Black Raspberry (BOKBUNJA 복분자) Vinegar/Extract

” K O R E A ! ! “

What comes into your mind?? Kimchi~ Ettude House~ Hanbok~ Cosmetic surgery~ 

That’s all?? hmm, that’s about it I guess..

BUT (!!) after being introduced Black Raspberry (Bokbunja) Vinegar, I think that’s another think that will come into my mind if anyone mention KOREA! Thanks LJ Global Pte Ltd for contacting me to try out this beneficial beverage from Korea!! I feel so honored!!!

I have been looking forward to drink my Black Raspberry (Bokbunja) vinegar/extract lately!!! The weather is really bad! Haze is definitely not my favourite (who’s favourite you tell me?!?) Makes breathing difficult and and made my house seems dirtier than usual! Most importantly, it makes the weather feels hot..

….. and what do you need when the weather is hot? Some thirst quencher! How about a cuppa cold Black Raspberry Vinegar/Extract?


Let me share more about the vinegar first since that’s my favourite!! What makes this vinegar special is that their vinegar fermentation process is PATENTED: FERMENTED TWICE!

  • First Fermentation with 100% Organic Black Raspberry Extract.
  • Second Fermentation with Organic KOREA Black Beans.
  • No Chemical, Additive or Coloring is added during the process. 
  • Fermentation takes more than 5 years.  
  • Process is 100% Natural
  • Exclusively available at Idoori


I like drinking vinegar because it’s not only beneficial to our body (better health, lose weight, look younger!!), it quench my thirst and sourness is pretty refreshing (I suppose it’s like why we love to drink lemonade on hot weather)!!

IMG_0872 IMG_0870

For this vinegar, you DO NOT need to add water to dilute it! It’s good as it is! But of course if you can’t take the sourness of vinegar, go ahead and add appropriate amount of milk/yogurt or the Black Raspberry Extract (recommended, in my opinion)!

To be honest, I only drank for like 2-3 days and that’s it… FINISHED. Not that I drank a lot but my parents love it so much they drink it every night before bed! They told me that it helps them to sleep better in the night and my dad’s night cough actually stopped – which explains why he sleeps better now!

Mommy who often has constipation problem seems to be going toilet more often now! I don’t have constipation problem but it looks like I have optimal poop-poop now!!

poop2Q: How much should one drink daily?

A: Recommended amount is about 30ml (at least) each day after food! 30ml is really not a lot! Imagine the cough syrup we drank when sick, it’s only 10ml each time hence 30ml is like .. 3 tablespoon???? The small glass I’m holding (scroll down to see image) is definitely more than 30ml..

Q: Is Black Raspberry Vinegar suitable for people who have diabetes?

A: Yes, My parent are diabetics and they are enjoying it like it’s Ribena!


Enough of vinegar, now let me show you the Black Raspberry Extract!!

IMG_0858 IMG_0892

If you don’t like vinegar, then this extract will be the one for you! These are organically grown cold pressed Black Raspberry Extract!

IMG_0877 IMG_0875 IMG_0876

In terms of taste, it’s feels more concentrated as compare to vinegar and this is definitely not suitable for diabetics because it’s sweet!

IMG_0864 IMG_0894

If you ask me, i would prefer to drink the extract with vinegar so that I can taste the slight sourness of berries.. Close your eyes and drink it, you will probably see yourself dancing in a raspberry field!!

After babbling for so long, I think I should show you the reason/benefits why we should drink this Black Raspberry Vinegar/Extract!!!

What’s so special about Black Raspberry (Bokbunja)?

Bokbunja (복분자) is a type of wild black raspberry that is native to Korea. It is becoming popular in recent years due to its antioxidant, anticancer, health & beauty effects.

BR - berries


Black Raspberry has the highest level of antioxidant as compared to blueberry/pomegranate vinegar!

DID YOU KNOW: Insufficient levels of antioxidants cause oxidative stress and may damage or kill cells. Oxidative stress is damage to cell structure and cell function by overly reactive oxygen-containing molecules and chronic excessive inflammation. Oxidative stress seems to play a significant role in many human diseases, including cancers.


Ellagic acid is a phenolic compound which has the ability to inhibit mutations within a cell’s DNA. It is consider to be a cancer inhibitor, which has the ability to cause Normal Cell Death in Cancer cells (making them strong antioxidant!)

Ellagic Acid help prevent growth of breast cancer cells and help the liver remove cancer causing substances from the blood. It also prevent Colon Cancer, Esophageal Cancer & Stomach Cancer.

Ellagic Acid have anti-tumour* properties/inhibit the growth of tumours of the skin, esophagus, lung as well as other tumours caused by CARCINOGENS.

*Tumour is a mass of extra cells and can be cancerous when the cells are abnormal and divide uncontrollably

Heath & Beauty Effect

The health effect that black raspberries have are countless! Not only the fruit is beneficial, even the seeds in Black Raspberry contains plenty of Alpha Linolenic Acid which is good for Cardiovascular Disease – 4 times better than grapes!!

Black raspberries can regulate blood cholesterol and blood sugar too!

That’s not all, black raspberry can improve your vision and the amount of Omega 3 Fatty Acid is 13 TIMES more than blueberries! Omega-3 fatty acids are important for normal metabolism – I don’t think I need to explain metabolism ya~!

BR - CactaractsBR - Omega3

If Omega 3 and Fatty Acids means nothing to you, how about improving skin tone & lose weight!!? Who doesn’t like to have beautiful skin and attractive body!? Black raspberry contains active substances, which prohibit enzymes breaking down
carbohydrates and fat. Black raspberry also helps to reduce calories absorbed into the body!!

Here’s another benefits for the ladies, IMPROVE FERTILITY & DELAY MENOPAUSE!! (Mom~ heard that?? DELAY MENOPAUSE!!)

BR - estrogen

Men out there, you have benefits from drinking Black Raspberry Vinegar too!! That’s improving testosterone!

BR - testosterone

In men, testosterone plays a key role in the development of male reproductive tissues such as the testis and prostate as well as promoting secondary sexual characteristics such as increased muscle, bone mass, and the growth of body hair. In addition, testosterone is essential for health and well-being as well as the prevention of osteoporosis.

Last but not least, drinking vinegar can helps in digestion and ease constipation and has Acetic Acid to help absorb Nutrients from food and fight Osteoporosis!

Now that’s not hard to understand why it is called the…..



Now for the most important info, WHERE TO GET THESE??

You can purchase from Qoo10 or Idoori! For bulk purchase, contact them directly!

Address: 203B Henderson Road #06-08, Singapore 159546

Contact: +65-6655 3297 / +65-8828 7722


If you are not convince of all these goodness and great taste, make a trip down to their office for tasting session!! After I had mine tasting session, I know I gotta do it – share with the world the goodness of Black Raspberry (Vinegar/Extract) from Idoori!


(a) Extract – $29.90 for 10 pouches (1000ml) ; Vinegar – $39.90 for 1 bottle (500ml)

(b) 1 month Bundle – $160 for 30 pouches of Extract & 2 bottles of Vinegar.


**The above blog review is proudly sponsored by:

LJ GLobal Pte Ltd | Idoori



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