Esemtan Skin Balm

After trying esemtan wash lotion, I got pretty excited on this too – skin balm!

If you haven’t read about the wash lotion, I think you should.. click HERE!



Esemtan skin balm provides the skin with oil and moisture. Suitable for daily hand and body care for all skin types, it permeates deeply into the skin with oil-in water emulsion, and supports and cares for the skin to protect it from drying.

It is also suitable for children’s skin. It also contains added urea as a moisturising agent and also to speed up skin cell renewal. It is also dermatologically tested and helps to reduce skin irritation and itch. Besides that, Esemtan skin balm also comes with mild soothing fragrance, to allow users with dry & sensitive skin to enjoy a soothing touch of fragrance.

IMG_9250 IMG_9251


This may not be the best looking nor most appealing “moisturizer” but it’s one of those that works miracle! It had moisturized my hands greatly & I do mean GREATLY! I had a pair of old lady hand after I returned from Australia (it’s winter there)! Dry skin, harden cuticles – eew! After using for about 3-5 days, my fingers looks so much better!

Skin balm doesn’t get absorb as quickly as gel moisturizer but ths moisturizing effect seems double! Probably because it has oil in it that’s why moisture gets lock within the skin! And where can you actually get a skin balm that’s suitable for sensitive skin and has mild fragrance, plus suitable for all ages!!?

Skin Balm is also available Guardian, Unity, Watsons, Independent pharmacy (Pink beauty, Beauty essential), BHG for $20/500ml!

**The above blog review is proudly sponsored by:

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