAVE TO try The Mussle Pot when you’re here!! It’s too heavenly and you’ll hate to missed it!



Since most shops are still setting up, we went to look for breakfast! With a clueless mind, we walk around and found ourselves in the Deli Hall! Wow… First impression? CLEAN & BIG!!

I wouldn’t say the food is cheap but portion is big so that covers the cost! Most importantly, most of the food we bought taste good!

Baguette/Croissant we bought at the deli were cold, not sure if it’s due to winter (food get cold easily) or they just serve it cold?? The adults weren’t very used to it but youngsters like US.. TOTALY COOL about it. As for the hot comfort food, is really good!!

We did not do a lot of cafe hopping but we never miss a chance to try their coffee whenever we have the chance! I can’t remember this cafe’s name though but it was our first coffee stop and even my mom (non-coffee drinker) likes it! Let me check with my cousin and keep you guys posted again!!

We spent quality time looking around for food!!! So glad we (actually more like our parents) were adventurous enough to try a bit of everything and by the time we were done with our breakfast, most shops are already open!

Seriously, look at the meat & fish market! it’s soooo clean!! It doesn’t even stink!

IMG_7543IMG_7769On this day, I seriously feel I’m getting old!! I actually enjoy going to the market!! It’s big, it’s clean, the people are all so friendly and I GET TO EAT MY OYSTER AT ONLY $15.00 PER DOZEN & ABALONE AT $7.99!! \( ^ _ ^ )/

Side note: when you see price that’s “.99” don’t expect them to give you a 1 cent change. It’s usually being round up. *ie: 7.99 is as good as 8.00.. So don’t go flare around saying they cheat your 1 cent… *palmface*


Seee my half dozen oysters!! It was too early for 1 dozen hence we only grabbed half to warm up our stomach first.. 🙂 I’m glad we did!!!

Previously I read some review saying there are no tabasco sauce/lemon given for oyster.. You need to buy lemon from them at (maybe) 10/20 cents per piece (lemon slice also wanna charge.. like … *speechless*) 

Now here’s the latest update as of Jul 2015: Lemons are given to you FOC! As for tabasco sauce, I only see one particular stall has it on its shelf for you to help yourself (no charge too!)..


We even went to the fruits and vegetables market after that to grab some garnish (chili padi/spring onions) so that we can prepare our food later (we haven’t really decide to do lunch or dinner)!


So when we were back to our apartment, we decided JUST DO IT! COOK OUR LUNCH!! And as you can see.. It’s all SEAFOOD!!!

BTW, I actually prepared to spend A$85 on each lobster but it’s only A$19.99! Probably a different type thus cheaper! Hahaha!

And how much did we spend on food on the table?

Lobster  – 19.99 each (2)

Oyster – 15.00 per dozen (1)

Abalone – 7.99 each (3)

Scallop –  15.00 per dozen (1)

Mixed seafood – 12.50 (500g)?? can’t really remember this..

White Wine Mussels – 10? or 12?? (From The Mussel Pot – only available on Sun, not sure about Saturday)

Noodles/salt/pepper – bought from convenient store (can’t remember how much)

Fruits/vegetable – less than $20 (watermelon/mango/strawberries/chilli/spring onion)

Total: Less than $150 for a good spread of seafood lunch!!

Thanks to our “in-house” chef! We get to eat these home-cook seafood lunch!

And of course thankfully Pegasus apartment provide pots and utensils for us to cook..!

And ta-daaaa ~ table of (partial) good food!!

Fruits were kept in the fridge for evening consumption! Chilled fruit platter!

IMG_7777 IMG_7759

And don’t say I no tell you.. QVM has different stall on weekends and weekday!

Shops we see on Sunday were not there anymore on Tuesday.. (yes we went back on Tuesday!)

So after we enjoyed our afternoon feast, we rested a while and decided to check out Chinatown on this day since we still have time! Shops in Chinatown closed at a much later time (mostly 10pm) so pretty safe to hang around still.


A pcs of advice,if you have plan to check out Chinatown, give up. It’s just a street and nothing too interesting. We didn’t even take much picture except when we stop for dessert before heading of to the next destination~

You can imagine, it’s already afternoon when we head to Chinatown and how we still have time to go another place? Indeed we didn’t spend too much time there!

SOUTH WHARF~ where Crowne Casino is located!

My friend recommended this place to use because it has beautiful city skyline! 

Pardon my shooting skill but I think the evening view is nicer – which you will get to see it later..!

You know, I can’t emphasize this more.. People in Melbourne are super duper friendly! Whenever people see us taking a wefie/groupie, 9 outta 10 will offer to help us take a decent photo!!!  HOW SWEET!!!

In this pic, behind us (on the left) is where DFO is! Recommended factory outlet mall to go if you want shopping!! And Crowne Casino is in the direction where we are looking (don’t worry, you’ll get to see it later)..

It’s about 5pm when we were there, many people are walking out from the mall with BIG bags small bags many bags!! Although we were hesitating if we should still continue ahead (mall close at 6pm), our leg just could stop walking towards the mall..


I had to share this because I want to show you how COLD IT WAS plus it’s drizzling !!! Our cheeks were almost numb and we had to do A-I-U-E-O to exercise them!! How dumb but we love it!!

( I have no idea why mama pose this way???)

So back track a bit.. The direction we looking at in the earlier photo .. Ta-daaa~ Crowne Casino!

-shopping in progress- (Okie, we didn’t really buy many things in DFO because we were not in need of them.. we were plainly there to get some warmth and see what they have~)


Probably 5-10 mins pass 6pm, we left the mall AND LOOK AT THE SKY!!! Can you see the stars? LOL!! I think this was probably the best picture I took throughout the holiday!!

Although it’s not even 7pm in Melbourne but we were all kinda tired already.. Thinking that it’s only 5pm in Singapore and we wanna go home~ OLD FOLKS!! hahaha!

So to end out day, we went to this Korea fried chicken restaurant to have our dinner! It wasn’t the best Korean food I tried but it was pretty much a comfort food as the night was COLD~ (Probably the second coldest night)

IMG_7775Remember we had fruits in the fridge? We shall save it for next day since we need to rest early for the most anticipated itinerary!!

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