LensFlavors: G&G’s Shinny Green (aka Puffy 3 tone)

眼睛…. 是灵魂之窗~

When I meet new people, the first thing that would usually catch my attention is their eyes. Eyes can speak a thousand words!

And today I’m gonna share my “eyes opener” collection with you!! … Circle lens!!

Just few months ago, LensFlavors approached me to introduce themselves and offered an opportunity for collaboration! LensFlavors is an online circle lenses store, if you didn’t know! Although they are still building their company profile but they are dedicated to being one of the largest online circle lenses stall in the market!!

LF logo

Pretty excited about having another pair circle lens, I quickly went online to check out the variety they have.. They carry quite a few brands indeed –  some popular ones like Geo, G&G, Super Pinky, Vassen..

Below are some options they have… Cosplay lens.. Circle lens..

lens01 lens02 lens03 lens04

However, the only problem I faced during the selection time was that there isn’t enough swatch for me to make reference.. Hence I need to google them most of the time. 😦 troublesome I know..

After all the googling, I finally decided to pick G&G’s Shinny Green (aka Puffy 3 tone)!

LF shinnygreen

The reason I pick this lens is because i DO NOT have a green lens before/yet! I have been wanting to try green lens yet I do not want the green to be too striking and scary! I prefer more “natural” tone, less drama..

One of the perks they offer to their customer is…. *drumroll* THEY DO FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE!!!! I ever tried ordering a pair of (god damn cheap) circle lens online but paying the shipping fee to have it ship to me is soooooo… *speechless!* End of the day, my lenses were probably just a few cents cheaper than retail shops out there.. -__- Hence I’m really happy to see they do free shipping – even though it takes about 14-25 days to reach me, I’M TOTALLY FINE WITH IT!!

So after I inform LensFlavors my choice, I went off to my vacation!!! I didn’t really have to wait very long for it because more than half of the waiting time, I’m away for vacation! My lens reach me about 3-4 days later after I returned to Singapore (away for about 9 days) Fast isn’t it??

So here come my package!!

My circle lens came in good condition and were pretty well packed! It actually came with a free gift too..  How nice of them!! (I’ll show u the free gift another on my Instagram)

IMG_9254 IMG_9255 IMG_9256

I have really small pupil that’s why I like wearing circle lens!! it can enlarge and enhance my eye!!!


See what I mean!!!

G&G Shinny Green is really comfortable to wear and the dia of 14.5mm really makes your eyes sparkle! Plus removing 14.5 dia lens are sooo easy! I strongly recommend getting (at least) 14.5mm if you wish to have big eyes. Plus lenses that are too big (dia) may be too drying for your eyes..


Top image: With Flash

Bottom image: Without Flash

Under indoor lighting, you can see that the green is not very obvious – which I quite like it this way! It blends well with Asian’s eyes and not looking too fake.. It’s somewhere between being noticeable but yet not too loud..


I shall show u more natural daylight image sooon!

Comfort level: 4/5

It’s as good as wearing nothing, I don’t feel any discomfort at anytime after wearing it.. The only time i’m having trouble is when i have to put it on.. I’m not a regular lens wearer so will always spend quite a while to put on a pair of lens.. LOL!

Enlarging effect: 5/5

Picture speaks louder than words! I totally love 14.5mm!

LensFlavors Service: 5/5

The team is very prompt in response and they take feedback seriously! I remember mentioning to them that there are not enough swatch in their site to show buyer how the lens looks like and that’s causing great inconvenience to potential buyer. I’m glad that they take in the feedback and acted on it! Okay, they may not really be acting upon my feedback but I’m still glad to see that their website have more swatches now!!!!

Cost effective: 3/5

If you had realised, their lenses may not be the cheapest you can find online BUT since they are giving FREE shipping, the total cost actually come out to be cheaper than most online store..! Save on Shipping!! *thumbs up* Not only that, they gave free macaroon lens case per lens ordered too! Aiyooo, not stingy leh!

Overall, I pretty happy with my lenses and service received from LensFlavors..

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