FUN TEST #523: Confidence Level



Qn: What would you like to be if you can be part of the sky?

A – Sun.

B – Moon.

C – Stars.

D – Cloud.


A. 你對未來充滿企圖,有著極高的抱負,相信肯付出就有收獲,只是有時你聽不進別人的苦口婆心,有點剛愎自用的傾向。(Translation: You’re very confident and ambitious. You believe if you put in hardwork, you will get paid. However, too stubborn at times.)

B. 在別人心目中你很有愛心,對人十分照顧和溫柔,只是你自信不足,做什麼事都不太敢去衝。(Translation: You’re a kind & gentle person. However, you are not confident enough to move forward)

C. 你是個帶點悲觀的人,喜歡享受孤單,不讓別人打擾你的神秘內心世界。(Translation:  You’re a lil pessimistic yet enjoy being alone. You like living in your own world.)

D. 你為人樂觀、又想力求表現,不過有點無厘頭,總是讓人搞不清你下一步的邏輯是什麼。(You’re optimistic and likes to take credit. However, you’re like an headless fly flying around, making people confuse of your next move.)


I tried my best to translate already! This is the best I can do with my not very fluent english!

Original grabbed from: OB嚴選


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