FUN TEST #524: Are you always troubled in love?

今天要測的測驗是 『你在戀愛路上會很煩惱嗎?』

Qn: You are riding a bicycle with your partner, which scenario do you think is the most beautiful??

A – Your partner riding the bicycle and you’re standing at the back seat.

B – Your partner riding the bicycle and you’re sitting in front of him.

C – You’re riding the bicycle and your partner is sitting behind

D – Both of you riding a 2 seater bicycle.

E – Your partner is pushing the bicycle and you’re walking beside.


你這類型的人內心深處很單純、沒有心眼,談起戀愛總能無憂無慮,所有細節都讓你覺得很甜蜜,很容易享受單純戀愛的感覺。(Translate: You’re innocent and carefree. every details are sweet and beautiful.)

你這類型的人屬於戀愛中的苦情花,在交往時容易往壞處想,戀愛路上煩惱多於快樂,比較容易想太多。(Translate: In short, you’re pessimistic when in love. You tends to think too much and very often felt troubled than happy.)

你這類型的人很有一套,凡事都以自我為中心,你可以掌握戀愛的溫度和進度,所有的快樂與煩惱,都是你一手打造的。(Translate: You’re self-centered. You control the situation in love. All the emotions are all controlled by you.)

你這類型的人超樂觀,只會記得開心的事情,能夠把不愉快迅速忘記。戀愛的路上,快樂多於煩惱。(Translate: You’re optimistic and only keep happy things in mind. when in love, you often feel happy than troubled.)

你這類型的人很容易挑剔對方的缺點,為小事抓狂,拿放大鏡看小問題。戀愛路上會很煩惱,因為你不容許出半點差錯。(Translate: You’re always picking your partner’s shortcoming. Always getting angry over lil things hence always troubled in love..)


I tried my best to translate already! This is the best I can do with my not very fluent english!

Original grabbed from: OB嚴選


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